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  1. Screen captures.
  2. we don't get it down here yet lol. GOLD watermark is big and ugly. its twice the size of gems logo. At the moment they display it in the right top corner. I think that is because of the so important banners down the bottom. Ahh this channel makes me sick.
  3. Wondering if 7 will do the same.
  4. watching it now, well its may 1st 12:02 and no go. lol. I was bored. Where did u find the press release?
  5. conspiracy win is getting paid to burn your plasmas by the tv companies. Yes they are winning burning of many TV screens. Someone who can afford a new tv should leave wintv on all day and let it burn the screen then tell win they need to get them a new tv. because damn this is just ridiculous
  6. no luck with shepherd tv guide. shepherd has not even heard about it. I think its a rebadged extra channel. Im going to program it to start recording tommorow at between 5 am to 8 am just to see what it started off like. Bet you its just info commericals that I will just be deleting. Desprate pricks if its info commericals, what happened to running them thru the night.
  7. starts tommorow tryng to update my program guide on mythtv
  8. tassie has it just a loop like they used to do with there other new channels. channel 84 TBA its called here.
  9. Here is my blog about this device also with every detail I have found.
  10. Hey Guys. HD5370 is very good and modable with this firmware I have. it all working with PVR function and AVI, MKV, VOB, MP4 or TS playback. I have also recorded off it and works fine when played back on computer. Also unlike the firmware mod above here everything works on the front panel like channel numbers, remote will function normal, The key with STB is to open them up and check the model of the board they use and check for alternative brand names that use this board. You will find some have totally different software. It has allot in common with Xoro HRT 7500. so this is the firmware to install if you want pvr function on your STB even know we don't have have a record button on our remotes we can use the EPG scheduler. Also note if you are getting only a faint sound out sound out of the av leads, I think this is two capacitors near the RCA plugs, so I ordered new ones to replace them. my HDMI output works good.