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  1. I never trust stock photos... If you read the actual feature list at iTopfield for the 5700 it says HDMI = Yes http://www.itopfield.com.au/product-detail.asp?idx=113 Of possible note though, it also says TAP Support = - and I have heard elsewhere that the 5700 does not run TAPs. I saw this link to a new 6000 on another site, perhaps that's a better alternative when replacing a dead 5000 series? http://www.oo.com.au/Topfield_Wireless_Vid...P27396C1295.cfm
  2. I'd say you're lucky to have any reception of the NSW stations at all. I'm actually surprised you get any signal from the Gold Coast transmitters there, we have enough trouble in the intended footprint area. Which transmitter is your antenna aimed at and with what polarisation?
  3. I don't know about the 1000S, but on the 1000T that's a classic symptom of using older drivers. Sometimes it's also caused by not removing the old drivers properly before installing the new, or by only partially installing the new ones (as there are 4 components in device manager). It can also happen if Winfast PVR2 has had a major crash, sometimes re-installing it can help. There's been a lot of new versions of it as well. Check around, the latest ones aren't always available on the Leadtek site, or if they are, they're sometimes labelled incorrectly. For example, the one marked as the latest Vista32 drivers for the 1000T are also the latest working drivers for XP, but on Leadtek's site they list the older driver for XP. Looking at the Leadtek site I'm not sure the above is an issue for you. However, if you installed the drivers from the disc that shipped with the card I'm willing to bet you have an old version. Also be aware that the 1000S has a pretty weak tuner and there are large parts of the Gold Coast where you'll get poor or no reception. Try these sites... http://www.lhsite.hu/news.php http://tv-cards.com/ and of course http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/tv_tuner/dow...eid=6&act=3
  4. Just as a heads-up, that LG 'seconds' store at Helensvale has a stack of PVRs of all sorts, including HD ones, starting at around $200. There's lots of DVD recorders and VCRs as well, many of the former having hard drives and SD tuners. I have no idea what the quality or history of the units is, but they have a pretty big pile and have a sale on right now as well. Anyone had any experience with them? If you haven't seen it, it's right outside Westfield's south-west corner, on Millaroo Dve, where the lights are at the junction with Town Centre Dve.
  5. All I've ever done is find the DTV1000T in the Device Manager and update it there. There's 4 ' DTV1000 components' listed under Sound Video & Game Controllers. Select one, hit Update Driver, then point it at the folder where the latest driver is (Windows will whine that it's not a whql driver), then rinse repeat for the other 3 components. I'm assuming you're familiar with using the driver interface? Naturally you have to close the Winfast PVR2 app in the TaskBar first, assuming it's running, but that's about it. Make sure you reboot after updating the driver of course. It doesn't hurt to reinstall Winfast PVR2 after updating the driver either, but at the very least do a channel rescan. That's all I've ever had to do. If you have Nvidia drivers on your system, make sure they're updated as well. The last copy of the driver I got from the Leadtek site came with a tool in one folder to remove the old driver. Not that I've ever done it this way mind you, but it may help. http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/support/down...T%20DTV1000%20T
  6. Umm, yeah, I know, that's why I asked if you knew the direct link, or an alternate link. The file is probably still actually there, just not linked. Maybe you can throw it somewhere for others?
  7. The S replaces the T, no idea why. It has a much weaker silicon chip tuner, rather than the can tuner on the T. Here on the Gold Coast you cannot pick up anything at all with the 1000S in the majority of suburbs, whereas the 1000T works fine, even in poor reception areas like Reedy Creek. I've also now tried the 1000S in a couple of other 'regional' areas (like Pottsville) and reception is very poor to non-existent there as well. If you can't get yourself a 1000T, get the 2000H, it's the same card, but also has an FM radio and Analogue TV tuner. At MSY they're only about $60. The 1000S also does not have an antennae pass-through. However I've found the output signal on the pass-through of the 1000T is down in the mud and pretty un-usable anyway. I'd steer well clear of the DTV 1000 S if it was my money you were spending. The Leadtek DTV Dongle seems to work fine in my experience, however. If you don't need any inputs (for things like video capture) you might want to consider one of those. And, as has been observed by others, the bundled remote and software are pretty ordinary. The card itself is great but the software only barely gets the job done. The best versions of the PVR2 software to date seem to be and Also, if you're getting a 1000T or 2000H, make sure you install the latest drivers, which are version, otherwise you'll have all sorts of weird problems, like channel tables going west and program traps or BSODs.
  8. Anyone know the URL to grab 20246 beta? The link isn't on their site anymore.
  9. Dick Smith Powerhouse at Springwood, Qld, has several silver 5000 Masterpieces for $291, brand new still in box (plus they have a 'demo' one they're taking offers on). The black version of the same thing is on the shelf next to them for $391. Yeah I asked why, nope, they couldn't tell me. So I took the silver one You even get a 128meg Topfield branded pen drive thrown in... wootie. Slightly off-topic, the same store has some big markdowns on Grundig and LG high def PVRs too.
