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  1. Pretty good price taken it is brand new and OP is not that greedy to put it near the RRP. Unless I had 1 yo yamaha rx1079 Goodluck with your sale.
  2. Sorry for replying ssoooooo late and thanks for the feedback. An overseas trip, other House projects and not installing tapatalk after my phone change were few reasons of the delay. I saw few sales of Dsub 12 and asked that question. Good to know that I can mix the sub and a bit sad that it is a bit complex to understand as well. Will keep an eye on more sales and get back. Getting speaker on couch didnt help as I could not feel any difference It might be source of few movie discs. Ultra cube 12 has some crisp bass which I like and is quite powerful despite its small size. Will see if adding something big or similar sub makes a difference.
  3. Yes, differences will be minor and won't notice alone. But if you watch the same in bluray, u will notice better sound atleast or video quality. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  4. There is always some quality compromise online due to sound and video compression. Blue ray all the way if you can. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  5. Oh. I read somewhere to put the sub on front, that is why I placed it there. I can place it in front. Will try it and see if it makes a difference.
  6. The Jungle Book 3D Bluray in store for $35 . (JB Hifi has it for $39.98)
  7. Thanks. I will try that seating. On left side length wise I have a 3 seater as well which I could not put vertically as it will block views from recliners. Reflection for me are not bad. It might be that my projector is at a bit away from ceiling. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Bob, I got my brand new Yamaha receiver (RRP: 1990 ) for $1550 delivered with full Manf. warranty. So approx. 20% discount for brand new item. So if I was to buy one from someone who is not a retailer, I will check with Eastwood HiFi/ Lifestyle stores or The cable connection ( these guys are amazing and do special pricing for DTV members) and see what is their best prices. Then as your item is a gift and has a little less warranty days, in case of issues I cannot take it to retailer in first 12 months, you will need to make it sweeter and price accordingly. I wont buy it if it is $50-$100 cheaper from a store. This was one of the reason I was not able to buy anything from the forum despite few sellers selling either almost new or brand new stuff as I bought it cheaper as a bundle from a retailer. Few sellers put great prices and items were sold very quickly. Funny thing is the official site says available from Aug. 2016. Hope you get a buyer soon.
  9. Any other suggestion and if I can use a non ultracube 12 as a second sub or it will an overkill? Can it be that my sub needs calibration?
  10. Thanks guy. To be honest, I don't see a visual difference with white ceiling. I have dark grey on walls. Can I use this sub with existing ultracube or this sub alome. My room is 3.5 * 4.5 metre. Red colour is for Paradigm speakers and Sub. Yellow is for 120" screen.
  11. Hi Everyone, Its been a while when I posted anything here. I have been using my media room regularly on weekends and love the picture quality and sound. For few movies, I think I feel I have to increase the volume more ( -15. Volume on my Yamaha goes from -70 to + 15 or 20), in order to hear the dialogues and Bass. Do I need additional sub to do that or for that size room 1 sub is fine? As you can see my room size is different and I want to move to next phase of decorating or adding stuff to my media room like: - Some recliners as I only have 2 at the moment. Didn't buy bean bags, as realised I had less space for them with my big existing couch. Any suggestion for a bit slimmer recliners? - Additional Ultracube 12 sub in case required. Will be looking for a used under 1k. Can I use any other brand sub and any suggestions for a good price to quality ratio sub along with existing ultracube. - Sound acoustics ( paintings, etc) - Roof. I have plain white roof at the moment and single LED light in the middle which is dimmable. Anyone who has these in their media and if can suggest would be awesome. Before anyone points about searching online, I have checked various forums and now asking for experienced members here for their valuable suggestions.
  12. Nah. He is getting something in a package as well for his new home theatre. He found it too time consuming for individual items and getting a good deal from somewhere on package.Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  13. Every cent matters and count mate and there is no hard in comparing and getting reviews rather than wasting hard earned $160 dollars. You have already invested a fortune in speakers, projector and receiver. Good luck. I am still using my LG 3D and will not ahve a UHD one as blu ray watching is less compared to what we watch online via streaming. Good luck.
  14. Good luck Parayam. You are correct in the assumption that people mostly buy package deal like I did last year. Though I have Paradigm Centre 3 which is a basic one, but I got my Paradigms for more than 40% brand new. You just have to shop around and your local shops like Eastwood Hifi or Lifestyle dont have the best price sometimes. I got them shipped for a better price. Also, when I was in the market trying to buy the speakers, there were almost none / used or demo ones were at a price which you can get as a package deal. So no brainer to buy. People just dont buy if they are posted here. They search before buying. 3 Problem does not stop here, I checked Paradigm warranty information and it does not pass on to the second buyer. So in order to get the item out fast, you will have to drop price. You will always loose money and cannot sell it at the same price you paid. ( sometimes you have luck). I feel for you, if you bought it at a higher price close to RRP. Best bet is either to wait for a member trying to upgrade in parts or sell it to ebay. ( too bad they have high fee). Current price is quite good and I will see if one of my friend want it.
  15. Wow. They look so good and you have tidy medial room. Do you need special screens for these? Else I would imaging screen to vibrate.