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  1. I am waiting for JVC to fix their Auto Cal software and get a sensor. I saw that disc and it does appear to work well for a friend's X7000. The nice thing is that the X9500/7500 really looks pretty good out of the box and it is takes very few clicks to get it right which is what Kris had recommended - out of the box, it was just a little dark. I took some screenshots of the menu settings but I don't remember an owners thread here so I didn't post it.
  2. This isn't a scientific calibrated measurement test but I figured since I had both the Panasonic 900 and the Oppo 203, I'd swap them over to see how they fared. I had just watched Star Trek 2009 UHD and Deadpool UHD on my JVC X9500 and the Oppo 203 combo and using Kris Deering's recommended settings on the X9500, it looked superb. So I decided to put in some key scenes on the Panasonic for comparison. The Panasonic also had a Dynamic HDR slider which a lot of guys in AVS recommended setting at +4 on the JVC Z1/RS4500. I know it is not a like for like comparison but I figured I'd give it a try. My first impression with Dynamic HDR at default was that the image looked softer overall on the Panasonic. In the opening logos down to the detail on the actors faces - lots of close ups in the opening scene of Star Trek. Then I switched the Dynamic HDR to +4 - which appears to raise the black level - so there was more detail in the shadow details - my go to scene is Scotty's black jacket when he is running through the darker parts of the engineering deck just before he and Kirk are cornered by security. I think there may be a bit more detail in the jacket but in the preceding scene, Bones and Spock are having a private conversation and I noticed how smooth Spock's face was. Switching down the Dynamic HDR to 0 restored the pores in his skin so I am not sure if I want to use the Dynamic HDR slider all that much. But even then I felt the Oppo looked marginally sharper. My plan was to eventually use the Panasonic with the JVC and the Oppo with the Sony ZD9 - because the latter combo are supposed to get a Dolby Vision update later on but I may eventually get an Oppo 205.
  3. Why are there so many models running concurrently? What's the difference? - 1 vs 2 HDMI? - analog outputs vs none? Considering the 900 is already just under $600 on offers, how much cheaper will the other ones be?
  4. I actually found the Panasonic menus quite intuitive. The Sony ZD9 with Android TV was crazy messy. I had to google how to update firmware Hint it is under Help!??
  5. I was also addressing the perception that it dimmed over time. The older OLEDs might not have been super bright initially but the newer LCD/LED TVs have become much brighter in comparison. So it may appear to have dimmed somewhat. That's something I am guessing the 2017 OLEDs will go some way to addressing.
  6. Think that's one of the original complaints of OLED. They weren't as bright. Even up till the last gen. The guy at JBHifi who sold me the ZD9 said they've just set up the new 2017 LG OLEDs at another store and it is now brighter than the 2016 Samsung LED LCD panels. So that's some good news.
  7. Then thats no better going into the store on the day of a sale?
  8. Best Empire Strikes Back Worst. I don't know. The one with the courtship?
  9. You can choose online pickup. There was such a long queue today. I think it was a good way to get revenue when they are closed.
  10. JB HiFi is having a 20% sale which includes UHD discs. Nothing really new from the last time. But I see guys talking about Planet Earth II which is on offer. But I managed to pick up the two Fast and Furious movies. Just in time for the new movie. And there's also John Wick.
  11. HDMI 2.0/HDCP2.2 and UHD is a **** to get right. Too many variables. Simon doesn't really say what gear he is saying. But I suspect having a full HDMI 2.0/HDCP chain with good short cables is probably a good start. I had issues with my old Marantz AV8801 in the chain. No issue once I got the 8802
  12. There isn't really a competing format to UHD BD unlike HDDVD to BD. Unless you count Netflix UHD streaming. But even with a good NBN plan Netflix UHD would just be barely there. Without support for Atmos or DTSX soundtracks found in most new UHD titles. I'd prefer a fuss free stutter free experience on disc any time. Plus I've been buying the UHD AND FullHD bundles since last year so the small premium over regular FullHD is a no brained. You could be crazy and triple dip Bourne series like me. But it's not really needed. I avoided double dipping with Lucy and Oblivion. And all the new titles like XMen etc. just made sense to get the UHD versions.
  13. Does DVDFab work with UHD discs?
  14. I haven't checked the 3D one to be honest
  15. Haven't tried the BD on the 203. Will give it a whirl