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  1. Suggest looking at the MiniDSP with Dirac Live cheaper than Trinnov, and versatile.
  2. Good to hear it is working. Sometimes, electronics need a reset. Looks like changing the audio delay from auto to something else and back to auto did the job. Hope you will stay and contribute to the forum...
  3. The problem is often called lip synch. In theory, the video and audio should remain in synch but as the article suggests, there are many causes and things to investigate. I suspect your auto audio synch is not working properly. You could try contacting Panasonic, but be warned that they are not the best for customer service and responsiveness.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Audio synch is a common problem on all HT systems. You can adjust the audio delay on your system by going into Setup | audio | audio delay and then adjust the delay.
  5. And JB better get their act together quickly. Their online business will be roadkill when Amazon arrives next year...
  6. Have noticed that in my last 2 purchases, JB dispatched stock from stores, rather than warehouse. Took about a week.
  7. Ooops, I was wrong. There are cheaper pre-pros out there....
  8. Hello Rowan (Ropes), welcome to the forum... Pre-processors or what you call pre-amp, are expensive, even 2nd hand. Have a look at the posts on this forum. For your budget, a better way to go is to buy a new or used AVR and use it as your pre-amp. Yes, you will be paying, but not using the amps in the AVR, but AVRs are cheaper than pre-processors. Denon and Yamaha are popular brands. The lower end models have often similar pre-processing capabilities as their more expensive siblings, but skimp on amps and power sources (in your case it does not matter!). So decide what audio formats you want, number of channels (all do 5.1 at least, others do 7.1.2 or more for Atmos etc.). More channels = more expensive. If you are feeding directly to the Benq, than video processing should not matter. And note how many pre-outs on the AVR. They should have at least 5.1 but you may want more for longer term. Then have a look in the forum on recent sales to gauge whether 2nd hand AVRs will meet your criteria. A new one will likely cover more formats than a 2nd hand one. If you hunt around and can wait for a sale, you can get a new one under your limit. Can't decide which one? Suggest going to your local hifi, home theatre shop and audition with your favourite movies and music.
  9. Not sure whether you have read my earlier posts? I did not find anything to suggest that hdmi, optical or coxial are better or worse than each other...
  10. Lifehacker AU has its own Star Wars rankings...
  11. This thread is getting silly and off topic. I can follow some, but not all of the theoretical discussions. I am a practical person and want to know whether it affects the music with my equipment and environment. I have already posted my findings. Everyone's situation will differ and you may get different results in practice. Please @MLXXX and @alanh, you have had robust and personal debates in many other threads. Let's move on.
  12. Just for you...
  13. This is so good... Original article from Gizmodo Australia
  14. Yes, have set Oppo for stereo. Using coax, same result. Getting slight differences, but cannot tell whether hdmi or coax is better for 2.0 pcm playback. In contrast, the difference is distinct using the DAC. My better half and others, not serious music listeners, can tell the difference. So this exercise is more to satisfy my curiosity. My preferred choice for stereo remains the DAC. Back to topic, I can conclude that while Dts hdma and 5.1 lpcm are supposed to be identical, the components used can make some multi channel music sound slightly different. If you are unable to pick this difference, don't worry! 😃 Continue enjoying the music. 😀
  15. Was curious to compare hdmi vs optical out for pcm. Cannot do comparison for multi channel pcm on bda because Oppo 103 outputs mutli pcm for hdmi but sends 2.0 pcm on optical even though source is multi channel. SACD cannot be output on optical. For 2 channel pcm, there was a slight difference but cannot say with consistency if one was better than another. Used 2L bda, the Nordic Sound.💮 No discernable difference between hdmi and optical for CDs. For completeness, stereo from my DAC is still better than from the Anthem AVR (thread). Not a surprising outcome given that one is a dedicated stereo setup and the other is a HT system.