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  1. My left hand middle blue LED has gone. Also the blue LED in the power button died. I've got a LX71. Just wondering how other people repairs went?
  2. I know it's been disproved but I can feel better when I turn on the TV as far power consumption is concerned (No arguments necessary). Makes the other half approve the money . Very little heat generatored, if you put your hand above it. Try others in store. Works very well in a bright room.
  3. I got the 6000 55' and got a beyonwiz P2 for $750 or get a PS3 for $499 (if you wait a little). OR 2 Monster HDMI cable LOL :lol:
  4. How much is internet access worth on the 7100 to you. You can get the 6000 55" for $4200. $600 for something else.
  5. Hi, Don't give up!! Got my 55" LED for $4250. Very happy with it after an initial tweak. Myer Chermside. Too easy.
  6. Finally got delivery of my new P2. I had to wait 6 weeks but got a 500GB HDD. Not to bad for $750. Now to play around.
  7. I got mine for $1500 thru JB a few weeks ago.
  8. Try ringing Pioneer direct and they may tell you who is stocking them.
  9. Finally my Sc-lx71 arrived. Set it up over a few hours. Very happy with it all. Even got all the networking working for media server and internet radio. This is one nice piece of kit.
  10. Thanx guys for the responses. Guess I'll have to Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt.
  11. Does anyone if there has been a hold up with stock of the DP-P2? I ordered from JB HiFi on the 1st July. Still nothing.
  12. I ordered my UA55B6000 LED from Myer on the 1st July. It got delivered on the 13th July. I'm very happy with it
  13. Some offence taken. A couple of points on your first post. 1/ Where would you buy from? Myer or an internet name I've never heard of. 2/ This was a package price with extended warranty which at cheapbargin is $30 more. 3/ I got $80 of myer credit on the purchase. Instead of replying to someones post with "no offence". Why not just give other people a heads up with this price. I know most stores will not price match an internet price without a shop front. It was about what I was happy with. I was just letting people know that the $4299 is possible at myer. Some stores knocked me back. Have a nice day
  14. Saw 1 at Clive Peters Ipswich Qld for $7999. May get it for less.
  15. Bought the Samsung UA556000 from Myer at Chermside for $4299 with extra warranty 4 years for $339. Price matched from Electrical Discounters. None in stock, so I have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. Can't wait. Hope it's all OK.