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    Technology..."Technology is a drug. We can't get enough of it. We feed it to our kids and watch them grow on a forced diet of desensitization. Switch on the TV and someone will tell you 50,000 people died in India. Two seconds later you're watching a comedy. Technology can do that. It gives us simulated realities that make us oblivious to the real world. Herion does the same thing. So do most Class A drugs. Basically, we are all addicts - addicted to the comfort and convenience that technology provides - addicted to the notion that progress is directly related to the size of our computer screen. Of course it is. We must be right. We come from the developed world. We're already developed. Sure. Then again, wealthy kids in America shoot each other. Poor kids in Soweto can't stop smiling. So who's developed? I met an Aborigine in Arnhemland Australia - his nephews showed me symbols where I saw trees and rainbows through smoked glass. They could see fish through clouded water. I could'nt even see my own reflection. I must have forgotten how.

    When I look in front of me. I see two paths - spiritual and material. Two worlds - developed or developing. You decide which is which. We're still in the wake of millenium paranoia - earthquakes, floods, end of the world scenarious, cult suicides, viral diseases that eat into our computer realities. This is our developed world. Then as Nelson Mandela says 'We are free to be free'. I guess we make our own prophecies." Nitin Sawhney - March 2001

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  1. $188 last week. it goes on and off sale very regularly. just have to keep eye out just like with the other uhd players. region freeing it isn't that expensive I think from memory mine cost me $220 installed and that was on release(be cheaper now surely). even then looking at a $400 odd prospect these days for a region freed player which is [email protected] cheap !
  2. probably easier / cheaper to just buy the $188 sammy uhd player ...
  3. with all the emo power what about the emo pre pro. not that i know whats being brought in currently otherwise in the pre pros theres really marantz, yam, but also rotel, nad, onkyo/integra and a few others in anthem arcam. so a few choices these days not sure the budget but also check retailer clearances, and their clearance centres as often bargains to be had. probably want to advise if 3D audio is a consideration as will limit to most recent releases
  4. dont be so sure of this helping...selling from their local website they will be curtailed am sure by local studio restrictions... it might also mean they curtail shipping to us here from their other country websites. they do already for many items not allowing shipping to au.
  5. add Arrival to that, yep if they dont even make it available ... what chance has the format got, and really doesnt give those wanting much but any other choice but to import... and if importing i'll probably grab a few other discs while at it !
  6. I'm finding this really odd the level of blu-ray releases we have had and coming locally wiht absolutely no uhd on the horizon.... its obviously not just an au thing ? but its very odd how the same movies are having us uhd releases and we are not ?
  7. its not worth the bother cevo, leave em to their games mate ... lifes too short just give em a wide berth and get on with things once back there
  8. They're probably fat due to the high gauge used, though if short lengths eg 2m or so irrelevant use any old thing literally
  9. I got $2200 for my T7 but gee that was years..... ago ! $2k + I suspect for a HD model but yeah $1500-$1600 quoted would be it I expect for a T7 still making for a great bargain considering what get.
  10. nice shots jutta from a nice part of the world
  11. I'll tell you this much both pana LCD and plasmas we have in the family must have the most annoying user interface ! it wouldn't be very hard for lg, sammy or Sony to do much to have something less annoying
  12. the latest update has it seems provided some picture quality improvement, and this even though they are on record saying the picture before was "reference" and shouldnt be improved upon. I did note a recent post since then though saying the upscale on their display was still better ? havent seen too much re drop outs, though not sure if 100% completely sorted. personally i think i will still wait to see when 205 gets released though it seems still keeping a low profile...
  13. lets see, till there actually sitting side by side its just postulating
  14. bman we had our sharp lcd, either drop a back light or dim / partially fail. measurably so. I noticed one day on switch on how dim it looked. quick check with the calibration disc ad yet well off. so had to re calibrate. only took a few minutes to get back up and crank up to compensate. and been fine since. but yeah lcds can drop off with time ps oled was getting away with HDR requirement with uhd by doing a couple of things. one its better black performance meant it didnt need to be as bright as LED lit lcds to achieve a decent dynamic range. LEDs achieve the same with peak light output because they cant achieve as good blacks. OLEDs were cheating and I dont know if the same with newest models by cranking blues and such and at expense of low level black detail. hopefully the latest models with better light output can gain back some of the low level black performance and not have to do things like crank blues to achieve "high dynamic range" for uhd.