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  1. If I can get it before Xmas that should do it, also happy to pay in full in advance
  2. so he buys it with 1900 and then sell at 1700... clearly another low life scammer, he just created the account few days before advertising .. Ad reported
  3. Dirac fixed on 4.17 version released cpl days ago. Cheers
  4. active audio became audio lifestyle.... we are getting somewhere. you realize that this smells dodgy from a mile away ?
  5. Let me guess... you don't have a paypal account either.
  6. I might do just that, as two scammers just have infiltrated this forum trying to con. Already reported them to the forum mediator.
  7. January 5-8, 2017 (Thursday-Sunday) Las Vegas...
  8. 140s and center sold. I do have a pair of Focus 110 rosewood, mint condition if interested. Cheers
  9. It's sort of undercover price I just checked on the link and it's $6295
  10. @Monolicius So what did you end up getting ? Let me guess... Arcam avr 550
  11. I would say that it's the other way around. E6 way too expensive.
  12. +1 The 65" OLED... in US it's $3K USD difference in price between G6 and E6.. Why here is Oz it's just 1.5K AUD ? Greed again ?