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  1. We're actually going away for a few days tomorrow so I will let you know when we're back to hopefully get to the bottom of this Thanks Skip
  2. Wow you've forgotten you're talking to a 6 year old, Peter lol I haven't changed any settings on either my phone, the modem or the amp recently. The phone will talk to the amp to turn it on and change settings but not let me play music. When songs are chosen it says cannot connect to the device My daughter is on the house network and Wi-Fi when she is home. How do we go about making it right? Skip
  3. Does anyone have any expertise on the Yamaha Av Controller App? Let me start by saying it was working fine playing music through the amp from my phone. The problem is (I think) to do with it picking up my daughter's server (or so it says on the amp display). When I go into the amp settings through the tv, its the only network it finds and I cant get off it or delete it. The app can turn the amp off and on and do most things( so the phone and amp are talking to each other) but when I go to play music it tells me it cant find the device. I have tried to locate where it is finding my daughter's network. Any suggestions where that could come from? I have deleted and re installed the app. I have also manually added my IP details on the app and it tells me it has found the amp. Anyone suggest how to get off my daughters network or get the music playing again would be greatly appreciated Thanks Skip
  4. The tale of the tape is that while I rang Samsung they remotely reset the TV. I also rang Harvey Norman and they told me the Monster Powercentre has a lifetime warranty so I went and was swapped old for new on that. Funny thing though picture the old Power Centre being the size of the old BETA video player when they first arrived on the scene with a LED power display on the front (it was huge). The new Powercentres are the size of a normal power board. Felt let down with the swap . However, I have watched tv for 2 nights now (not continuously lol) without incident. I don't want to jinx it yet but has the problem been fixed? Fingers crossed. I will keep you updated with any news. Thank you for all your suggestions Skip
  5. Its happening randomly between 9.30 and 10.30pm. It's only starting happening tho over the past 3-4 weeks
  6. Ugh! After removing the cordless phone and digital clock and replacing the Blu ray with a new one it happened again last night.. After several hours of viewing the whole thing ( amp, Monster power centre, T.V., Foxtel Box and blu ray) shut down and then restarted within a few seconds. I spoke with our electric company who report no issues with power fluctuations. I have just got off the phone with the tech guys that set up the room who had no suggestions but to ring Samsung which I am about to do. Any suggestions on where to go next? Thanks Skip
  7. I was able to return the Samsung Blu ray and get a replacement. The clock and phone were both on the same power board and I am assuming the same circuit. I have since unplugged them to se it that helps. I will let you know if this does anything
  8. Hi everyone I have a Samsung TV, Samsung Blu-ray player, Yamaha amp and Foxtel box running through a HDP Monster Power Centre for over 2 years Recently about 2-3 weeks ago I had to purchase a new Samsung Blu ray player. About a week ago a problem started After several hours of tv watching, the whole system (including a non associated cordless phone and digital clock) will all shut down for a second or two and then reconnect. Could it be the new Blu ray causing this problem? How do I isolate the problem so I can fix it? Any help is appreciated Skip
  9. Ok so here is the 6 year old returning for simple answers haha. Am I understanding all this correctly? I would connect (I am assuming) an additional Cat6 cable from the existing modem in the study to the data cable point in the wall. I would connect the other modem/router (to be purchased) near the poor Wi-Fi spot and connect it via Cat6 cable to a data cable point in the wall as well. Does this 2nd router need to connect into the phone line on the wall as well? How do I switch off the modem to make it a router? Will any of this affect the existing Wi-Fi strength (such as it is)? As a side note I have just solved a problem of the tv not remembering the network password each time it is switched off by joining the tv to the 5G network instead of the 2.4 Ghz network on the modem in the study. Will this new router affect that by having to join back to a 2.4 Ghz network? Appreciate all your thoughts Skip
  10. I have an extender that I used with the old modem. It was never very successful extending the Wi-Fi to the other end of the house. Always seemed to have an orange LED light on it and didn't really seem to extend the Wi-Fi into the daughter's room at the other end of the house (near the extender btw) Maybe using it with the new modem the extender might be more successful?? Any thoughts? Skip
  11. Feel free to add your expertise to the data cabling thread in the Home theatre forum Peter
  12. Thanks Snoopy8 Stupid me only did data cabling in the living areas and left out the main bedroom where Wi-Fi is probably the worst. While Netflix is good in there Presto only works without buffering on a good night and even then will pause a few times. I have tried Powerline adapters in there and of course the bedroom is on a different electrical phases to the modem room and so the powerlines wont talk to each other. I didn't think it was possible to run a second modem unless there was a second phone line?
  13. For want of a better place to put this I will ask my questions here regarding data cabling. Apologies if its in the wrong spot We decided to bite the bullet and go the whole hog when building a new house 3 years ago and had data cables installed in most living areas of the house. Prepare for the future I thought. I would like to know what uses I can put to the data cabling. What can I do? If you have data cabling what do or can you do with the technology? Remember please you're talking to a 6 year old when discussing most tech stuff Many thanks Skip
  14. To finish this thread up, with the new modem Presto, on a good night, is watchable. Thinking about a location change (modem) to see if that helps even more but wondering best place to try it After a visit to Telstra they told me I had no need to purchase a Telstra TV (nice change Telstra not wanting me to spend more money). They told me that seeing the TV was already "Smart" the Telstra Tv could offer little more and probably wouldn't improve the streaming quality. I don't know whether I mentioned this on this thread but Telstra may have solved the Samsung TV not remembering the password of the modem when the tv is turned off. They had me join to the 5G network and it seems to remember the password, Go figure! I do have another question regarding data cabling but I will start a new thread in the appropriate place wherever that may be. I hope you can all assist Once again thank you for all your help and suggestions. Much appreciated Skip
  15. Hey I wasn't particularly drawn to the Apple TV. It was just that I had heard of it before the Telstra TV. I've bought my fair share of Apple products and have been happy with all the I-gadgets but I have had my fair share of issues with Telstra so giving Telstra more money kind of went against the grain a little. With Flybuys I had access to not having to spend to buy the Apple TV but if your saying the Telstra TV is more appropriate for Australia I might re-think So your saying the Telstra TV ( and the Apple) are both wi-fi and I will then have no need for the USB Samsung wireless stick and that this may in fact improve streaming even more (in particular Presto)? Is this right? You say I need to tell the model to use AC?? What am I telling, the TV or the Telstra TV ? Is this complicated? Would the older TV, that I have tried to describe to you in the million and one replies here, be compatible with the new Telstra TV? What does the TV need to be compatible with the Telstra TV I seem to be taking you around in circles here so I appreciate your help Skip