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  1. The unit "stalling" whilst using it indicates that the error correction on the hard drive is running into overtime. Given that it happens during recording, playback and timeshift, bit obvious... Anyway... Very easy to prove one way or the other. Drives are cheap and they're easy to swap. No need to overthink this. By the way, a coolong pad from a laptop won't help a great deal. Just make sure the Toppy has a good 50mm or more clearance top, sides and back. At least it will do a lot more useful tricks with the correct TAPs. (hint: autosched for TMS)
  2. Sounds to me like the hard drive is on the way out... You could try pulling the drive out, plugging it into a PC and running dome proper diagnostics there. I forget which brand the drives in those are (Seagate?), but most drive manufacturers provide basic diagnostic tools on their websites. The other option would be putting a known good SATA hard drive into the Homecast and seeing how it goes, after a format of course. If that yields no joy, then yeah, my next suspicion would be dried out caps in the power supply. Any reputable electronics repair shop should be able to fix that, however such shops are almost a thing of the past these days.
  3. True, however posting here has on this occasion been a waste of my time. (and probably anyone else's) The net result of replies have been by Captain Obvious.
  4. And your point would be? A lack of responses somehow modified my request in my absence? Oh and for the record, Falcon Antennas (an endorsed installer when first engaged a year ago) Have not bothered to re-attend, nor reply to phone calls, in this instance. Perhaps that will serve others.
  5. Yes thanks, I now know that, after last time. I was attempting to find somebody who would use their test equipment, *before* replacing all the hardware (at considerable cost), this time around.
  6. Alan, perhaps you should read my post first.
  7. I guess nobody has an antenna guy they can recommend? (no huge shock) Mods may as well delete the thread... And no, I wasn't after the list of "endorsed" installers, I was after suggestions of techs that local people have had a good run with.
  8. Can anyone point me to a list of local antenna installers/techs, or better yet, suggest one? I'm in Highland Park. (no, not the flash part ) This time last year I had an issue with the signal for ABC and Seven dropping to very low levels whenever it rained, as a result the picture would pixellate beyond viewability. After replacing the antenna, cabling, booster and more, the antenna tech I'd engaged found that by moving the antenna about 150mm down the mast, the signal came good. He concluded that the trees next door must fill up with water and interfere with the signal from Tamborine. He said he checked the signal and where it had now been moved to it should be ok, though he did mention that another spot a couple of metres along the roof had tested a little better. Since then it's been fine, even in the heaviest downpours. However after last night's heavy rain, the signal on ABC had dropped to less than half the normal levels. I'm assuming that we've had a fair dry spell, so there haven't been many opportunities to see any gradual signal degradation due to rain? (plus given the time of year the trees have no doubt had a growth spurt) Anyhow, I'd like to get somebody to check things again. Perhaps the mast needs moving elsewhere on the roof? Who knows. It's not a huge mast, only a metre or so long. I've tried phoning the guy that was here last time but calls just go straight to voicemail and messages left aren't being returned. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. (and yeah I should have tacked this post on the end of the existing long thread in here, but today just isn't my day it seems)
  9. Yes. Anything around the $500 mark or just over is a fantastic price for them, if you don't want to hover and haggle. Just got one for $520 from Harvey Norman at Bundall, shelf price. Got them to throw in the extra 4 year warranty at the same money.
  10. Yep, 8 networks. ABC, SBS, Prime, Seven, NBN, Nine, SCTen, Ten. To fully populate an EPG here you need 8 passes, as there are 8 discrete frequencies. Sure a lot of it is duplicated programming, but just as much isn't. Not the only part of Australia where the "5 network rule" doesn't apply, not by a very long shot. You need to get out more. Actually it was just brought to my attention that it's 9... Bris 31 is also received here and has recently shifted to digital. Nope, If you market a device as having certain capabilities, it is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure it can fulfil those. Consumer law is very straighforward in these matters, always has been. Retail sales staff tend to be largely unaware of the fact, but this doesn't diminish the law. It is never up to the customer to make sure an advertised feature works. Anyway, you're being overly sensitive, I'm not annoyed at anyone. I was merely pointing out that the "Intelligent Recording" system will probably not work as advertised for the average Mum & Dad user, not unless the EPG is somehow miraculously populated. All Topfield had to do was take this into account, I'm rather amazed it wasn't.
  11. I wonder if they explain this to every single buyer of the unit... Or if they wait for them to have a bunch of failed schedules first and come storming back into the store? You'd think "intelligent recording" would be intelligent enough to know that the unit will need to have the EPG populated in order for a program search to yield a result. Anyway, thanks for clearing this up for me. I'll likely use a TAP and set watch timers if I get one, same tricks I had to did with the old Masterpiece. I just stupidly thought they might have taken the fact that the EIT would need 'regular' updating into account. Yes, I'm talking about the broadcast EPG, I don't really plan to pay for something that's freely available! Oh and some areas have 8 networks
  12. Silly question time... This Intelligent Recording thing... How does the EPG become updated in order for the IR to 'do it's thing' and find the programs you've selected? Does the unit rely on being powered up on that channel for the weekly (or daily or whatever) recording, in order to be able to see where the the next instance of that same program may be? Sorry if it sounds a silly question, but I used to use UKAS on a 5000 Masterpiece and on that you had to do a daily scan of all muxs to get an updated EPG upon which to perform a search.
  13. This still works... Though I found that after a few calls I became "screened". Colin Wright National Marketing Manager Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Limited Suite 52, Upper Deck 19-21 Jones Bay Wharf Pyrmont 2009 +61 2 8986 1718 +61 404 858 111 And yes, the Fax # same as previous posts.
  14. Stuart, this may or may not be any help (and I do feel your pain, Hybrid are a shocking company when it comes to support) but have you tried changing your Network settings in the Tivo to a fixed IP? Preferably one outside the DHCP range of your router? This fixed one of mine. It was running through a 10/100 switch and would sometimes refuse to connect. No idea why, but the network switch was definitely what it didn't like. If I plugged it straight into the router it would connect time and again, through the switch it would miss as often as it didn't. Go figure. I've seen the same fix work with the Tivo wireless adapter as well. After I changed it's network settings to a fixed IP, fixed subnet, etc, off she went like a bought one, hasn't missed a beat.
  15. Actually no, you may well find that your Tivo may override and cancel any manually set recordings on any channel with no EPG data at all, or on ones with incorrect EPG data. I've only experienced this situation in bibs and bobs, so I won't pretend to know why and when it happens, I just know it can and will. A Tivo with no EPG is a brick. Even with a fully populated EPG it can and will override and cancel a manually set recording, if it thinks that the show in the timeslot you've manually chosen has aired in the past 28 days (and quite possibly for other reasons). Even if you catch one of these "to be skipped" events in the 'Recording History' prior to it failing and tell the unit to 'Record Anyway', it often won't. The event simply fails and disappears from the history file. They have some curious logic in their firmware. On the evening of March 15th ours skipped recording 3 programs and gave the reason that "they were no longer in the EPG". Thing is, they were in the EPG and we watched them (luckily, the cheese & kisses would have killed if she'd missed the Rafters final) so they were defintely aired. It's going back for a refund now I'm afraid, the household treasurer has spoken. Oh and lastly, if you complain often enough, you will find that Tivo support (aka Hybrid) simply stop answering your emails entirely. At least, that's been our experience for the past two weeks. They also screen their phone calls to voicemail. Funnily, leaving a voicemail with the words "Office Of Fair Trading" will solicit an immediate callback.