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  1. Crazystu, Do you know what format the recordings are stored in and can they be transferred off the PVR (over a network or from the external disk) for editing/ archiving? Also can you use a internal HDD and external HDD together with the unit?
  2. I've found with some PVRs I've had (Toppy 5000, TiVos) that the resonance noise from the hard drive spin impacting on the cabinet shelving has been the loudest element. Putting thick soft foam under the feet of the PVR made a tremendous difference. Also, if looking for fanless PVR, perhaps try Beyonwiz?
  3. Thanks, I didn't realise that. I thought the deal with Freeview and Macrovision was over their patented Macrovision EPG template. (Mind you it's possible a lot of pensioners savvy enough to operate DVD recorders already have one STB / digital telly and are thus not eligible for the government scheme.) Yep, 3x TiVo's, 1x Beyonwiz (non Freeview model) and old Toppy. Interestingly enough, nowadays we almost always end up using the 'Freeview' TiVo's.
  4. Perhaps care to share your brief thought then? (I'm obviously absent from the 'list' also. ) Is there really anything 'crippled' in a Freeview STB that's going to affect a pensioner wanting to watch a bit of telly?
  5. For $350 they could supply a new TV with inbuilt tuner... One remote.
  6. I checked back at the pool. I can't see anyone other than Perth people reporting ABC issues. A couple confirmed that all is OK in Melbourne and Adelaide. Melbourne / Vic seem to have the WIN / GEM / Go issues. is there anyone here with a TiVo not from Perth who would be able to check their ABC EPG?
  7. Welcome to the forum Blu. Where are you located?
  8. Well I'd whinge too if I lived in Victoria. Oh, wait, you mean about the TiVo EPG? Sorry about any miss info if that's the case. I was under the impression that the Vic whinge is about the WIN data. Will shoot off my own whinge to TiVo tomorrow.
  9. The ABC missing data seems to be a Perth specific issue. Missing here for last few days, since the announcement of the improved EPG mid week. Go figure. Lots of others on whingepool from Perth also missing data. Hopefully at least one of us has mentioned this to TiVo support.
  10. Is she aware you feel this way?? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  11. Well, there has been at least one comment that someone at hybrid managed to tweet, 2 days ago: (@TiVoAustralia, if you want to check the source)
  12. Ideally not designed to be on a powerboard. The blocking of the socket was the reason I went with the Jaycar ones, which come on leads: Jaycar EOP devices Mind you, if you have a twin outlet socket, you could use the Belkin's type device with a short extension cord.
  13. If you just need a bridge to the PVR, have you thought about a non-wireless alternative, in particular a EOP bridge? They tend to be much more reliable for PVR / media file duties. If you're quick, there's still a few on special for $89 at Catch of the Day: Belkin special Alternatively Netcomm 201 / 204av or the like. I've got four of the Jaycar EOP variety which work a treat, but are now appearing a bit costly compared to the Netcomm's.
  14. That's kind of ironic considering there's nothing mentioned on the mytivo website, and that Hybrid have locked down their Facebook site. Direct from us... via Cnet...
  15. Today's rumour. ?Optus to buy TiVo / Caspa Apologies for being on topic. Resume normal CRID transmission.