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  1. Wait for the JB Hifi avalanche sale. The DALI Zensor 1 went for under $300 with a full warranty. You can even get walnut finish for the same price - but you'd need a specialist DALI store (cough dealer alert) I believe in the same sale, they also have a JB exclusive Rotel class AB amp which used to retail for $599. At the same 20% off. IIRC. Comes with an MM phono amp too. With full warranty. You even have enough left over for cables.
  2. How about inwall? Many companies have speakers that are using the same drivers as their floorstanding models. The KEF Ci Reference series are beautiful [emoji51]
  3. Is it in Atmos?
  4. This is the US version I believe
  5. Sidelit LED I believe
  6. I got my UB900 at under 600 from Good Guys. Admittedly that's at a special offer. But it was cheaper than $596. Why would you get even the 400 for $499
  7. Could it be a cable limitation issue preventing the full 18Gbps output needed for the 60fps?
  8. Mechanic Resurrection is IMHO a worse movie than Fast 6. [emoji51] Fast 5 was actually the best in the franchise.
  9. I am not seeing the Conversion output on the UB900 and either the Sony ZD9 or the JVC X9500. In some TVs, the HDCP2.2/HDMI2.0 is implemented on some but not all the HDMI inputs so it might be worth checking if that's the case with your LG. On paper, the LG is definitely capable of the full HDR implementation.
  10. Which display are you using Blackman?
  11. LIKE! I wonder which titles are eligible. I would like the Logan preorder but I don't think it qualifies
  12. Maybe someone could help me Is there a way for the ZD9 Sony AndroidTV OS (which I am guessing is the same regardless of model) to play back a video file from my NAS. There is a Video app but all it seems to do is play from USB. I am using a Synology DS1511+ and it has streamed to the Panasonic UB900 (but at surprisingly low res). The Sony is connected to the same network - both wirelessly
  13. What does it do?
  14. I moved to a JVC X9500 when the second bulb of my RS60 finally died. But I'm based in Brisbane. The RS60 was the flagship. The 3D isn't anything to write home about. But the native contrast IMHO doesn't really lose out to the replacement I have. I was looking to get $500 for it. And buyer has to get a new bulb. Maybe 250-500+ depending on whether you go for third party or not.
  15. Exactly. It isn't just contrast ratio or the JVC X9500 would have trumped all over it. It's the way the ZD9 handles the glare when the camera catches the light in Planet Earth. That highlight was ALSO in the video in side by side comparisons