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  1. I suppose this is no different to using high resolution photo with minimal compose and do the work in crop & edit. Can do this on a smartphone for photos, but what a pain it will be for videos. Your sentiments and millions of others, are reflected in the camera market stats. $5,000 digital cameras, with one exception, give you super high resolutions with minimal noise, ultra low light capabilities and for very fast moving subjects. All with a titanium body that could survive a nuclear war and subsequent winter. Most of us do not need these capabilities. The exception I referred to is Leica, whose digital cameras have a slightly different body from Sony or Panasonic but often with the same fixed lenses. And without things like autofocus! During the film days, Leica cameras had an advantage of a superb lense backed up by excellent body mechanicals. But in the digital world, camera electronics change rapidly. Paying USD6,500 for a camera that becomes obsolete within a few years is ridiculous. Talk of stupid people throwing money away! Back to the question on whether camera and lens makers aren't themselves to blame with pricing? I think yes. Nikon and Canon, who have the largest share of the market, have been banking on the prestige of being seen to have an expensive SLR. LOOK! I have an expensive camera and super expensive large heavy zoom lenses which are destroying my shoulders and back. Please come and steal it from me! Olympus and Panasonic probably recognised this issue better than Nikon and Canon with the adoption of mirrorless cameras and lower prices, but being smaller players, will not save the market.
  2. Did not realise you are another M43 camera (your G7) owner. Both Chopsus and I have Olympus EM1 (Mark 1) plus another M43 camera as well. And I have a number of lenses. I do use the EM1 at home and while traveling. Currently using the bulky but versatile 12-40mm lense at home. For travel, I like to use a small Pana 20 mm fixed lense which makes it compact and useful in low light. I am on the more serious end of photography and will remain a camera & lense buyer for quite a while. However, I am finding that I am using the smartphone for photos more than I used to. The key reason for this increase is Whatsapp which has driven an increase in exchanging photos between family & friends.
  3. My past few Amazon uk, usa standard shipping items have reached Melbourne between 8 to 12 days. Depending on who the courier is, some are tracked better than others.
  4. Is this different to any TV, UHD or not, running at retailers? They all run loops of super saturated material to grab the attention of the average punter. It is the rare retailer who will let you adjust it to "normal" colours.
  5. Welcome to the forum... Perhaps your answer is at the bottom of this windows forum post? Try Googling "Miracast video and audio separately"
  6. Blackman was referring to the region free kit. Doubt that Oppo can nor will answer a question on a third party add on.
  7. Have 103 with budget region free kit and running 10XAU-83-1226. No problems switching from region B to A and back. (Never tried region C, don't have a disc!). Wonder who has replaced Ken? Bought 103 and before that dvd player from them.
  8. Have bought other things from Gumtree but not hifi gear. But the same advice applies to all Gumtree goods - buy in person and check the gear out. No harm to contact the person and ask whether the gear can be auditioned. And bring along a few favourite movies, CDs and let your ears be the guide.
  9. An interesting infographic and article from LensVid on the shrinking camera market. The predicted 2017 global market will be 1/6 of the units sold in 2010, a steep decline. As we all know, the smartphone is killing the camera market. And us oldies are the ones keeping the market alive...
  10. Ask Paul from Red Space Audio to see if he can do this remotely from Melbourne ie you measure with mic and email outputs for his advice.
  11. After all these years listening to multi channel music using ancient satellite surround speakers, have now upgraded to decent ones. Wow, they made a significant difference. Interestingly, on Chicago Quadio box, it suggested disabling the sub if not using satellites, which I did. It did make a small improvement.
  12. Welcome to the forum... Agree with hopefullguy that you must allow for lots of air circulation, particularly the AVR. Allow for space above and sides. If you have to put in a front panel, then put a quiet fan to draw out the heat. Last thing you want to do is hear the fan during quiet moments of a movie. It is easy to tie up cables, make them neater, coil up the excess lengths. Spaghetti junction will attract attention but neat cabling will blend into the background.
  13. Sorry, should have mentioned that ARC is mistaking a bass null as the speaker roll off and it is easy to override.
  14. Thank you - will add you to first post once my request to edit it with no time limit is approved. An interesting observation. The MRX 720 does not have a toroidal power supply and rated at 140W (8 ohm), 2 channels driven. MCA 50 with toroidal power supply, is rated at 180W (8 ohm) all channels powered. ----------------------------------- Just upgraded my surrounds and for the first time have full range speakers in a 5.1 setup. Movies are now a little better but the big improvement was in multi channel music (as expected). What was interesting was tweaking ARC. Compared default setting (front cutoff 160 Hz, centre 120 Hz, surround 80 Hz) with setting all speakers to full range, flat response. Turns out that both my son and I prefer the latter setting.