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  1. I'll also be interested if you're willing to post. Thanks
  2. Hi there..... Which version is Life on Mars? US or BBC(UK)? Thanks
  3. Hey Ryan. I may be able to offer Taken for Days of Thunder. I just have to double check if my copy is a Reg A or B or Free. Let me know if still available.
  4. looking for Life on Mars Season 1 and 2. I remember someone selling it on here a little while ago. Good selling price too.
  5. I ordered something on the 5th of May I think it was and it arrived last Friday. Been pretty good for me too. They actually split it into 2 packages and left a day apart, but both arrived at the same time to me.
  6. still available. add Step Up to my wants.
  7. For Trade: Devil Wears Prada - (sealed) Reg A Transporter 2 - (I think it's sealed) Reg A Would like in any region, but open to others: Transporter 3 Seven Pounds Days of Thunder Wanted Twilight Transformers
  8. is this number 4? If yes...I'll take it.
  9. if you're willing to sell, pm me.