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  1. Nice Amp, I had one for a few years and sold it to a member on here
  2. Selling my Focal Speakers that I no longer use. Both speakers are in excellent condition with no marks at all, Still got original box for them but would like a pick up if possible. I got 2 address that they can be picked up from, Central Coast or North Shore Sydney. Speakers our currently at the central coast at moment. Looking for around $1600 Will accept offers in reason. Here a few pictures Regards Kris
  3. It's been updated, I never used it for DTSX so am not sure if it workes. item now Sold pending payment
  4. The receiver comes with DTSX as standard. Cheers Kris
  5. Yep bought at Len wallis Audio and have receipt and warranty is good to November.
  6. I have it on eBay for $2000 bidding start. Just in the middle of moving and need some funds. Haven't got any interest at even 2k mark
  7. Yeah easy, I had the Krix setup and worked of my old Onkyo 3008 receiver very well.
  8. Bump $2000 Will not go any lower, Buyer pays shipping or pickup is welcome. Not on eBay yet as in the middle of moving house. This unit is only 8 months old. Was bought at Len wallis Audio this is the flagship Reciecer.
  9. My father looking for a new oppo as his 93 player isn't working anymore. But doesn't have the fund yet, always bad timing.
  10. Nice Unit and price is around $1050, Maybe knock off $100
  11. No longer for sale. Thanks for looking