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  1. I quick question: I know this forum is a good guide but is there an updated list out there of Blu-Ray Player's that are region free?
  2. I know a few people on this board got one of these so I thought I'd try my luck with this question: I recently connected my Blu-Ray player (Allure AL-500BD) to my router to access the Blu-Ray live feature. Although the player acknowledges that it is connected to the net (via the test) it still wouldn't connect. After falling that I played another disc with-out the BLu-Ray feature then went back to one that had it now I can't even get those discs top boot up!!! What is going on? I'd hate to lose this player as it has both analouge 5.1 output (I have an older amp) and is Blu-Ray region free.
  3. I have the exact same problem - did you find an answer? I've tried running the RF through a serge protection broad but it still happens. I'm running a normal RF cable into a wall socket which is running 700 ohm cable to a roof antenna (I have no idea what it is as live in an apartment and it's on the roof).
  4. My friend has recently recieved a Sony BDP-S550 as part of the current promotion for Sony's new 200Hz LCD TV's. Anyway the day it arrived, we hooked it up the first thing we did was play a few region 1 DVD in it.....low and behold....SUCCESS!!! It plays his region 1 DVD's fine. As for blu-ray's, the only Region A disc that has been played on there is 'Raging Bull', but I hear that has been "unlocked". This was a player, straght out of the box, straght from Sony (the deal is that they mail the player out to you) - no going to a dodgy shop to get a chip - no typing in a password on a universal remote. The companies we played discs from were: Columbia, New Line, Warner and The Criterion Collection.
  5. Simple: He wants to know if a certain player is multi-region. So if the player plays the region A disc BUY IT if it doesn't DON'T.
  6. Back in 2002, I did my own test to find out if the player I wanted could play those pesky New Line RCE R1 discs. I bought the disc (which I was going to do anyway) and took the disc around to the Hi-Fi stores and asked if I could play the disc on the players I was interested in. I loved seeing the look on the salesmen's faces every time the message "incorrect region" appeared after giving me the spiel "these machines play everything!". My point is that this principle can by applied to Region A Blu-Ray Discs. By the way...winner was the Pioneer DV-S633A, which is still going strong.