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  1. Nice looking set, unfortunately I couldn't wait for them to switch it on with a little one in tow and trying to get to the movies on time. Hopefully someone gets to see one on and comment on the picture quality soon.
  2. There is always a new device just around the corner. Looks like a worthy competitor to the HDX1000 and PCHA110.
  3. Do you know if this is wireless n? Not that I have an n router (yet) but would be good for the future when I do. The recommended adapter for the HDX1000 is b?/g/n.
  4. No, not at all and I actually think Renura should be complemented on providing the unbiased information he posts. I believe he has picked up that I have narrowed down my choice between the HDX1000 or the TViX6500 yet I have not seen him post a single negative comment about the HDX in trying to sway my decision. He has simply stated factual information about the features of all the products I short listed to help me make up my own mind. I applaud your intentions in trying to identify sales people who may try to "steer" people towards their own products, however I do not believe this to be the case this time around, and to suggest it is "highly inappropriate" is probably being a bit harsh.
  5. What wireless networking options are available for the TViX 6500?
  6. Hi Renura, My Panasonic DVD/HD recorder can record from inputs, so that functionality is well covered. This discounts the 3330. I tend to agree with Rokkz with what I've read about the heat dissipation abilities of the aluminium HDX1000 as preferable over the PCH A110. So I think my choice is down to the HDX1000 or the TViX6500. What sort of time frame are we looking at for the dual HD tuner option on the 6500 and what sort of price difference over the single tuner? Are you able to make a Youtube video of the 6500's PVR functionality to give me some sort of idea on how it works - record from guide, playback etc? For a product like the 6500 where you can't easily go to see it in action, the next best thing is watching a demo on the web. I don't like to buy sight unseen. Perhaps this could be a worthy addition to your web site? Thanks for your advice, Paul
  7. Hi all, currently tossing up a purchase between the three of these. From what I can gather, the HDX and PCH are essentially the same in terms of functionality and differ in case material, S-video differences and the memory card slot reader. The bigger comparison is either of those against the Tvix 6500 with a digital tuner. I have not been able to find any Youtube videos of the 6500 PVR menu and how well it interacts with the Aussie DTV program guide. If I get the 6500, it will replace my now ancient Panasonic HD STB and a modified Xbox, where as the HDX1000 or PCHA110 will only replace the Xbox. But the 6500 is about $250 more, so this is why I'm asking just how good the PVR menu and functionality really is. I already have an SD DVD/HD recorder, so I can record (SD) tv which doesn't make the 6500 so essential for recording purposes, but it would be nice to consolidate the number of devices in my cabinet. Cheers, Paul
  8. Hi all, Wondering if someone can help me out with a question. I have picked up a retired HP DC7600 SFF from work running XP Pro SP3 with an Nvidia GeForce 6200. I have installed the latest Nvidia drivers for XP from their web site. It's all currently connected to a Panasonic TX-32LXD700A via VGA or DVI with an HDMI adapter (playing around with both). I'm having problems in trying to set the output resolution to match the native resolution of the screen 1366 x 768. Is this even possible? When using the DVI/HDMI connection, the TV is detected as a PANASONIC TV monitor and I can apply HDTV resolutions to it, but then the driver has to scale this back (when instructed) to fit the image to the screen. At 1:1, a 1080 image is obviously greater than what the screen can handle, so this gets scaled back to some bizzare resolution and text isn't very crisp. It's all watchable but not as crisp as what I see on a LCD computer monitor. The other alternative is to scale up a 720 image which gives similar results. I have tried creating a 1366x768 custom resolution but the driver states that this is invalid. Does anyone else out there have a HTPC connected to one of these LCD's who can help shed some light on this? Would an update to Vista make any difference in the ability to configure and use the native resolution? Cheers, Paul
  9. Looking for one to buy in Sydney for around $500 will pick up. Have convinced the Minister for War and Finance it will be a good media player for the bedroom.
  10. Heard about the possible 800 range but wanted to buy now. Just picked up a Panasonic TX-32LXD700A 32" for $1,350, didn't take too much negotiation to get it either. Probably could have negotiated a bit more, but my little one was getting tired and we needed to get home.
  11. Panasonic TX-32LXD700A 32" - $1,350 delivered. Noice!
  12. Hi all, I have some video footage from the easter show of my little one along with a few photos taken on the digital camera. For the first time I performed a DV connection and uploaded the content to the HD (thumbs up to Panasonic for making this so easy) along with the photos from a SD card. What I would like to do is create a DVD with 2 items in the menu, first the video and secondly a slideshow of the photos. I've been looking at the advanced copy features but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Can anyone shed some light on this one for me? Cheers, Paul
  13. $659 DSE Warringah Mall (Sydney) without too much trouble. Could have probably negotiated some more off but I was pushed for time this evening.
  14. There's actually an 885 listed on Ebay right now (from Sydney) and it's at $285. Looking back at some completed listings, there are 2 from the same seller, one at $355 and the other $390!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know these are difficult to obtain in Aust, but the 880's go for around ~$230 on Ebay which makes these premium prices. I think it would be much cheaper to purchase an 885 from o/s. Does anyone know if they have an international warranty?