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  1. Thanks Rob. That explains why there is a bunch of ABC & SBS channels cluttering up the channels now! Why can't we get the other stations from there? When I first did a channel search yesterday (Wednesday) the channels were found, but didn't have a picture or anything. Since then they have disappeared altogether.
  2. Narrogin has the Channel 10 channels now, not great quality but watchable. Looking forward to 7 & 9 to start up!
  3. Thanks for the tip nbound. I have just changed it from 16:9 to 16:9 Letterbox and it does seem to be a better fit. I've been so used to adjusting the TV I forgot the STB.
  4. Even ABC and SBS digital channels are running 4:3, which I find strange...and annoying! I'm glad we will finally be getting a proper picture!
  5. Could someone who knows something please tell me when Narrogin will get Digital (other than ABC & SBS). Will it be broadcast in (proper) widescreen or the currently available format that chops a heap off both sides?