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  1. Seriously, Southern Cross and Win need to do a name change ASAP in Tassie, especially Hobart, being a capitol. SX for sure would gain since it would then have obvious ties to the other two "7" channels. I brought this up a while ago but now it is even more relivant I think. Southern Cross 10 exists, why not SX 7 but drop the SX on screen. They would save a ton of $$ not having to do their own promos on top of 7 and 9. Just my 2 cents. Any other opinions?
  2. I dunno, at less than half the height of Mt Wellington, I'd be tempted to call it a big hill! hehe Lets end this little argument and check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Wellington,_Tasmania Then the beauty of Hobart: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobart
  3. Haha, I'm guessing you have not been to Hobart to compare these cities! cc_c, Please never leave this forum and while you are at it, run for the next PM Love your comments! Thanks all for some great data. Very interesting!
  4. Funny!!! Its sad that only after leaving Australia to live in Canada do I get a ton of respect for being Tasmanian. I lived in Melb for 4 years prior to my move here and lets just say the two heads joke was getting very old. Its too bad that a huge majority of people making those jokes have never visited Tasmania to see it has so much of what the mainland has to offer, all with in a short drive! Hobart: What other city has a huge mountain right behind it to explore? Now, we also have the same TV channels as those big mainland cities. So, just who is behind the times?!?
  5. Great! 71+% in Tasmania! Very impressive. Thanks for all the info I am so proud that Tasmania gets the same channels as the mainland now (except some community channels) Well done Tassie!!!
  6. Ok, so now that tassie gets ~11 channels with a box but only 4 with out, does anyone know how the numbers are looking these days on the digital uptake? With the cost of boxes falling, you would think a ton of people would be buying or saving up for a box by now. Perhaps only much older generations not knowing what all the fuss is about might not? (i.e. My mum and dad in their 70's would not have got a box if I had not sent them one. Now they have a HD PVR!!) Anyone?
  7. I agree that community TV is not for everyone. I only watched 2 shows on it in Melbourne weekly. However, it is about choice and community. You and I may not listen to community radio either, but it is very important that we have this service to allow different groups a public voice. In this day and age with technology, I think that voice should come with pictures! Government funding should be covering a lot of the start up costs and allow for tax free spending etc. We pay enough taxes as a community after all! Schools could take turns (days) at running it from a central location. Some shows are shared between different community channels too! Perhaps it could be piggybacked via the ABC. Just a thought!
  8. Tasmania has great Universities that could perhaps birth a community TV channel. Its shows might be a 6-8 hour loop for a while but Tasmania should have an outlet for locally made programming! Any thoughts? Facts?
  9. Ok, then let the confusion begin! I would imagine it would be cheaper and less time consuming for promos etc if the reginals took on the 7,9 and 10 image. Mind you, it might be a good time to drop the numbers all together since they are a reminder of the "old" analog days. Out of all the names, I only like Southern Cross since it has a very Australian image attatched to it. I might start a new forum to come up with BETTER names
  10. OMG, are you saying Southern cross Tas will become "7"??? That would be amazing. Finally, Tas will seem more like the mainland media-wise!!! It would make things less confusing and put Hobart on the map as being a capital and not a regional!!! Perhaps WIN might follow suite ?!? hehehe What a dumb name for a tv channel anyway. Sounds like something the lotto would own! "Check Win TV for your winning numbers...." I dont live in Tas but all my family do so this is great news indeed. I knew it would be delayed in tas but its nice to know that we wont be left out anymore
  11. Even though I am Tasmanian, I agree! We only have ~ 500,000 people and yet have ALL the channels the large mainland cities have (less a community channel a fraction of the large city population can pick up) That being said, Hobart is really making the large mainland cities look bad for having the same amount of channels now! We would get this new 7 channel. Perhaps a little delayed, but it will come.......
  12. Yes, I know I asked this several months ago but now they have the money and are shopping. I cant be their to help with choices and I'd hate for a salesman to sell them a lemon or upsell for no reason. My parents are not at all tech minded. I am, but I live in Canada. Can anyone give me any ideas of good offers they saw recently. Im not interested in EDTV res. Thanks again for anyones help
  13. Ok, am I missing something here??? I know Im gonna get bashed now! If I spend millions of dollars to make a movie, show it in cinemas, then allow people to purchase it in HD for ~$30 does this mean you now OWN that movie. NO!!! Whats the issue here? I believe they have EVERY right to try and stop ANY copying of HD movie content. Its designed to be watched on a big screen in a living room, not on a laptop within its hard drive (taking up LOTS of memory) on a 15' screen. If ANYone here made a song and then had it ripped to pieces all over the net for free, would they be happy?? I want to be able to buy a HD movie for $30 and KEEP it in the living room. Friends want to watch it?? Sure, come on over and watch it!!! YES, Id like to take it to their home from time to time, YES, Id like to get FULL res on an analog HDTV but with all this talk of "cracking" and pirating, Im not surprised the studios are paranoid. WHO WOULDNT BE!!! Im upset we wont get full res on an analog sets BUT we all thought we would only get 800x480 res so at least they meet us "half" way. You WILL still see a big improvment over reg DVD and in a few years, might upgrade the TV as prices come down. Your kids will love you for getting the older big screen for video games etc. It might get cracked sometime soon but by then, with mass production, the price of an original should come down anyway. Id rather the original. There are far worse things happening right now, why the fuss over this??? Am I alone on this?? Bring on the Blu-Ray Baby!!!!!!
  14. Thanks Peter! This helps lots. I guess I wont be getting a PVR for them then. Yes, I agree the TV quality in OZ is probably the best in the world. We have aroung 600 channels and I still miss the TV back home! Canada has no TV identity either, all US shows (except Canadian Idol-pfft) hehe Your Foxtel channel line up looks great but the prices are steep. I guess they might come down over time. Thanks for the info
  15. Wow, your up early!! Thanks mate. I dont mind if its only now and next but can they just move the cursor over a program and press record or is it manually done? D