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  1. Hiya yorac, Same back at you mate, to you and your family. Thanks again for all of your hard work and perseverance re. this GB. From a 9030+ number and still hangin' in there!!! Take care and catchya in 2012.
  2. Thanks so much for the update Yorac. Still very keen!!
  3. Hi Yorac I'm new to the group but have been shopping around for an Epson Tw 9000 and doing a bit of research when I stumbled upon your GB opportunity. If you welcome newbies I am very interested in the opportunity that you are putting together but I am in Sydney and wasn't sure if that will work or not? Anyway, first saw this PJ demo at the recent Hifi show in Melbourne. Could not believe the bang that you get for your buck. 2D is my preference with 3D merely being a bonus! Plus I have a couple of boys under 10 that would love the Star Wars pack that is if we would still be entitled to it by purchasing in this manner? Cheers and thanks for what you guys are doing and for all of the advice and info that you have all offered up!!