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  1. Excellent - thanx for clearing that up guys!
  2. Quick question... purchased a P2 today ($630 JBHiFi in the city) and was wondering, can I use FreeView with it? I'm gonna trial IceTV for the 30 days and see how that goes but it would be nice to try a different service such as Freeview for a comparrisson. Cheers!
  3. Hey guys, Thanx for the detailed responses - very much appreciated! I am liking the sound of the Beyonwiz at this stage. Tivo sounds a little restrictive and I'd rather have complete flexibility over my media than an 'easy to use' PVR. I forgot to mention that I also have a PS3. At the moment, it's pretty much the media center in the home. I stream content on my Mac via MediaLink. I've heard a lot of negative feedback for the new PS3 TV tuner thing so I have dismissed it all together. The only issue now is, which Beyonwiz to get?
  4. Hey guys, We recently ditched Foxtel and I now have the green light from the missus to get a STB/PVR. I dunno much about them - I've read most of the topics on this section which have been useful. These are the things I'd want from it: - MUST have a fast and slick EPG - I am so sick of the sloooow Bravia interface - needs to be HD with an HDMI output - twin tuner with the ability to record while watching other shows - Ethernet or wireless capability so I can watch files from my MAC - decent hard drive - ability to record remotely using IceTV or something via web or iPhone... - optional: the ability to record to an external hard drive - would be even better if these files were able to be played on my MAC via QT or VLC Any suggestions would be great. Thanx
  5. Thanx for that. I went into JB Londsdale at lunch to pick up the game - cept it was $69. I told them that the JB site had it advertised for $39 and if they could match that price. Unbelievably, the guy refused to match the price because it was out of stock online!! They are the SAME COMPANY!! Anywayz I ended up ordering it online. I'm in no rush so I'll get it when it comes back in stock.
  6. Item Sold
  7. Managed to snag the $40 Rock Band Instrument Pack from Target on Boxing Day.... now I need Rock Band games! Anyone looking to sell game only versions of: The Beatles Rockband 1 or 2 Thanx!
  8. Hey guys... Although not not technically a console, I thought some of you may be interested. I've got a PSPGo for sale. Brand New Unopened in Box. It's worth $450.00 in shops and I'll consider anything around the $350 mark. PM if you're interested. Cheers and sorry for the Boxing Day spam!
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for Rock Band Beatles - Bundle pack. Anyone selling? I'd like the game + guitar + drums + mic. Preferably PS3 but Wii would be fine too. PM me if you're looking to sell. Thanx!
  10. I am REALLY looking forward to Rock Band The Beatles... if anyone is finished playing the game and wants to sell, drop me a line!!
  11. Cool thanx guys...
  12. Can anyone recommend a Point Blank [Arcade version] type game for the Wii... you know - something where you need some type of gun controller [attachment even] Not really interested in the full-on/serious/gory type games - just something girlfriend friendly!
  13. Cancel that... picked up what must the last copy anywhere in Melb today for $14.95! Originally $79, they priced-matched Targets sale price - SWEEET!
  14. Also looking for Boom Blox if anyone is willing to sell...
  15. heh I am not sure... over the last few days, the neighbours TV has been really loud making me think they got a new TV - perhaps they also got Foxtel and maybe it's them! (we share a wall) Possible?!