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  1. I mostly shoot in manual mode and I do use a lot of equipment when I am specifically going out on a shoot. Different lenses/filters/lights/diffusers etc. More importantly I recomend learning the different focusing options of your camera and know when to use them to get the best result. I also use various photo editing packages not the least of which is Photoshop CS4 & 5. I also use Zoner Photo Studio 14 and 15, I do like 15 better as it has a more intuitive gui and much more powerful suite of image enhancing tools. Generally speaking I tend not to bother too much with post processing of sports action shots like motor sports except for noise reduction and a bit of sharpening. The secret for motorsport is to have a high fps capable camera and match it to fast glass. This is especially important for bird in flight photography.
  2. Hers another few from Port Stephens: The Storm Cometh: Oysters Aglow: Rippled Sunset:
  3. [quote name=' timestamp='1354426851' post='1849686] A couple from the daughters xmas kinder party, taken with the eos m and 18-55 kit lens, I have been wondering about this camera, Al. Seems like a good option as a travel camera, it was the one thing i dreaded when going overseas was lugging my gear around which was quite heavy. Nice shots and plenty of detail in the second one.
  4. Sometimes life gets in the way of pleasure and unfortunately we needed the money for buying our home in Canberra. Probably look at getting a 5D M3 nest year.
  5. Thanks Gutty, Port Stephens is one of my fav spots to shoot sescapes. Cheers Magnum72, I am currently without a camera or lenses due to buying a new home in Canberra. Hopefully I willl be able to pick up a new body and lenses next year. These shots were taken with a Canon 1D mk 4 using a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens. I have a large stock of unprocessed images to tide me over till I get some new gear.
  6. Nice work Gutty, nice low perspective shot. A few more from me: 1. Birubi Point Sunset 2. Shola Bay, Port Stephens, NSW, Australia. 3. Snapper Island Sunset.
  7. I like the perspective in this one Gutty, nice work.
  8. Okay how about some more big boys toys. One of the bike competitors in the Finke Desert Race A Quad bike competitor in the Finke Desert Race. Car 99 spraying the spectators with its rooster tail.
  9. Okay a few from the Red Centre: Behind Rainbow Valley The Western Macdonnell Ranges Cattlewater Pass
  10. Thanks mate, you have nailed the DOF in these ones and the bokeh is fantastic.
  11. Yes, I guess I am a bit of a hazard on the track at times. lol
  12. A few more from my Finke images:
  13. I really like this one Spearmint, great use of slow shutter and nice composition too.
  14. Okay here are my list of what I consider excellent movies both transfer and enjoyment wise, I use a PJ when viewing these: DVD: 1. Geronimo (1993) 2. Jurassic Park Trilogy 3. The Lost Battalion 4. Anzacs HD-DVD: Pretty much every HD-DVD I have and I have a lot, are superb transfers. Enjoyment factor: 1. Transformers 2. Band Of Brothers 3. The Frighteners 4. An American Werewolf. BR: 1. Fly Boys 2. Harry Potter Complete Set
  15. I am out of the GB, SWMBO reckons we will make do with the old Onkyo for now. Sorry Webbsy.