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  1. I did all of our install and design myself but I didn't have a baby about to arrive. There are plenty of design and install companies about...even your local switched on sparky. The boys and girls on this forum were a massive help. As for projector location well I can speak with experience that I mounted mine too close the first time and then had to remove it from a mount on the ceiling and then cut a recess into the rear wall and mount it in a dedicated niche/shelf, I was lucky that my rear wall was also the wall of my garage. I guess the best thing would be to figure out which projector you want, then the rest will fall into place as the specs of the projector will give you distances to mount for the screen size you want. There are 2 projector gurus, Quark and Al on this forum if you get stuck with technical stuff....they are a great resource.
  2. There is no need for anyone to sign off on speaker cabling - it doesn't carry 240v so no one is at risk. Separation from mains cable is important,ultra low (speaker) and low voltage (240v.) cant be run in the same enclosure/conduit/penetration, this also protects from interference. Sparkies usually do this stuff because they are good at getting cables where they need to be without damage.
  3. Having just built a new house and a dedicated HT room I can tell you a couple of the things that worked for us and not. Our room is 5mtr x4 mtr x 2.7 high. We put our couch in a similar position as you propose and it works really well for a great sound .We bought King Furniture "Cloud" reclining lounge that pretty much takes up the whole 5 mtrs across the room but I love the push button control and the preset memories. Lots of thick carpet/curtains/soft lounges really soak up unwanted sound. A JVD X75 projector onto a 130" s'scope screen is just awesome...bigger is definitely better when selecting screens. Flat gloss paint is good, our whole room is a mid grey inc.ceilings, don't feel we missed anything by not going matt. Our walls and ceiling are lined in Gyprock "Fyrechek", this is a 13mm (as opposed to your std. 10mm sheet) gyprock sheet used to fireproof areas but is a great sound insulating sheet as well, cheaper than Soundchek and other panels. We put acoustic batts in al of the HT wall cavities and R5 batts in the ceiling through the house ( cold where we live)and the sound insulation exceeded my hopes. We went for a hollow core HT door to match the rest of the house - big mistake, it is the weakest link of all the sound insulation. Put any wiring you think you may need in now - cable is cheap. I ran 3xcat.6 cables to the amp. area and another one in behind the projector screen... just in case in a year or 2 there are 130" oled teles for not much $. I went with a "bullnose" wall plate to bring all of my speaker cables down through and them direct wired them with banana plugs to the can spend a absolute fortune on wall plates and patching cables on a HT fitout! We have a pair of led downlight and a pair of wall sconces for lighting,each on there own switch but sharing the same dimmer...leds are great for general light but wont dim down as far or as well as the old fashioned incandescent lamps in the sconces. Good luck with the bub and your fitout. Bruce.a
  4. Haven't got it yet but I believe it does. My thought with auto sensing was that it won't turn on the amp unless it was An Atmos signal coming in.
  5. Blow me down!! The blackbird 2.2 - 1.4 just arrived fro the US.......ordered Wednesday and arrived this Monday!! Ok so I did a bit of a comparison with both Blu-ray Discs and UHD discs with both the Samsung 8500 UHD player and my PS4 as a bluray player . Some of the comparisons were done direct into the JVC X75. First thing - the Samsung 8500 will play a UHD disc straight into the X75 with no interference. The Samsung tells me that the JVC is not a UHD tv and I should use a std. Blu-ray Disc. The picture appears equivalent to Blu-Ray quality. The Samsung delivers beautiful colours - really deep and intense compared to the PS4 though there doesn't seem do be any difference in detail or resolution - it apears to my eyes that upscalling/downscaling has no effect. I placed the Blackbird hdmi 2.2 - 1.4 inline between the Samsung and the JVC and played the UHD disc, again, to my eyes, no discernible difference between the UHD disc and a std. Blu-Ray disc. The upside of everything is that the Samsung is a far better player than the PS4 for the HT, beautiful rich colours, fast loading, can stream 4K via Netflix. The downside of the unit is that there is no display to tell what the player is doing ie no counter, arrows and the like.Second thing is the remote is tiny- about a quarter of the size of a normal remote and no will be a bugger to find if it goes missing. These are only my humble opinions and on occasion it did take a little time to A/B things so my memory may be less than perfect. I used Avitar, Mad Max UHD and bluray as well as Batman V Superman UHD and bluray. Hope this may help, Bruce.
  6. Thanks JDH, there's a Sonance 2x60w amp with auto sensing on fleabay that has caught my eye - I'll try for that first. Thanks for the suggestion, I haven't come across those little amps before.
  7. If you were 1000 km closer I'd check it out. Thanks for the offer though.
  8. Thanks PG - now I just have to wait for Australia Post
  9. How does the Anthem connect with the laptop - wireless? Would a small tablet work?
  10. The Anthem 720 is supposed to be 2.2 so if thats the case it will probably work out best to put it after the avr and before the wall point to the projector. Happy to give a humble opinion once I get the 8500; I'll leave the ps4 in place so I can A/B the units( I've got 2 copies of Avitar on bluray) and once the Blackbird arrives I'll add that to the mix with a 4K bluray.
  11. Thanks fellas, great to have access to this knowledge!! OK - just ordered the Blackbird converter. $14 postage so that's fine..... plus the conversion rate so about $55. Does it matter where in the line you install the unit? Bruce.
  12. Um...... iPad?, no laptop.
  13. You may well be right about hdmi 1.4. The manual doesn't make mention of it. I did run a Cat.6 cable from the amp wall plate up to the projector, might that solve the problem? ( said with much hope) though your little device looks good for not much money, can you buy them here?