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  1. Alan, I'm not sure how to tell if the signal is too strong or too weak. It just seems all over the place. Now SBS is also starting to break up slightly (on top of 7 and 9). Brian
  2. Thank you again, Charles - much appreciated indeed.
  3. This is great help, Charlesc. The problems seem to be getting worse by the day. Will read your guide and decide what to do. Alan, I'm only having problems with my STB and HD TV, not the analogue TVs on the same antenna. Brian PS Well, Channel Seven is back now, big and beautiful with a strong signal! Very flaky!
  4. My 5402P has just decided to start playing up for the Olympics! Have had it for 2 hassle-free years and just now it's decided to start losing signal on Channel Seven (both HD and SD) and occasionally Channel Nine too. It goes from max (ie Strong) signal to zero (ie Bad) signal or No Signal on Channel Seven in the blink of an eye. Does this sound like a problem with the 5402? I have analogue TV on other outlets for the same antenna and they have no problems at all. Please help if you can. Brian
  5. More clues now. I was just watching the Games and Seven HD broke up. In fact it went from maximum signal (ie Strong, not just Normal) to zero signal while I was watching. Seven SD also had No Signal then but then the Nine HD and SD channels also decided to show No Signal. I'm now watching SBS HD but am really wondering what is going on. Brian
  6. Thanks for trying to help, charlesc. I only have one STB and one HD TV - both in my media room. Plasma TV is wall-mounted and not going anywhere. The other TVs are all analogue. I'm just not sure why the problem is intermittent. Usually Seven has had a great signal but now it's occasionally dropping off to nothing or almost nothing - and more regularly in recent days. I also seem to lose the SD signal at the same time as the HD on this outlet and/or via this STB. Any further thoughts would be appreciated. The info on the bands was interesting too. Brian
  7. The antenna is 14 years old (we built the house then), with no problems prior. We're reasonably high in Carindale, with antenna roof-mounted. Three outlets. Other TVs working fine on Seven, with no interference at any time. Happy to get some testing done, but problem seems intermittent. Was wondering if it could be the STB instead. When I check the STB set-up, it shows a very weak signal at the times that problems occur. Do you need any other info? Brian
  8. I am also in Carindale and have had relatively hassle-free HD viewing for over 2 years now. Have an LG LST-5402P DVR and 50" Pioneer Plasma. A few weeks ago, I noticed some repeated break-up in signal and occasional "No Signal" message. Now that the Olympics coverage has started, I have noticed the break-up and "No Signal" problems getting much worse, almost exclusively on Channel 7 (of course!!). This problem seems to affect both HD and SD Seven broadcasts and only Seven at the moment. Talk about Murphy's Law! It likes to drop out at just the wrong times too. Anyone have any possible suggestions as to what I can do about this before the Olympics are over? Many thanks, Brian
  9. Is anyone still waiting for Sony TV stock? I bought a KDL40W4000 from Retravision in Brisbane on Day 1 ie 1 July - paid full price of $2,300. Supposedly at invoice + 5%, which I doubt very much, given the $2,150 prices that others have paid. Anyway, still no 40W TVs have come into that store, apparently. With no idea when they will - after 3 weeks! I registered with Sony that same day - 1 July - but obviously the 2 weeks has well and truly come and gone to send in the serial number etc. Anyone else in the same boat? Brian
  10. I bought a 5402P about a month or so ago. I have 1.06 firmware - has much changed in 1.08? Just wondering whether it's worth a trip to the service centre yet or to hold off? Brian
  11. I bought an LG5402P to go with it and am very happy with it, especially the picture - this is ignoring the restrictions in use catalogued in the separate topic at LG Brian
  12. I ordered and had mine installed within 2-3 weeks. I'm in Brissy too. Just lucky I guess. Brian
  13. Any thoughts, anyone? Thanks.
  14. Just wondering: Is there any way of speeding up the 'syncing' process to get the clock and date triggered quickly on start-up? I'm worried about a Timer Record session not starting because the machine is still in a time warp. Brian