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  1. No worries. Generally the interruption is a couple of seconds; screens blank and flicker whilst all components seek common ground, audio interruptions, etc. In my case it's exacerbated by the wireless sender, but I did try it with a small tv connected directly to zone 2 with similar results. Basically the moment you interrupt the HDMI environment in any way the renegotiation is triggered. Running one zone and turn on the other, running both zones and turn one off, or, if watching the same source, changing the source on any zone will all trigger it. I've had the iQ2 box in an 'infinite' loop trying to sort itself out. A soft power cycle will usually do it, or at least allow the process to start again, so a lost recording wouldn't normally happen. I tried the HDMI bypass too, it only works with the main zone output. In light of that, I tried connecting both displays to the dual main outputs. That's when the iQ2 got in the loop. You can leave zone 2 (or three) running while the main zone is off though. I'm not sure what the power usage of zone 2 on vs HDMI bypass is though. TBH I gave up disappointed after a couple of days trying to find something 'appliance' like in operation. Given our viewing habits, I simplified the day-to-day viewing chain by using component in the less used area. It's a compromise but it works. I don't blame the Denon though, I've tried a cheap HDMI matrix in the past with similar results. It's all to do with HDCP which is designed to secure a point-to-point chain.
  2. Hi Zinzan, I recently purchased an x4000 with the intention of using it almost as you've describe and with the same motivations (last generation of 'stability' for now) but have not been satisfied with the result. The main reason for this is HDCP... it wreaks havoc on multizone HDMI setups, and the Foxtel iQ2 box is particularly sensitive to HDCP issues (mine is at least). Part of the attraction of the x4000 for me was InstaPrevue, which has been dropped from the x4100 I believe. I wasn't able to test this feature before buying and unfortunately (or possibly fortunately... I like the amp otherwise) didn't RTFM to find that InstaPrevue is disabled when using multizone. For those that don't know, InstaPrevue maintains the HDMI/HDCP handshake for inactive sources to speed up source changes. This was disappointment #1. The deal breaker for me though was HCDP re-authentication. Basically everything in the system has to be authenticated concurrently. If you're watching any HDMI source in zone 1 and zone 2 is activated it will cause the entire system to re-authenticate, which in-turn disrupts the zone 1 display. This can also confuse the hell out the Foxtel box. My current work around for Foxtel multizone is to use component (limited to 576i unfortunately) w/ spdif set to bitstream (for 5.1) for the 'main' zone and HDMI (set to PCM for 2.0) direct to an HDMI sender for zone 2. In my case zone 2 is for day-to-day viewing which means the amp isn't always on. The only other caveat with this is I have to turn off the HDMI sender if watching Foxtel in the 'main' zone only. This is again thanks to HDCP which doesn't authenticate and blanks the Foxtel component output too. The x4000 can do all that you've stated, the question is how well? YMMV, but for me I've almost given up on multiroom HDMI. It's a complete PITA! Cheers, Chris
  3. BigVic, was the recording only missing the 3 minutes or so it took to update/reboot? If so this is a big improvement over the previous remote update/reboot procedure that would delete all of the active recording and restart when it rebooted, resulting in the "Cancelled: Code [6]" error message. Chris
  4. "Cancelled [6]" means you either lost power while it was recording, or far more likely, they sent through a remote reset command to your box. If it occurred in the early morning hours then it's definitely the latter. I've had many a discussion with them regarding this issue but they have not and very likely will not ever do anything to rectify it. Can't help you with "Cancelled [3]". I don't recall ever having that one.
  5. I was under the impression that the complete freeview epg would be broadcast by all networks, thus eliminating the need for a spare tuner to harvest the information on a per channel basis.
  6. Just noticed JB Hi-Fi Online have the 500GB DP-Lite for $399. It says order now so it's not in stock but I'd imagine it wouldn't be too long to wait.
  7. Good catch yeah. I saw the the 500's were showing but didn't realise they had the 1000's too. Also, given Fox Sports usually only showed the semi's & final of some of the 500's I had assumed they would still be showing what they usually do. Obviously not, but hopefully we still get the same fantastic level of coverage that we had previously, especially when ESPN 2 starts up.
  8. What are you talking about? Everyone knows tennis is only played in January.
  9. No, Channel 7 were given an exemption so that they could continue to broadcast on 7Two if a match was in progress at the end of the scheduled broadcast. Source. The key word is continue on 7Two, they've never been allowed to commence a match (ie the night sessions) on 7Two. That's how I've interpreted what has been said too. Tier A must be on the "main" channel, live and in-full. Of course, what actually ends up happening could easily be very different.
  10. The new rules are not yet in effect. Despite knowing for over a term in government that the old rules expired at the end of last year, the updated list was not announced in time and therefore has not been put through parliament yet. What we ended up with was the status quo plus the completely illogical multichannel exception for "overruns". Having said that, the new rules will do almost nothing to improve the FTA coverage as under the Tier A/B list the only coverage that must be shown live is the mens and womens finals. The rest will be given the same treatment that it receives now. Even allowing tier B events to be shown on a multichannel will likely amount to nothing as there's really been nothing preventing that from happening for over three years if they'd been willing to think a little outside the square. Since breakaway programming was allowed on the HD channels they could have shown programs from the anti-syphoning list on the "main"/analogue channel and "regular" programming on the HD channel (it's been a long time since it's been used for HD anyway) or more recently on the additional SD channel. The government (present and past) aren't solely responsible for the current situation, in fact most of the blame can be placed at the feet of the FTA's for abusing the laws to suit themselves. Back to the coverage itself, I quite liked Hewitt's commentary. I think he added far more insight than a lot of the other part-time tennis commentators.
  11. The delayed coverage of the Stosur match was butchered in Perth. Seven went to commercial at 6-5 in the first set and returned at the start of the second set. 16 minutes of match deciding play obliterate by 90 seconds of commercials. Did this happen in all the other non-live states as well?
  12. I suspect the video streams in the active broadcasts do not have any aspect ratio information resulting in them looking squashed when viewed on a 4:3 TV. Additionally, the active mode used to access them disables most of the standard control functions meaning that even if the proper aspect ratio information is provided there is no way for the box to correct the picture to suit the TV type. They look fine on a widescreen TV, squashed on a 4:3 TV.
  13. Strange. Nine Perth broadcast an accurate guide several days in advance which I used to set my timers. Do you receive your broadcast from Nine Brisbane or one of the regional affiliates? Back on topic, would somebody care to explain why new playout facilities were needed to broadcast 7mate and Gem in native HD? Surely if 7HD and 9HD were capable of being broadcast in native HD for years prior to the new branding then 7mate and Gem could have easily continued to do so. Or is it being suggested that each network now has two* HD playout suites, one for the main channel (downscaled for broadcast) and one for the HD multichannel? *Or however many is needed to provide localised services from the centralised playout centres.
  14. miata, Weeds and The Big C were removed from the schedule last week, hence there was no repeat shown on Tuesday night (21/12). They were returned this Wednesday (22/12) but at the later time of 10:30/11:00pm. Source: TVTonight
  15. Officeworks have these in their current catalogue for $199 for those that are interested.