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  1. For those who are fans of Hong Kong movies and don't mind a scary one, check this out : This will make The Ring look quite tame.. interesting plot .. think Constantin but in Canto...
  2. You know that a player has been around for a while when you see larger online sites reviewing it:
  3. First pics of the 205:
  4. 203 vs the Panny:
  5. S&V reviews it:
  6. My own experience was with the older 4200. Nothing wrong with it especially if you have a sub. Then the lower power won't matter as much, especially if you have a smaller HT room. Anyways, it can still be used as a processor if you decide more power is in order, cheers.
  7. My own experience with the DTS MA vs Tru HD has been different - maybe my system or my ears can't resolve the differences, or I am too busy enjoying the movie Many HKG discs have two flavors to choose from so you can A/B the same track..
  8. The reason why the Magnum sold millions..
  9. The Mission - Redemption:
  10. Superman saves Lois:
  11. This was the Indy scene:
  12. Some scenes simply pass us by, others make us writhe in our seats, and yet other make us stand up and cheer. I actually believe Superman could fly in his 1978 movie.. I gasped at the waterfall scene in Mission and this scene is all Indy.. So here's a thread asking everyone to share their favourite moments in movie history..
  13. Well, as much as I like the solid turn of power and control afforded by the power section, this one is going back into the box. If it was priced around 2000USD, or had a proper processor section, I would not hesitate to add this to my system. However it's just a little too far out left for me. Someone with good calibration skills, and enjoys a bit of elbow grease and spend a weekend doing his own calibration might take the bite, but it's not for me. A pity because it's been a while since I have been impressed by the built in amp section of any HT amp.
  14. If you don't need the audyssey it's nice sounding amp. Think superb power with a processor from the 90s as a freebie thrown in.