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  1. Dealspace is still on Ebay, but apart from that I have no idea.
  2. Seems to be in stock at Dealspace.
  3. Deal Extreme have a similar power supply with the 5.5 x 2.1mm plug. Slightly more expensive at $9.20. They have the same free shipping as the ebay one.
  4. KTFaith, could try upgrading the firmware: to 6.04AU.
  5. Delphi, was it a brand new unit or a reconditioned one when you bought it?
  6. Very similar to the one in the link below, just need to check plug size: 5.5 x 2.1mm at Jaycar.
  7. Something like this one?
  8. Just out of interest, is there some sort of scheduled automatic disk defragmenting of the internal drive, or is this not really needed, as long as you empty the trash?
  9. Seems ok now:
  10. With the old 5.10 patch the startup mode did make a difference for me and I suspect some others. When I used the All Off standby mode the system settings were not being saved, and this meant all settings including the channel scan needed inputting again everytime the PVR was powered up. Does not matter now as the new 5.10c seemes to have fixed that bug for me
  11. Very nice. The new MTV4000 firmware update has worked flawlessly for me so far and does not lose system settings when in All Off standby mode Thanks for the firmware.
  12. Is it possible that because you used Fast Startup to begin with, the system settings were saved and when you changed to All Off the system settings were left over from your previous Fast Startup setting? Bit like the To Do List being saved. I went straight to All Off and have always used this setting. Maybe settings are not being saved in this mode correctly? I might try going to 5.10 again, but use Fast Startup first, then go to All Off, to see if that works. Only problem might be if I change a system setting in the All Off mode, will it actually save that setting or keep the old save from Fast Startup? RE: advantage of using All Off -> Not really an advantage, more that I know that if there is a power failure, the PVR system settings will still be there and not have reset everytime it loses power and no recorded shows. I live in a regional area and get the odd electricity blackout.
  13. Installed 5.10, found I had the all off standby problem, did factory reset, did 5.10 setup again to see if factory reset fixed it, lost system settings again on power down. Installed 5.08 without doing another factory reset and seems to be working.One thing I did notice, with 5.10, after I did the first setup (before factory reset), powered down, lost system settings and put the settings back in again, it still had all the "To Do List" settings saved, all the TV programs to be recorded were still there from the previous 5.10 setup.
  14. Just confirming this part happened to me as well. 5.10 firmware loses all its settings when in all off power saving mode. Reverted back to 5.08, no problem.
  15. I think of those threads as info commercials. I don't have a problem with them, getting some info and usually a review, as long as you know the poster sells the units and benefits from these info threads. Personally, I would not base my purchase on one source of information.IMO video quality comes before features. No use having all the features in the world packed into a unit, if it has poor/average quality video. One of the reasons I bought the Magic.
  16. is working for me.
  17. AFAIK in the begining there was no public released firmware to swap between the two and the reason why you had to send the unit back to revert the firmware. Fortunately both sets of firmware are now available and interchangeable.
  18. Seems like they are out of stock: $299
  19. I have plugged a 1TB Western Digital Elements drive into the USB slot and it worked great. The WD USB hard drive does not use external power, and I thought it would not work being powered by the Magic USB slot.
  20. Same as the 5.07 but tested version?
  21. FYI The Magic powers my Western Digital 1TB Elements (USB 2.0) portable hard drive without a problem.
  22. I was going to upgrade my PS3 hard drive to a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750GB, but the price went from around $100 to the current price of $265... Game consoles with hard drives might also be affected with upcoming Christmas sales and the low stock of hard drives.
  23. Seems that way. HDMI FAQ: found this whitepaper that has a better explanation:
  24. I did think the AACS Adopter Agreement was an optical disc, Digital Rights Management license. Optical discs can have an Image Constraint Token that, at the decretion of optical disc producer, will turn off high definition when not played with HDMI cable. I guess this same Token can be used by television stations?
  25. Still on 5.04 firmware. I will test before and after I update to 5.05 firmware and post my findings. I have 5 minute padding (start and end) on my timers, are you using padding? EDIT: I could not reproduce the error, using one off timer recording (channel 7 and 9) in the to-do list and 5 minute padding. Tried both 5.04 and 5.05 firmware.