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  1. Supposed to be a broadcast version of HDR used by BBC? Or maybe the Japanese broadcasters. Different from HDR1000 and Dolby Vision.
  2. Aren't they all (Panny and Sony included) using LG panels?
  3. Al is right. JVC has done an amazing job with HDR profiles in their latest eshift models. Watching the same UHD discs on a Sony ZD9 vs the X9500 shows how close the two are in portraying HDR using out of the box settings. Owners of the old X?000 versions have been using custom gamma profiles to get similar results.
  4. DTS individual speaker call outs worked pretty well with the Elac A4 Atmos enabled speakers. But overhead directionality of the DTS X demo tracks didn't seem to be that noticeable. Just an overall overhead sense of sound enveloping you. The Dolby Atmos demo disc is much much better at conveying overhead information. The Audiosphere is even better.
  5. I guess it depends on the age of the Mac Mini - some older models don't have HDMI audio out or doesn't support bitstream HD audio codecs. And the software. MPlayerX is possibly one of the most easiest to use interface and has a large format support but newest versions can be full of malware being installed alongside. I have an old version which can be updated to the latest version and that method seems free of added malware. VLC does a similar job but i find it is less user friendly. Setting up shortcut keys never seem to work. Another option I'd explore is with a BD player like an Oppo that plays videos off USB.
  6. At the risk of revealing spoilers - SO SPOILER ALERT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...... The initial darkness was a deliberate creative choice by the director. It is meant to be an allusion to humanity's lack of awareness of the alien language and understanding of the universe. As the show progresses and humanity (well Amy Adams) starts getting enlightened, the scenes gradually become better lit.
  7. I borrowed the Dolby 2016 Atmos BluRay from work to give the Elac A4 a run through and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. The sense of a bubble of sound around you in all 3 dimensions is uncanny with the Retail Loop running. I would say that with movies, it is hard to ascertain if the sound was coming from Top Front Right or Top Rear Right - more like an overall above you sensation. To be fair, I encountered this years ago when I watched Iron Man 3 in an Atmos/VMAX theatre. The initial Dolby Atmos test track before the movie was amazing but once the movie started, the actual directionality of the overhead sound became less distinct. The best two demos on the disc were: - Star Wars Battlefront PC and - Helicopter. The helicopter really gave the illusion of sound coming from above you from the front and rear. The test tones for 7.1.4 were similarly impressive and convincing. So I'd give thumbs up for the Elac A4 Atmos enabled speakers. Tomorrow night, the DTS 2016 disc with DTS X.
  8. Just got my 8802A replacement yesterday. My old AV8801 was hooked up to 7.1 + wide + front heights (mounted at the top of a shelf next to the front L/R speakers). Loved the wide channels and kinda miss that. I replaced the front heights and wide with 2 pairs of Elac A4 Dolby enabled speakers. Have to say the Marantz AV8802A with the older UI is a bit less user friendly than the new 2016 models like the NR1607 and SR6011 that I tested recently. My first impression playing back the opening scene of Star Trek Into Darkness is that I couldnt really tell an exact height directionality - more like a big bubble of sound overhead. Gonna try the Dolby demo disc tonight to see if I can get more distinctive sound and movement. If that doesn't work, I am going to have to try getting some real in-ceiling speakers.
  9. Arrival will stress test your HDR
  10. Fantastic Beasts on preorder at Sanity is cheaper than JB
  11. I know some guys build shelves and use on wall speakers. That's another option.
  12. For the size of room, may I recommend in-wall speakers? Hatlesschimp (?) has a nice design based on KEF in wall/ceiling speakers. IMHO a good floorstanding speaker needs space - space from side walls and walls behind them. So that would take up a lot of space in an already small room.
  13. There's only one model in Australia - 65" No 75. Shame. I did hear 100 is available to order on indent basis
  14. Just got mine from Good Guys. With shipping it was just under $600, using eBay's 10% discount code the other day. No movies in the list.