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  1. For someone that has no vested interest in this other than to help others I take my hat off to Yorac for all the effort and headache that is involved. And to all those that helped in some way. Thankyou and all the best for Christmas. Mark
  2. You are all being so calm and holding back what you realy want to say to these selfish fools just like me! So I will only say that if this does not go ahead I will be EXTREMELY ...UCKEN ...ISSED OFF!!!! Thanks Guys....
  3. Hi Yorac Will this shipment be to Melbourne? In case pick up is the only option if time is short for delivery to a residential address!
  4. What is the TW9000 in your opinion like for cross talk? Fast motion blur 2D and 3D etc and have you tried it for game lag? Any other comments?
  5. Thats great news Thankyou and Merry Christmas
  6. Very disapointing to find out this very important issue. I do want a good game machine for a portion of my theatre viewing and with lag like this I am seriously considering other options now Dam it. The Panna has the same hardware doesn't it so thats out too. If 3D is important for movies, and gaming is also important then what are the options now?
  7. Im a little excited its going to be a great Christmas thanks heaps
  8. I am keen as to hear the feedback from Yorac's TW9000 viewing demo also. But can't wait to find out the details on the GB so I can get one of these beast's
  9. What were they using to send wireless On the 6000w? Where can I find info on the remote control Does anyone know? Has anyone seen one?
  10. Yes it will be a huge bonus Wireless What were they using wirelessly I'm thinking iPads/ routers what else would be good? Also does anyone know the remote is like I have heard its good but is it backlit? Yep bring on the price
  11. In most of the charts and reviews they have TW9000 and the wireless TW9000w Separate! Different model numbers for different countries confusing! Your right the 8000 refers to the UK 9000 and the UK 9000 refers to the 9000w in Australia! I was wondering why no one wanted the wireless.
  12. The latest review comparison has the Epson as the clear winner for me! If there is the option for me to go with the TW9000w on the GB instead of the TW9000 if thats what you guys are opting for then that would be a bonus but not a problem if not.
  13. Ok I will be happy with that! So it's the TW9000W. Re: the projector placement from memory I thought it was 120inch 16:9 at minimum 4.2mtrs but not sure which unit that was. That's ok 3.6 or 3.8 for scope. I have 4.5 to my back wall enough for access and cooling even though the venting is out the front isn't it.