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  1. Back to the past with some GT5 (trying out a new wheel and pedals) and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (no wheel required!). My buddy and I keep one upping each other on the NFSHP autolog...addictive! Plus the chance to trash talk, what more can you ask for?
  2. Picked up Dirt 3 today, if its as good as reviews suggest this will be my obesession for the next couple of months. However with the PSN store down I cant access multiplayer because it reuqires an activation code - the same goes for some DLC unlocks included with the game.
  3. A variety of criteria behind my selections - PQ/AQ, special features or just a great presentation Collateral The Dark Knight Mad Men (season 1, I'm guessing 2 through 4 are just as good) The Manchurian Candidate (1962) Monsters (special edition) Band Of Brothers/The Pacific Shaun Of The Dead The Social Network Star Trek - The Original Series (how all old TV shnows should be treated) The Thin Red Line (Criterion)
  4. Started playing Portal 2, stopped after a few levels and decided to go back and complete Portal 1. Started from scratch again and I'm now at level 18 of 19 on Portal 1. NFS Shift 2 has been pushed aside until both Portals are done, and I keep telling myself I will get around to Enslaved: Odyssey To The West...but with Dirt 3 on the horizon who knows when I'll get around to it.
  5. I haven't ordered from ezydvd in a while but I recently ordered Superman, Superman 2, Superman Returns and Flash Gordon in their 2 for $20 sale. All 4 delivered for $40...not bad.
  6. Kurgan - did you try your Pioneer player? (sorry, in joke)
  7. Only one so far (I think)...Galaxy Quest!
  8. Flying High (Airplane) "Surely you cant be serious?" "I am serious and don't call me Shirley!" followed closely by: Star Trek II (Khaaannn!) Star Wars V (Empire) A Thin Red Line Toy Story 2
  9. A little bit of a cheat because its animation, Wall-E, but still stunning nonetheless. Wall-E and Eve dancing through the ships thrusters out in space with Wall-E using the fire extinguisher as a jetpack. In a similar vein, The Shining ( ) the opening sequence where Jack drives to the hotel and then the sequence near the end in the garden maze out in the snow. And while its fresh in my memory, two scenes from the pilot epiosde of Fringe where Olivia and John are investigating the storage facility (once again in the snow) and an establishing shot of I think New York City which is just stunning. When I get a chance I will update with more specific details about that scene... I was also mightily impressed in general by Ironman, Dark Knight and Planet Earth.
  10. I loved this game, ripped through it on an easier level and then gave it to a mate who just got a PS3. I began to regret giving it to him but didnt want to ask for it back so soon, so I bought Uncharted 1, I have now played through that twice and good manners be damned, I'M GETTING MY COPY OF UNCHARTED 2 BACK!!!!
  11. As an online gaming newbie I would like to know how bad the lag really is, because I dont perceive any at all - in fact I'm amazed at how good the game looks and how fluid it plays online. The only issue I find is that sometimes (and its not often) it takes a little while to find a game, but its nothing major. I'm online via PSN which I hear is nowhere near as crowded as XBL which may explain it and I get pretty good speeds from my Primus connection when it comes to other 'activities' (I mean BT you perves!!! ). But I'm guessing those who experience lag do so because of crowded and non local servers, not a slow internet connection...
  12. Yep, still really enjoying it... Still crap at it, but now I'm online and getting pummelled by anyone and eveyone - although I am consistently getting a couple of kills every game now which is good. How people get 20+ kills in a 10 minute game is completely beyond me (aside from getting some aerial help of course).
  13. Best bargain: Planet Earth $45 or Pan's Labyrinth $14 (both from amazon uk) Best Music: Diana Krall (but I dont have many music titles) Best Western: - Best Romance: Stranger Than Fiction (again not many in my collection) Best Thriller: Bourne Identity Best Oldie to blu: The Shining (does that count as oldie, if not the The Day The Earth Stood Still) Best Indulgence (big bucks spent): Star Trek - seasons 1 to 3!!! Best Family: Wall-e Know will be awesome, but haven't watched yet: Shawshank Redmeption Best Sci Fi: Star Trek Best comedy: Galaxy Quest Best Overall: Planet Earth Most Anticipated release for 2010: Up!
  14. FPS newbie here. I bought into the hype and purchased MW2 for the PS3 - my first FPS title since the old PC version of Wolfenstein!!! I bought it from EB fully expecting to return it, but I quickly became addicted to it (hype well justified). I decided to stop playing MW2 after Cliffhanger in act 1 (when I realised this was a keeper) and bought MW1 GOTY edition which was very cheap at JB Epping. I finished that game in about three long sessions and was looking forward to playing the bonus maps, but I am so much of a noob when it comes to these games I didnt even realise these were multiplayer maps! Anyway I am now back to playing MW2 and have progressed to what I presume is the final stage in act 2 (Gulag). I truly suck at these games but I've never had so much fun...once I build up a bit more skill and complete the solo campaign I may even venture into online multiplayer!!! BTW I did return the game to EB but only to swap the normal edition for the hardened edition...