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  1. My bad. He THOUGHT he bought the HD version, but the guy dicked him and sold him the SD version. My mate then called him back the next day after I asked him about the model number and he told me it was the PA and not the PV. The chap said that since my mate wanted to watch only Foxtel, the PA will be good enough but if he wanted the PV it's another 300 bucks to exchange. No way I'm going to buy from that joint in Footscray.
  2. He supposedly got the HD version which was what was advertised. (although Panny HD is 1024x768)
  3. Mate of mine just bought the Panny yesterday Newtone Hi-Fi Footscray yesterday. Advertised at $1888 in Herald Sun but he says the chap just said he'll do it for $1500 inc delivery. No negotiation. Can't believe the prices of plasmas these days...