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  1. Isn't the role of the holes to let air flow and heat escape? I'm not sure sealing them up with tape is the right way to go. Perhaps some sparkies in the forum are willing to comment? I've got a house build coming up in the next 12 months, with a planned HT with lighting tray, so would also be very interested in this.
  2. Ah, missed that, thanks. Re: the senders, I've found them a bit flakey in some two storey applications, particularly with thick concrete / steel reinforced pads on the second floor. And they are quite directional, so will depend on your sender site. If it's in the corner of a house it should be OK.
  3. If the wireless option doesn't work out, is there any chance of getting one more RG6 coax cable from your splitter (in the roof) to the IQ? If you can, then you can send the IQ RF signal via coax throughout the house. Antenna -> IQ RF in-> IQ RF out -> Splitter in roof -> distributed to rest of house via current wall outlets (= FTA signal and Foxtel RF signal)
  4. And pretty poorly directed spam at that. It's for US used cars..
  5. These guys have had a good rap in the forum before. I've no personal experience with them myself though. They sell Fracarro antennas also, which can be hard to get around here. Northside Antennas
  6. Ironically, that message now showing is the clearest reception I've ever got from Access 31. Go figure.
  7. I've lost Nine reception also, on my PCs compro DTV card tonight. All other stations are fine. I'm getting Nine on a Panasonic plasma (HD tuner) and via Toppy 5000. All are using the same external aerial, in Wembley. Definitely something is going on with the Nine signal.
  8. Channel 10 are up to Season 6 - episode 6 (reunion) was the one you missed. Keep watching. Ep 11 (Justice) is a cracker. The rest of the universe is up to Season 7 ep 2..
  9. I called two Retravisions (Osborne Park and Balcatta) and got the same info, thinking the same as you. Edit: Rang a third and got the same info. Apparently the "42PX7a" has just arrived. It is similar to the 70a except it is made in China (rather than Japan) and only has one HDMI input. You heard it here first...
  10. Interesting prices. I note a Retravision advert in the West today showing what looks like a 42px70a priced at $2199, with 'deluxe' model quoted at $2599. Thinking this deluxe model might be the first appearance of the PX700a I gave them a call. Apparently the $2199 model is a just arrived 42PX7 (lower spec than 70), and the 'deluxe' is the 42px70a. Buyer beware.
  11. You kidding right? If not, you might have to change your 'Foxtel Fanatic' name. . Absolute no brainer. IQ is the go.
  12. Madstar, Out of interest, where are you located? There might be a forum member nearby able to drop in a take a look.
  13. PG. I take it you had a conservative upbringing...
  14. Yep, I'm sure if I was a salesdroid then copies of receipts forced on me would send me postal. I prefer the more subtle method. Know your base price, go in saying I've got absolute budget of $XXX that the missus is enforcing, I've been keen on the X model, and do you think you can help me out. Never fails.
  15. Wayno, go back to the utter basics. Try the foxtel box on one analog TV connected only by RF (test all RF outs on the Foxtel), ensuring the mute is off and the foxtel volume is up. If that works then the box is fine. If still no sound, then ring foxtel. (If you do get foxtel out, don't mention any distribution) Also, what TVs do you have connected to the digital STBs? Do they have any analog tuners in them?