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  1. tell them you dont want a replacement, you would rather a full refund of purchase price. I bet with how expensive TV's have been a series 8 50" was more expensive then it is now. Take the money, buy a new series 8, and use the change to buy another EW if you want. Probably still have money left over. Pretty sure that is an option available to you under fair trading act. look into it. JB will cave when that is what you ask them for.
  2. lol this makes no sense at all. You spend HEAPS of money on a huge TV, then skimp on a small part that will destroy your BIG investment if it fails. ahahaha. get a decent mount its cheap peace of mind.
  3. Hey guys, well with little to noone in mt isa able to really install and maintain antennas, i come to you for help. We have the new digital channels turned on out here finally, but its very hit and miss. Some days the picture is perfect, the next day it is unwatchable even losing signal altogether. The tv says that it has full signal strength in both situations. which makes me think its a tv tuner problem, but i really have no idea. What things should i try to see which part is faulty? if its the tv i will just get it replaced, but if there is nothing wrong they charge to come out and look at it. Any help would be great. thanks
  4. same could be said about you. extra warranty is a waste of money. stat warranty would cover you, and costs nothing. other than a bit of time and letter or 2. Especially with the new laws that have just come in on top to protect consumers.
  5. also if it was ticketed prices, i wish you had taken pictures. because what you just described is illegal.
  6. ok lets use your way of working then... samsung 50" plasma 768p c451 - $899 ticketed price. On tv rating 220W (could be used) - 260W after correct calibration .260Kw x .2167 dollarsx10 hoursx365 days ~ $206. Over 4 years~$823. On that calculation-"price" of Samsung c451 - 899+823= 1722. (difference with the brauhn 1722-1527= $195 hardly a new tv) OR samsung 50c7000 50" plasma - price $1526 power usage as low as 131W .131 x .2167 x 10 x 365 x 4 + 1526 = $1940 - 1527 = $413 (again not a new tv AND you get 3D which i think is a useless feature, but its there.) Shall i go on...
  7. My folks have a 50" panasonic plasma it uses ~260W. so that over 4 years equates to about $120 difference. I guess you could buy a very cheap 19" tv for that... though i dont know why you would? Dont get sucked in about the plasma ratings mate, they are MAX load, which only occurs on full white screen... dont know about you, but i watch colour not all white screens. Not only that buy i bet my folks plasma looks and sounds loads better than the cheap 47" and they have an extra 3"
  8. actually the plasma is max and the LCD is average. making it TOTALLY misleading.
  9. i think its more ironic that they bought a tv that they now want to stop showing moving picture and make it more like still photography...? (film and video) i dont think you really understand what your saying. DO you mean that the tv is making everything look like old analogue/VHS? if so that sux.
  10. in what world is 58" ~35% bigger than a 50", try ~16%. unless there is a massive border and gear attached to the 58.
  11. search this thread, find the receipt for the 50" G10a for about $1050. Best in that price range. Unless you want BIG, which you can get but at a the price of quality. TCL 55" LCD for example.
  12. any chance of sending me that reciept please? mcfisherclan at gmail dot com
  13. any chance of getting the receipt please? cheers
  14. Well whats everyones best guess in regards to this. With 62days to go till the kick off, surely the big TV guys will try and persuade people that a new TV is the way to go? I would guess gaming consoles will be the order of the day in regards to bonus items with FIFA 2010 WORLD cup games attached. But someone here must have better insider knowledge and can tell us what to expect? Let the speculation begin.
  15. so let me get this right. your willing to fork out >$7000 for a TV, but bork at $30 BD??? i must be missing something. short answer, NO, there is not reason to upgrade. Long Answer is unless its broke or you really want/need something bigger, then wait until something comes that ignites your desires. You wont be gaining anything much by going to a newer set, and all the hassle of moving them around etc...