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  1. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - movie review The first instalment was not bad, like a good beef stew, it was a quiet boiler, working it's way slowing through and only reaching it's full taste near the end. It was tiring watching the second instalment.. It felt like Forrest Gump Part II Quite simply, it was a running movie: "From that day onwards, if I was going anywhere, I was running!" Tom Cruise didn't perform to his usual best, and look like he was dialling it in. I also made the mistake of reading the book first, so all the nuances, the thoughts in his mind were lost. Here was a movie that didn't know if it was a straightforward actioner, a whodunit thriller or a bit of comedy. Jack needs to solve a paternity suit, free a prisoner, and absolve himself of crime once again. Cobie Sumlders doesn't smoulder too much here, she also look old and tired here, and there isn't a real chemistry between them. No couple on the run feel. In fact Robert De Niro and buddy feel more 'couply' in Midnight Run and Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte also had more love between them than these two. Plenty of action and explosions, so those looking for a bit of demo material for their HT systems won't feel too aggrieved, but my opinion is similar to the title: Never Go Back. Rent or buy only when on sale. 2.5/5
  2. Do you want a lightly used Benq W1070? Opened it, and decided my room isn't really suitable for a projector. Boxed it and put it away..
  3. Yeah, could be a USA website:
  4. New beta FW out..
  5. Skiptrace movie review: Jackie Chan is famous for his slapstick comedy roles that is peppered with nonstop action. Think Project A, Police Story, and you will recall a series of movies with breathtaking stunts, amazing choreography of action mixed with humor reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin. Now I won't put Skiptrace in the same league, but it harks back to his heyday and it's nice to see him back for one more rodeo. For the uninitiated, this movie goes at a breakneck pace, and I wish I could watch it in Mandarin and English, just to see the difference. Think of the plot as secondary to the whole buddy scene, and it's a throw back to the Rush Hour franchise, and the plot is a mash of Midnight Run with Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Johnny Knoxville makes a good counterfoil to JC, and they traverse China together, in a funny travel-doco way, that invites you to laugh with or at them, marvel at the various sites and relive some of the old Jackie's action magic. Don't let the Rotten Tomatoes rating deter you, IMO, this is worth a rental at least or a keeper. The BR disc itself has superb video quality, and the surround effects are solid, with great use of the surrounds. Not a lot of bass, but an involving experience, nonetheless.
  6. It's everywhere.. I am keenly watching the space, but I have been enjoying my little Laser BD 3000..
  7. I have used every Oppo BR ever made, but I am no fan boy. This player was released without the usual car that I expect..
  8. I have replaced the laser / loader and the power board. If my unit breaks down again, it's goodbye to it, Nuforce edition or not..
  9. Thanks I am in the CBD area.. just here for a couple of days. Having some free time I went on a walkabout. Found more food than hifi I liked heh
  10. Odd I know Asked the JB in CBD Most of the staff had no idea will go back to Sydney tomorrow where can I find a Panasonic on sale?
  11. For some reason, I can't seem to find any UHD players anywhere in downtown Brisbane.. Oh well, will go back and try in Sydney... not too much product awareness in the usual places..
  12. Can I check, is the JB hifi Sicario region B locked?
  13. The sale has very few new titles.. Mostly catalogue ones... imagine that, I walked into JB and didn't get a single title.. There were some nice DAB radios like the Sangean 67 that were tempting..
  14. Even with the new update? Gosh..