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  1. Out of interest, does it include the 32" W Series?
  2. Well, now I've seen everything (or more the point, didn't see it). Here I am, in Adelaide, watching the women's Basketball between Aus and Russia and we are down around 15 points near the end of the first half. And what does stupid 7 do, thats right, switch us over to the bloody footy and to top it off, neither of the teams playing were South Australian. Its the rare times like this when I am watching FTA TV, that I'm reminded why I've given up on broadcast TV in this country.
  3. So basically much like the main BBC channels, even tho all those live in a "multi-channel environment". I wish you luck, since I have a feeling your really going to need it. I too have pretty much employed ct's tactics, and this year I've not even bothered to watch the Doctor Who broadcast. I already have my own watermark free "copies" and in time will get the dvd box set. About the only thing I've watched on the ABC recently has been that new show "The Hollowmen". But then it only goes for 6 eps and besides, I'm still waiting for the main US shows, etc to start back up, so have very little to watch anyway.
  4. ahh, yes, the good old "legal requirement" BS. Always a classic way to manage complaints. One gets a flood to start with, but very soon after they more or less drop off, as everyone starts to think, O' its a legal requiement, nothing to do with the ABC, they have to do it. I wonder if it would work in reverse, ring up a TV station and tell them that they must remove their watermark, its a "legal requirement" for digital tv broadcast......
  5. If everyone had a meter, then it wouldn't be ratings, as more a reality meter, which is the last thing they want, especially the commercial networks. Since then they can't keep ignoring it and using 'stats' to fudge the so called official ratings. However, in the case of the ABC, they are in no doubt about the dislike of watermarks, from the very time they started to add them. Just the number of emails, etc from me should have been enough. But its 'policy', and I can't be bothered wasting any more time, so I just don't watch. Hell, I'm not even watching the "repeat" of Doctor Who series 4 on the ABC this year. By the time I want to see it again, I'll own the box set.
  6. hmm, wasn't that what I was also basically saying, which OzRob then also said, in a partly different way. How much of it will all come true is another matter, but I personally won't be surprised if thats exactly what happens. Come to think of it, 7's "TIVO" is more or less that already.
  7. Thats not actually the case tho, is it? I mean the network couldn't claim copyright and force a machine off the market, just because it has ad-skipping functions and it shows the freely, spec standard, broadcast EPG data. It is in fact a multi-step process for the networks. 1. Secure, established full copyright ownership of the EPG data, ie when a show is broadcast and what it is. 2. Develop a new and encrypted encoding and broadcast standard for the transmission of said EPG data. Since lets face it, they now own the copyright to it and hence are entitled to protect that content. 3. Tell PVR makers that they can 'license' the full, upto date EPG data, but only if they restrict the features/functions of their PVR's, ie. no ad-skip options and no coding interface that would allow someone else to write one. 4. Market it as something new and wonderful, the "full" digital TV revolution. Lets call it something hip and now, O' I don't know, "Freeview" maybe. 5. Cut back, don't update or just totally remove the open and standards based EPG data, since lets face it, other then Now and Next, they have no legal requirement to broadcast it. So while they exercise their "free market" powers, so do I, its called Channel BT (along with DVD's, etc).
  8. I full expect it to be live on Monday, apart from maybe in the west. Still, it really doesn't matter, one basically needs to be thankful that its on at all, instead of this wall to wall footy. This has been the most FTA TV I've watched in a long time, especially on 9.
  9. And don't forget the constant text above the watermark to tell you about a future show thats going to air. Of course all of this has to be in the 4:3 safe area of widescreen digital broadcasts. Since lets face it, no one watches widescreen digital programs on a widescreen TV. Or the classic, airing promo's about how great HD is, and then showing some upscaled, 4:3 content. Maybe they should plan for a digital switch off in a few years, and see if anyone notices.
  10. Nah, this was the HD broadcast specific and I've seen it before. Not sure if its transfer source, encoding or what, but I think its the source. Like when the kids run in to save Indy in that 'tea house', in one shot there is the line, in the next different camera angle shot its gone and then its back again on the next one. Maybe one day the stations will fix all these problems, but then we are talking our local FTA TV, so I doubt it. On the subject of Indy and especially Raiders, I can't wait for this to be released at the end of the year, it will go very nicely with my current collection:
  11. Yes, at times there was a thin blue verticle line. I'm in Adelaide so it sure was there. I've seen this before and on other HD stations/content. Can't remember the reason, but its not your TV, etc its something at there end. Other then that, I thought it looked ok. Was better then DVD but far from the best HD content I've seen, still, likely an old transfer, etc. Was nice to see it in OAR, lets hope that continues and the picture quality keeps getting better. Otherwise there is little point in watching anything on FTA TV.
  12. I never have and never will watch BB. I always considered it just over the top, over hyped, so called "reality" BS. The only good thing about the new ads, was that I am just dying for someone to ask me: "Will you be watching Big Brother?" To which my reply would be, "I don't think so.....". And that my friends is the extent of time I'll waste on rubbish TV, now, back to my downloads.....
  13. I don't care if they are closed for the weekend. If this wasn't true then Toshiba would have been out in the front of camera's 3 days ago saying thats its all rubbish. Any company that wanted to keep business going, isn't going to sit back with 'rumors' that a product line is dead if it isn't. Since you know for sure, that nothing will be sold till people hear the "official" word. Hence, they have already decided to pull the plug (thus can't say they haven't) and hence are talking the extra few day's to put things in place to better spin it or sell it off or whatever. Sure, people want to hear the official announcement, but till then, how many of you are going to go out and buy a HD DVD player....
  14. O yes, such a fantastic response from the ABC. But I have a feeling I've read that before, O'wait, I did. Its the same BS they pushed out when they first introduced the watermark. Here's an old email from the ABC, dated 15 July 2005 I'm sure that after the initial introduction of the watermark and complaints, they then also 'reduced' the brightness, just so they can say they have been listening to the viewing public. Keep at them and pretty soon, you'll get the basic email reply of, 'Yeah, we know you don't like the watermark. We don't care, since its policy (based on those BS reasons that we have already sent to you), so if you don't like, just bugger off. Sure, 'Its your ABC', just like 9 is still the one
  15. yes, exactly. Which was more or less my point, in other words, it won't happen.