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  1. I'd suggest you go to a specialist retailer and check out the Pioneer again under proper calibration and conditions. You'll be amaze at its quality and why it can command such a premium. Furthermore the Pio comes with installation and a 5 year warranty from Pioneer and not from the retailer. Ultimately though, it boils down to what your eyes tell you. If you feel that one TV gives a better picture for a amount of money then that should be the one you should get.
  2. Owen's right. I was fortunate in that I had a loaner 50" 507XDA back in 06 for 2 weeks. That allowed us to decide on the right size for the viewing distance. We sit 3m back and the 50" was just about right. We got a brand new 507XDA *just before the Kuro series was released*. The picture looks great for either SD or HD media and most of all digital FTA is fantastic.
  3. Strathfield Elizabeth St, Melbourne (next to JB) has a pile of these in stock. I'm still enjoying mine...
  4. I have that problem recording SBS.. always blockiness, chirping etc.. but no problems at all with other channels.
  5. pgdownload.. thanks for clearing that up. so multichanneling is the term that TV stations use to say they can send different programs on different channels within the spectrum that is allocated to the TV station. phewwww... I thought it might be something to do with multi-angle viewing + additional content in the single picture stream and I was wondering if the current HD tuner can handle that kinda stuff cheers
  6. Why is that considered multichanneling? It's on a different channel isn't it? I mean channel 70 as opposed to channel 7. I mean ABC has ABC and ABC2. Or is multichanneling something more like different streams in the same channel? I'm confused. Maybe its just the terminology?
  7. Hi guys I'm trying to understand this multi-channeling thing that all the channels are talking about. What exactly is it and does every HD tuner support this? I have a 507XDA, will this support it? dodgyblue
  8. Picked this one up a few weeks ago and I must say it exceeds all my expectations for a $69 box. I like the UI in that it is clear and easy to use (didn't even need to refer to the manual!). I've plugged in a 200GB drive that I had that was running out of space (replaced with 500GB) and used it to record all sorts of programs such as Long Way Round and Grand Designs. There was a glitch because I set the thing up via the EPG (now/next) timers and daylight savings came in (I'm in Vic) so a couple of programs were off by an hour or so. The program/channel interface is good and shits on my Pio 507XDA as it allows displays a small window of the current show when channel surfing. Wish the pioneer had something similar.
  9. I'm also happy with the quality of the FTA channels. Just that occasionally 7HD disappears
  10. It's the either the tuner with the 507 or SBS. I think it needs a very clean signal for SBS as I also had issues with SBS. I had a 1st gen SD-STB from safeway and that pulled in SBS with no problems. When the 507 arrived, it couldn't pull in SBS, the installers needed to give me a higher quality splitter. Even now occasionally on SBS I get data corruption but not on the other digital channels. Of course 7HD keeps disappearing off my favourites.
  11. Hmm. that would make it a bit of a problem if I were to add one of those ATI 2xxxx series card with HDMI out onto my HTPC. Ideally I'd like to have the option of HDMI sound to TV together with digital audio to the AMP at the same time. This gives me the flexibility of opting for full 5.1 DD/DTS or just dolby stereo depending on the occasion without making driver level changes in the PC. Tsk. Tsk Tsk.
  12. I've got a HTPC attached via VGA (nvidia 6150 cpu) and it works. Try hitting the picture mode switch. I've got my PC outputting 1360*768 and depending on the picture mode setting on the Pioneer, it either displays as 1024x768 or 1366*768.
  13. Hi guys Just wanted to find out from you 507 owners out there. If I have a HDMI capable dvdplayer/mediaplayer and it outputs both audio/video via the HDMI interface and I have that connected to the 507, is it possible for the 507 to relay the audio via the SPDIF out to an external amp for multi-channel decoding? ie dvdplayer -HDMI-> Pio 507 -SPDIF-> Amp I don't have the right gear to test this out. Would appreciate if someone can assist? dodgyblue
  14. There's a difference between the cheap HDMI cables and the expensive HDMI cables. As you know, in the digital age, the signals are now "1"s and "0"s and need "digital" cables. Old analog cables (like speaker cables) are all twisted and curly inside. The cheaper HDMI cables are made of these cables and as a result the digital "1"s get stuck now and then and corrupt the digital signal giving rise to crackling in the sound and pixellation in the picture. The more expensive HDMI signals have an anti-curl treatment that allows the digital "1"s to get through smoothly removing all the noise. This is main reason why Monster cables can sell at such a premium.
  15. When I got mine installed back in Feb, they *the installers* were great. I had prepared all the interconnects and they plugged everything in but we had problem with the TV reception. They custom made me an interconnect/filter/splitter for the TV coax on the spot so I can have both DTV and analog TV at the same time. I think they spent about 1.5 hours setting everything up and showing me what to do. This was for a 507xda btw. And I paid $4600 back then.