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  1. Panasonic TX-32LXD700A 32" - $1,350 delivered. Noice!
  2. There's actually an 885 listed on Ebay right now (from Sydney) and it's at $285. Looking back at some completed listings, there are 2 from the same seller, one at $355 and the other $390!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know these are difficult to obtain in Aust, but the 880's go for around ~$230 on Ebay which makes these premium prices. I think it would be much cheaper to purchase an 885 from o/s. Does anyone know if they have an international warranty?
  3. Cool! I didn't know Topfield made a Tape and HDD version of their PVR?
  4. Definately check your sources first!! I had exactly the same problem with my Kef2005.2 sub in recent times after a nearby lightning strike/storm. I unplugged all devices, then added one at a time until the hum (ground loop) appeared. It turned out to be my Panasonic HD set top box or more specifically, when the antenna was connected to it, while it was connected to my system. I tried a simple noise supressor that didn't work but realised that my Belkin power board has an input / output filter of sorts for an external antenna, so I tried that and no more hum! It was much less painful doing that than trying to carry the sub back to the shop. Just unplug all devices, then add the DVD player, STB etc until you find the device that is causing the problems. Good luck!
  5. I got my Kef KHT2005.2's from Eastwood hifi about 2.5 years ago along with a Yahmaha RXV640 receiver and it has been a great combination. I'd buy the same speakers again today but with a higher spec receiver mostly for self calibration, video switching and more input and output video connection options.
  6. How much disk space will this recording require? (From 8:30pm to 12:10am)
  7. Thumbs up here. 99% of the time I use mine on a notebook. The only issue I have now is a lack of HD space for recordings!
  8. Will give it a try, thanks for the tip.
  9. Hi all, Trying to convert a recording from the other week from DVR-MS to MPG using DVRtoMPG.exe. Haven't had any problems in the past using this exe however this time around, the conversion process appears to get to the end of the file, then hangs. The DVR-MS file plays fine in WMP10 with no problem at all. Can anyone shine some light on this one? Thanks.
  10. LOL My requirements aren't quite that expansive... I have a couple of Lacie 500GB drives at the office and when connected to my PC there via USB, processor usage becomes pretty high. This was the reason I was looking at firewire connections. So with an enclosure and say 3.5" drive, do power supplies come with the enclosures or do you have to buy something separately?
  11. Performance wise, that looks great but is it worth an extra $100 over say a Maxtor 7200 rpm USB2 drive for $200? I'm pretty sure I could put together a USB/firewire enclosure and HD for less than $200.
  12. Hi all, Quick question regarding external storage. My notebook has a 100GB 5400rpm drive however for video editing I'd like to work from/to separate drives. The notebook has both USB2 and firewire connections, however from what I've seen, the real world read/write on firewire tends to perform a little better. Capacity, I'd say around 200GB+ would suit but this is flexible. I'm open to both enclosure + HD or an all in one type thing. In any case can someone make a recommendation?
  13. Fantastic! Thanks guys, have trimmed out ads and are encoding to .mpg now. The only thing is that I might have a sound sync delay. Any ideas on how to correct this?
  14. Hi all, I'm using the above (v3.1.0.16) and am trying to cut ads from some .ts recordings but am having real problems working out how to do so. I enter cut mode, move the start and end cut range and select cut, but then what and how do I make multiple cuts? I was hoping to use this software since I already had it and not have to buy something else like VideoRedo. Cheers, Paul