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  1. spot on mate... first time I got a HD PJ I was also blown away im now on my second PJ, its so worth it.
  2. Selling my Epson 3500 just put new bulb mid last year and since than it has not been used since im building a new home. very clean projector and FULL HD 1080P. I Just had it on recently and works perfect but before that it had a small green light in middle of screen but not there now. $300 with ceiling mount to projector may drop of in Melbourne area this weekend as im driving thru
  3. Correct me..if your planning to run standard HD 1080 systems you will only need 1.4 HDMI cable? But if your running full 4k system (reciver, format, projector, tv etc? will you need the new gen of HDMI cables? or is this another gimmick buying $400 HDMI cable will improve the picture.. (01)
  4. it wont be scope my options with my Epson 6700 are only 16;9 you think 130 will be fine?
  5. wow 130... so are you saying you wish you had gone 130?
  6. sweet.. cant wait to use mine. How big of a screen are you running and how far are you from the screen.. why I ask because im deciding between 110-120 inch screen from 4m away. will the projector perform well at that distance from your experience
  7. get any Full HD and you will be fine.. I had mine on the wall for about 6months
  8. I think in there new rang they do.. my previous HT room I had a 15-20 HDMI cable running full HD 120ich projector and works perfect.. My knew HT room il be def be buying most of my gear there. you wont be disappointed
  9. I also like Selby..My previous HT room was mostly bought from Selby including a 10m hdmi cable and works perfect..i just recently bought QA BT3 from them and when I got it home the remote was not working so I thought there was a fault. I rang Selby straight away, and they said we can swap straight over for a brand knew one with the same discounted price as I bought the one off the floor.. but before swap over they said try a new battery which I did and works perfect, very good customer service..
  10. i was thinking 120... is there a similar term you can explain to me what you mean? sorry steel a newbie in HT
  11. Down to big picture people on the weekend. They had a room very close to mine 4m from screen :), works out 110inch works perfect with good immersion.
  12. Thanks guys for your help I really appreciate it :) im guessing il be ok at 4m running 130?.. im only seating at 4m because im building a bar at the back and will be running 5.2.4 atmos setup
  13. my screen wont be scope il be running16;9 standard don't no if that helps, and the screen im looking at only goes to 133inch.. not I 130
  14. Slowly buying all my HT equipment :), now its come to screen size.. As title says, couch will be seated 4m from screen and ceiling will be 2.7.. im tossing up between 120/130 inch screens running will be my Epson 6700 at 3.8m from secreen.. what do you have? my room size is 5.9Lx4.150Wx2.7H im really leaning toward 130, but same time seating at 4m im scared it may be to close where I get that cross eyed lol or will 130 be ok or stay safe with 120