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  1. Hey guys.. Slowly building my HT equipment for my new home.. As the topic mentions, who has experienced or have the CXU player? why im interested in this unit its highly regarded for its pic and SQ which im after. im planning to by pass by my avr (denon) and straight to the power amp by using the analogue out, has anyone done this?.
  2. im open to offers as il be buying it soon next month
  3. hanks petethrock but cant get anything that's DLP as I have a family member that's has epilepsy and hear that it can cause headaches due to DLP, so il just play it safe.. cheer smate
  4. think iv chosen a pj il be going for Epson 6700w...
  5. or I could just wait and see if anyone is selling a full HD in this forum prefer Epson
  6. thanks guys.. I can mount the PJ anywhere I want its going to be a new build home.. il be sitting anywhere from 3.5m to 5m from 120inch screen so my options are open
  7. w1110 wireless maybe interested on this one thanks hatlesschimp.. w1110 is the wireless really that good with picture quality? will it out perform epsons 5300 keep up the good work iv been following your post and youtube
  8. room will 5910x4150 screen will be placed on th 4150 wall and il be sitting about 5m away from the screen.. il be looking at 120inch as I tested on the weekend at Selby.. there will be only a little window but it will always shut.. il be building a little bar on the left side so the system and screen will be pushed to the right
  9. Hey guys Looking into buying a full HD projector, im not looking into spending to much as il wait for the 4k PJ to drop in price.. I was very impressed with Epson 5300 on the weekend and have always liked Epson's.. if theres any other brands I should look at please let me know
  10. I hope I don't have the same problem my room will be 5900x4150x2700...
  11. all good..iv got the centre and fronts iv been looking for rears that's all.. so if your keen please pm me as im coming thru Melbourne this saturday
  12. ok so im guessing you wont separate.... good luck with sale mate
  13. blind ya you could not tell the difference il see how I go with my ps3 when HT room gets done
  14. interested on the 2x Acoustix - Atlantic Jarrah
  15. Hi everyone Just curious to see if anyone is using there ps3 as a main home theatre setup? Would there a big difference if I use a dedicated BR player compare to a PS3? looking into Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD would it be worth purchasing this over my PS3? Thanks guys