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    Hitachi C47WD5000 CRT RPTV<br />Thomson DTI1500HD HD STB<br />Pure Aucoustics 5.1 system, Welling Sub<br />Sony DVPNC675S 5 disc DVD player<br />JVC HR-DD857MS VCR<br />Snazio SZ1300 NMP and upscaling DVD<br />Yamaha RX-V750<br /><br />Sony KF42E200A HD LCD Rear Pro TV<br />LG LST5403P HD PVR<br />MG350HD NMP<br />Sony SLV-EZ715AS<br />Sony DVP-NS76H upscaling DVD<br />Pioneer VSXC501 HT amp<br /><br />Singer SGW68TV 66cm WSTV<br />Sony SLVD910 DVD/VCR combo<br />Digicysrtal SD PVR<br /><br />Wintal X10 SD PVR<br />Sony RDRGX7 DVD recorder<br />Magnavox VCR<br />Akai VCR<br />Canopus ADVC100<br />Fusion Mpeg 2
  1. Is that with the duasl DTV tuner as i'm really interested in this to9 replace a dual tuner SD PVR and NMP??? Hope it works as advertised...
  2. Player and movies sold
  3. Hi, HD-XE1 never used, original box etc, 11 movies: Shrek the 3rd Blades of Glory Transformers Waterworld The Holiday Ray Mr Bean Takes a Holiday Out of sight Red Dragon Born on the 4th of July 300 I'm in Brisbane, looking for $500 at least plus postage, insurance etc, pickup or drop off possible.
  4. Try Powerware products, made by Eatons who make power systems, good value, see, under UPS's.
  5. Well, I'm in the 3/3/08 club, and recieved them today, listed below, anyone want ot swap any?? Shrek the 3rd Blades of Glory Transformers Waterworld The Holiday Ray Mr Bean Takes a Holiday Out of sight Red Dragon Born on the 4th of July
  6. Can the DMA2100 play back ISO images??
  7. 11/02/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY SLD7200026 RECEIVED. Online Claim has been successfully submitted. 01/03/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY SLD7200026 APPROVED. Supporting documents received and validated. Claim approved. 03/03/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY SLD7200026 FULFILMENT IN PROCESS. Money orders/Redemption item(s) being ordered. So what is actually happening, are we going to get thetitles or not???
  8. I have a problem where it sees the folder, but will not show anything in it unless I change from movies to pictures or another media type in the menu and back to movies, then it shows all the files and sub folders, I'm using Dec FW. Try this maybe?? Anyone else have any ideas??
  9. mmmm....... that could be difficult , I already have a MG350HD, MG35, Beyonwiz DPP1, and soon a HTPC to try....just trying to get the other half off my back (why do we have 5 TVs when there is only the two of us, whats that box do... why do we have that box??.... ), but the MG350HD is good and reliable (so far), plus a good price, so maybe the MG450HD
  10. I happen to have a MC-500 and a Snazio 1310 DVD NMP that is compatible with the MC-500 server sw (and vice versa) if anyone is interested in buying them...
  11. At least I've only had mine for 4 days, but can't use it yet either Any reason why this thread was started???
  12. OK, got my XE1, but Toshibs web site wont validate my serial number for my free 10 HD DVD's, any tricks or hints??
  13. Thanks, never got into Star Trek, a bit acronym challenged, although I work in a field that adores acronyms.......