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  1. Well, as much as I like the solid turn of power and control afforded by the power section, this one is going back into the box. If it was priced around 2000USD, or had a proper processor section, I would not hesitate to add this to my system. However it's just a little too far out left for me. Someone with good calibration skills, and enjoys a bit of elbow grease and spend a weekend doing his own calibration might take the bite, but it's not for me. A pity because it's been a while since I have been impressed by the built in amp section of any HT amp.
  2. If you don't need the audyssey it's nice sounding amp. Think superb power with a processor from the 90s as a freebie thrown in.
  3. This amp has the power to drive power hungry 4 ohm designs with aplomb, but that interface and the lack of auto-EQ... needs some work. Enjoying Transformers on it.. very sweet sound.
  4. I wonder what Rotel was thinking.. This could be the new badass in the park, even if they simply borrowed the brain from Marantz / Denon and stuck on their superb power amps, charged 5 grand, this will be a total success.
  5. My review is ready
  6. Yes it does Atmos: Along with some cute modes like Dolby 3 stereo..
  7. Will put together a review later on, but I had a good and yet poignant nice watching Aliens.. Lots of memories of a solid stand up chap: Bill Paxton: Essentially you won't be far wrong if you thought of the Rotel as a power amp with a obligatory processor tagged on. I don't mind that at all. My old SR 12 was the most musical AVR in it's heyday. At a time when HDMI was nice being introduced, it was already behind it's time, but boy was it musical. This amp ticks all the format boxes, but you need patience or money to set it up. Perhaps Rotel expects a USD 4000 amp to come with service.. From a cost standpoint, it costs around 1k less than my SR 7010 and Rotel 1585, so that gives you an idea of what other options you may have.
  8. Some links:
  9. It can do Atmos /DTS-X with the aid of external amps, setup is more primitive than my SR 12 from 2004.. No auto-EQ. Will post over the weekend as I try and run in and mangle the amp into position.
  10. Just hauled one into the home, phew it's heavy - 27kg!
  11. Logan Movie Review Logan is a nice homage to fans of the Jackman Wolverine, a franchise which has been with us for more than a decade. It is also different enough from the regular X Men movies that one should approach it with an open mind. It's a dystopian world that Logan now lives in, no shiny suits, his body is finally wearing down from age, and shows the signs of aging, wounds heal much slower and he just feels like an old man. Something that perhaps some of us and also fans who began following his movies can relate to. He protects Prof X, and in the midst of his rather pathetic and miserable existence, a new mutant pops up, and it's not just any mutant, but one with the same powers he has, and is, (spoiler alert) - his daughter. So they take a road trip together and look for a place called Eden, and through the trip, they need to be one step ahead of some bad people who want them dead, her captured and they also have to bond, with Prof X as the grandfather figure. It's a lot darker, gritty, with a lot more swearing - can't believe the smut that comes out of Prof X mouth.. all this is meant to show that it's no normal X Men episode, and yet, there's a bit of Road Trip meet Father Bonding meets Midnight Run. None of the it is unique in itself, but having a undertone of X Men in such a setting makes it special and Hugh Jackman gets to spread his acting chops, alongside more esteemed thespians like Patrick Stewart, and the new girl Dafne Keen is neither overawed or out of her league in this present company. She grimaces, cries and glares her way into our hearts and can hold her head high that she added a much needed extra dimension to the show. You get nice vignettes from other classics, such as Johnny Cash songs, a cowboy movie Shane, and in the midst of this, yes you still get action and some humor. Not in the usual over the top style you may see in the typical superhero movie, and action fans may find it a little slow, with nary an explosion or blood letting for much of the middle chapter of the show. Instead it's more of a slow burner, with the character development and the relationship between the three taking centre stage, alongside the displays of angst and hints of the demons within the two male leads. The end is a tribute to Shane, to Hugh, and lays to rest a certain franchise with grace, dignity and the respect accorded to a superhero who has slashed, gnarled and healed his way into our hearts for almost 17 years. Farewell Hugh Logan.
  12. On a more serious note: Happy to take suggestions on how I should do a test though
  13. Well, it will be a rigorous test with many segments, or I will simply put it into my current system and use it! I am no test centre, neither am I a dealer, so I am just going to enjoy it and see if it work well and makes a difference. Been using my Laser BD 3000 for weeks now, having put my Oppo aside for a while..
  14. Some basic info on this hotrod: Sound Affairs Signature Mod OPPO 203 This info is from the dealer, will post my comments once I can get it through it's paces.. Sound Affairs Ultima Femto clock installation using custom Crystek True certified Femto oscillator. To replace the stock generic crystek. This lower jitter on all aspect on the player, including the HDMI video / HDMI Audio and analog audio outputs. Power supply upgrades with Ultra low impedance capacitors, FRED diodes and a swiss made fuse. This lowers down the noise floor for the player, improving all aspects of the player's performance. Furutech rodium IEC inlet. Compare to stock, for video, the contrast is better and color fullness is better too (you may need to adjust the color on the modded unit). Picture quality should be smoother and there should be more image depth. For HDMI audio, there should be lower noise floor and more details. Same for the analog audio output, thought that is not my focus for the Oppo 203 Mods. The HDMI audio and video are. 203 mod is a very very good digital video / audio transport.
  15. Mod player under review