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  1. I will only pay for the transportation to my area. Joe
  2. Hi All, I have just purchased the Paradigm Signature S8 from Eastwood Hi-Fi. Any tips on setting it up correctly or is this all that I can do with them. Joe
  3. Hi tonymy01, The explanation I received from the service agent was that the AMP passed DC current instead of AC current (i'am not very technicallly minded) which intern caused the speakers to not work. Cause the speakers are damaged by the AMP B&W are not covering them. This affected only the front main two and not the surrounds or the sub.
  4. Hi All, My 3800 blew my speakers (B&W) I had the speakers taken to the service agent and was informed that there was a fault in the amp that caused the problem. Can yamaha be held for the cost of repairs for the speakers. Thanks for the responses. Joe
  5. herks, Eastwoodhifi had a cuple of soundbars on their specials page(at the moment the page seems to be down) check it out the price was 50% off for some of the yamaha soundbars. Cheers Joe
  6. Hi Drew, I have not been to one and would like to attend one if it is around the 1st weekend of april. Count me in if it is around that time Cheers Joe
  7. Thank's for the reply mrsheen, sorry about not reading and replying to your post earlier. question about the laptop was because I have on lying idle around (not very tech savvy and do not feel confident experimenting) so the idea had popped into my head. thank you again for the info I have not tried a ext HD but I have tried a usb key and I had no problems. Cheers Joe
  8. Thanks for the reply huntere cheers joe
  9. Hi All, a simple question I have my 3800 hooked up in a 5.1 setup, if I play music in a 7 Ch stereo setup will it harm the amp? and can I connect a laptop directly to the USB interface on the amp? Thanks for the assistance. Cheers Joe
  10. Thank's Chopsus, I have a 3800 since Nov07 with very limited use as i am not very tech savvy. Looking forward to reading all the owners experimentation so I can experiment the same with my 3800. Regards Joe
  11. Hi All, Just wondering now that there are a few 3800 owners will there be a owners thread so setup and other topics specific to the 3800 can be discussed. Regards Joe
  12. Picked one up from e-bay for $315 including copy of original TV reciept for warranty purposes (this was a redemption offer). Have since secured another player so need to let this go at cost price plus postage. It is unopened and brand new. Hi Solly, If in and around perth and if the price is right I might be interested. Joe
  13. hi ozcal, would this spl meter be the one that you have refered to. Thank You Joe