  10. I can't get the PVR2 app to find any channels when running under Vista (Ultimate). The driver seems to install ok, the app does as well, but when you do a channel scan, none are found. It does work under XP using the same settings. I tried the 3221 and 3223 drivers, I also tried the 20240 and 20211 versions of the PVR app. Same result, a channel scan returns none. MCE in Vista does find all my channels, but a couple of streams won't play, they report 'no signal' (which is not correct, but hey, it's MCE). My machine normally runs XP SP2, the 3223 drivers and all works fine. Web Scheduler, Media portal and Winfast PVR2 all scan and find all the (currently 35) channels available to me. They all play/record fine as well. So it's something unique to vista. Any clues as to what it may be??
  11. They don't test anything. If they did the software wouldn't get worse by the version. They're quite hopeless. I guess the options are few now, they don't even support the thing anymore (not that they ever really did) It does seem to work under Media Portal, if that is any help.
  12. Yep that's exactly the kind of responses I got from both Leadtek and TW about a year ago, the same responses that made me explode and then give up in disgust. They're really good at the 'no speaky engleesh' caper, once the questions get tough. They also love to pull the "works fine here" card. Exactly the same series of events was played out about 7 years ago with their 601 analogue TV card. It was going to be "all singing all dancing", the support on forums was brilliant at first, then things got flakey, people hit more and more problems, patches introduced problems instead of fixing them, etc etc. Finally Windows XP was released and Leadtek completely dropped support for the card, even though it was less than two years old. They claimed it was too hard to update drivers and what have you, and that support was, and only ever had been, for Windows 98. The thing wouldn't even work under Windows ME, go figure. Curiously, the same card currently works fine in MythTV, DScaler and a bunch of other third party apps, under XP. There are 3rd party drivers available on tv-cards.com which will get the thing up and running, yet the manufacturers couldn't be bothered. Fool me twice..... In fairness the card is cheap, now, but it wasn't when I bought my first one. Luckily it works great with a few other third party clients and servers. unluckily it really hates the latest versions of WebScheduler.
  13. No questions are stupid, only fanboi replies are. You will probably need at least a ~1gig CPU to do standard def digital TV under WinXP, in fact I'd say more like 1.2gHz. High def requires something in the 2gHz or better range. It all depends on the other system components of course, but your system is, umm, lacking in most respects. (there, that was diplomatic) You could try Mythbuntu though, with a DTV1000 on your hardware. You may just get away with it. http://www.mythbuntu.org/requirements I wouldn't guarantee it would work, but it would likely fare better than Windows. Frankly, however, I suspect you will be disappointed with any results from any DTV card on your system. You may get to watch standard def channels, but capturing, editing and high def will all be somewhere between painful and impossible. You might get away with capturing using something like WebScheduler, but not with the bundled apps.
  14. TW used to point me to his email addy every time I had any sort of problem. I figure that means he's across it. Surely he knows how to forward an email within the company? As far as speed goes, well, when I emailed him a logo mismatch using PVR2 v2.0.2.11, he emailed me back within 5 minutes to tell me to upgrade. Funnily I had, earlier the same day, sent the same logo mismatch email from the latest client. I didn't get any swift replies there! Luckily I have no interest in getting any analogue stuff happening. I did manage to get it to work though, I think. I'll play more in the morning, big storm coming right now. All you have to do, it seems, is remove the (Thomson DTT7579) from the end of the filter cat="tunerdevice" name="WinFast DTV1000 T BDA DVB-T Tuner/Demod line. There must have been some malformed characters after I copied and pasted redsmeg's example, because it says much the same.
  15. Exactly the same problem here, as noted above, I'm sorry to say. I sent an email about it to william@leadtek.com.tw but I don't actually expect to get a reply, or a fix. I went back to as it's the only version I can run that won't crash left right and centre. Some people say .13 isn't bad and it included a few nice fixes/features. I've had little luck with any other version before or since those though. You can get a fair few different versions, going back as far as, at this Leadtek ftp site. If you need .11 I can rar it up and make it available, I guess. I don't know of any site on the web that holds it, but there may be one. You win 1 intarnets, I've never gotten those to work, not even in .31, though to be fair I didn't persist with it long. I'm hoping I can get that fixed xml file for Media Portal off redsmeg, because I don't think they'll ever get PVR2 to work properly with these cards (especially now as the dtv1000t seems discontinued). His suggested replacements for the xml file on page 99 of this thread didn't work for me (nor did they for you, it seems). If anyone else has said file, can they lob me a copy, please?