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  1. Hey guys Ended up with Matchmaster DIGIMATCH 01MM-DC23A Hope this will be ok! Thanks
  2. Hey Guys I'm building a new house at Narangba and have to supply new TV antenna and would appreciate your help as I'm not sure which one to buy? Which brand, model, etc.. Was looking at - Hills Optimax 100 or 150? We have four TV points throughout the house so I don't know if that changes things! Thanks for your help in advance *** BUMP ***
  3. I picked up TH-46PZ800A from JB-HIFI in Brisbane for $2275.00 thanks to RS2000 for the copy of his receipt! Cheers mate ;-)
  4. Hi there! Ihave been looking at the same model (TH46PZ800A) and saw it here. Hope it helps. Musicman ;-)
  5. Just for all your information, purchased Panasonic VIERA TH-42PX7A for a friend today who was after a "budget 42" HD plasma" and picked it up from JB for $1400.00 on the nose. Great price and not a bad picture for the price!
  6. These look like the old Onkyo 603 series! Where can you buy Integra 5.8 in Brisbane? The specs. look impressive with HDMI 1.3a.
  7. I was speaking to retailer yesterday who said the Denon's under $1000 are made by Sherwood. So I think I wall stay clear if that is the case. The Onkyo for $800+ will be the better choice I think. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply, but the Onkyo is a little out of our price range!
  9. Can anyone suggest where to buy Denon AVR-1508 in Brisbane? Want to have look at one today! Not much info around! Regards ;-)