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  1. i see unforgiven is out...anyone grabbing it ?
  2. wouldn't bother calibrating 350 to as much as 500 hours some will say thx mode is pretty handy out of box and with little tweaking is pretty [email protected] good to take you to calibration. if have access to some setup discs, i would do the very basics of lamp output to pull iris back so in the order of 12-14 FL or 9-12 if prefer less brightness. also brightness and contrast with the patterns and colour by eye to suit given some reference images. for HDR there are jvcs recommendation depending on your screen size and the clipping patterns if want to optimise (refer jvc site) and R&M patterns or sony egg patterns on disc.
  3. good to hear. the OK trick for universal titles is something have been doing as far back as HD-DVD good to hear working for you with UHDs as well
  4. looks like the us release of logan is a 4 disc set ? from zombie over on avs, I wonder what we will get ? or will it be like planet earth with us only getting the 2 disc version ?
  5. its not actually just matter of setting the pana for 4k 50/60 in the hdmi settings its something the pana asks you when booting up for first time. whether you want to allow 4k 50/60 if said no, then can re select anytime in the pana menu to allow.
  6. am not sure either sound like good options. have you plowed through the 4311 menus as yes I remember too the 4308 certainly gave the A-B speaker options. infact its a denon thing going way back ! otherwise might need to change to say bi-pole side surrounds as they tend to have a much wider spread alternatively can you use the pre outs from the denon for the side surround to feed another little amp to drive the 2nd row sides ?
  7. Seating position sounds ideal... for the room however I do wonder whether opening /closing the doors do didn't squat for prob freq. and that might be your issue. Acoustically the room is larger than what you think. And while you think you are sitting at 2/3 you might actually be sitting middle of room also so that still leaves placement of the mains abd whether that's been optimised
  8. Yep the uk uhd has the bonus of the uk blu-ray tgat leaves the question in the same region as uk why is it we got a blu ray version without 3D audio ?
  9. yes location is CRUCIAL of both mains and main listening position within the room. in 2ch rigs in all the rooms I've had my systems in, I've found without fail the rule of thirds to work extremely effectively. I cant tell looking at your room re distances. but sitting at 2/3rd room length has been paramount. I dont know you listening position wiht respect to the length of the room. I also see a Large opening to the back. I wonder if that effectively also increases the room length wiht the doors or if nothing closing it off do didly squat. additionally the positioning of mains is super critical not only for imaging but also bass. regardless of subs or not you mains still contribute significantly to the bass response and what hear and feel at the main listening position. typically I've found anything upto 1/3rd room length to work well with mains some others are boundary designs and need to be closer to a wall to work best. subs similarly dont work so well stuck out in the middle of a room and need a wall for some re enforcement. humps at end of it are VERY easy to deal with. you just pull them down. often subs get their bad name just because people dont do this, just whack in the system and dont integrate in with the mains so you do indeed get a nice smooth (not necessarily has to be flat) response back at the main listening position. again I'm not seeing anything in these discussions telling me you need to play with freq beyond sub freq which is not rocket science and we have had simple tech to deal with this for 10+ years atleast. from childs play to sophisticated in nature.
  10. good to hear onto uk one, however my point was the UHD has no banding and gets the atmos track as well though you'd have to get it form the us. I dont think still available here.
  11. commiserations... very sadly ...in ceilings wont replace floor standers ... look at some other brand e.g. krix in that case who sell the speakers individually. many brands do. dont have to buy in pairs
  12. i personally would bump up the sub vol...but then just trim the lower end i.e. the bottom freq of the sub so you end up with a reasonably smooth curve for a combined sub+mains response. rather than the lumpy response. and would likely be all id do.... a simple sub eq device. e.g. the anti mode for the subs I pointed to earlier would take care of this entirely... or even the much cheaper sms1. both tools will let you play to your hearts content full manual or full auto if you like. even if doesnt get you anywhere which i would be very supered if didnt. then no major loss they are quite inexpensive devices. with the measurements you have and what you have posted. I see no evidence to be mucking about. above sub freq and with anything bar the subs...
  13. think about it mr c... playing with time i.e. time delays is needed when you locate the subs too far away from the mains or much closer. with them co-located ... as you have them sound no matter the freq... travels at the same speed ... speed of sound so there is no need for playing with time... and delaying anything. thats been my experinece with co location. with some eq systems particularly if just applied on certain freq they with all the processing involved will infact induce a massive delays and thats when you find you need to start using time delays. phase effects you will see typically around cross over points or where there is interaction. but again here given how your gear is co-located it will be I bet you so small there is didly squat the system will be doing with it. the main thing the eq system will do is pull down some peaks ... and get a pretty smooth response on the subs so they arent taking over ...which I can tell you something like the sms-1 at $350 will achieve and achieve superbly and the best bit is it doesnt actually induce delays as other heavy duty processing does. I know as I have measured it. sometimes less is more and with eq this is particularly the case. eq should be the last bastion... perhaps you are there. but I would suggest there are other things can do with location and room first. particularly given you have already been conducive in treatments in the room.
  14. i can tell you this much running subs for 10+ years for 2ch. what you need on the sub side to tame them you can buy for $350...eg something like the velodyne sms-1 playing with phase will do 2 5ths of F all and playing will time wont achieve much if anything either wiht the subs co located with the mains as you have its really not necessary. move your sub closer to your main if you like. but you do not need phase or time delays ! with them located as they are and playing with freq beyond the sub range with eq. I personally would not recommend for 2ch. not unless you REALLY know what you are doing and really have the gear and knowledge to test your speakers and know what you want to achieve. better to achieve those with treatments than eq in my thinking. especially seeing you seem conducive to treatments in the room. all that said it looks like you have put a fair effort in the room and looking to gain the last ounces. get some local help acoustically I would suggest. rather than trying to get it wiht a piece of gear