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  1. LG HR698D. What a frustrating waste of space this unit is. I kept mine for two frustrating months, then returned it. If they hadn't taken it back, I would have happily pegged it off a cliff. Totally infuriating to use. SO much potential. Promises everything. Delivers frustration. Avoid at all costs.
  2. I lost SBS on the weekend for some reason - it still shows 100% level, but signal quality has dropped to ~70%. Previously, it would sit around 95 - 100%. I can't seem to pick it up sucessfully from Yarrabah, Mt. BK or Mt. William. Anyone else having this problem? Regards, Dave
  3. Hi Alan, I'm not sure I follow you in reference to the single frequency network. I'm not sure where you are located, but where I am in Cairns, they transmit all the channels on two different sets of frequencies - and SBS and ABC are actually transmitted on 3 separate frequencies. There are four separate transmitters here, and two of them transmit identically on the same frequencies, another does all the channels on totally different frequencies. The fourth only transmits SBS and ABC, and does so on separate frequencies again. I use a combination of aerials pointed at the main two transmitters that run off separate frequencies in order to get all the channels. One is a yagi, the other is one is a phased array. So far it's been the only way that I can get all the channels. Anyway, my knowledge on this whole thing is fairly limited, so please correct me on anything that I have said here - I would appreciate the feeback! Regards, Dave
  4. Hey crashguy, From what I've heard, Channel 10 does have issues. Some are lucky, some not. You may have to do what I did and put in a second aerial to pick it up from another transmitter. I'd be ringing an aerial guy to get a frequency survey done and go from there. If you want me to recommend one, PM me. Regards, Dave
  5. Hi Juli, I think your answer will depend on where in the valley you are. It is notoriously bad for reception of any kind, but I have heard that some people up in the valley are able to get perfect digital reception, but terrible analogue reception, some the other way around, and others get nothing at all. The ability to get ABC & SBS is because there is a transmitter on Mt. William that at the moment transmits those two channels. I believe that it is slated to transmit all the other channels in the future, but I don't think it is to be scheduled for some time. So you're left with whatever combination of aerials will get you a signal for the other channels from either Mt. Bellenden Kerr, Yarrabah or Saddle Mtn. Personally I now use two aerials and get signals from both Yarrabah and Mt. Bellenden Kerr. My neighbour uses Saddle Mtn, but I got nothing from there. Go figure. It's a finicky technology at best at the moment as none of the transmitters are being utilised at more than about 1/3 their potential output, and the weird effects that plague the signals and frequencies meaning (for example in my case) you can get some channels off one transmitter but not others. Hopefully it'll only get better as time goes on and the eventual switch to digital only comes about, and the transmission powers are increased, etc. At the moment though, I think the best thing you could do is to call an antenna guy (if you your send me a PM I can recommend one to you, and tell you another to stay well away from!) to come and do a survey of your place and tell you whether you can receive anything, everything or nothing! Hope that helps - by the way - I'm in Redlynch, but at the start of the valley - not right up the end. Regards, Dave
  6. --> QUOTE(Tony B @ May 29 2006, 07:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can anyone shed some light on why WIN TV in Cairns seems to turn off their broadcast of SD and HD digital signals and how long this will continue for? I get 90+% signal strength when I am receiving the broadcast so it is not a reception issue. Thanks Tony Hey Tony, Your post interests me as I have been having the same problem... but I am told by WIN that they aren't turning off their signal!! I lose it for about 2 days or so every 2 or 3 weeks. Recently though it hasn't re-appeared. Is this the same problem you have? I have a Topfield 4400 box and know the box is ok cause I tried another new one with the same result. And as I said, WIN assures me that the signal is fine - I spoke to a tech in Brisbane while I was having the problem and he confirmed that the broadcast in Cairns was normal at the time. My last resort is getting an aerial guy out on Friday 16th to try to rectify it. I've tried everything I could - bypassing splitters and even the masthead amp, moving the aerial around and even another aerial. The antenna guy will do another freq survey from my roof and we may have to go with something new - ie. re-locate the antenna or try a different source or antenna type. Anyway, it's getting expensive. So where do you live exactly? I am in Redlynch, north of the Red Beret, and I am (only just) getting my signal from Yarrabah. I simply assumed it was my equipment because no one else here was complaining of sporadically losing WIN. When I get it, it is a solid 99% level and 99% quality. When I lose it, it goes straight to 0% quality, but the level stays at 99%. Doesn't make sense, but then I don't really know how these things are measured. Your post now raises doubts that it's just me. I suppose I should have posted first really huh!! Cheers, Dave
  7. WIN off the air again since last night. Just spoke to them now, and apparently something broke last night and they are getting bits to fix it - should be done today. This affects all transmitters as the bit that broke is at Saddle Mtn, and both Yarrabah and BK are simply re-transmitters of the Saddle signal. She also told me that they've been having intermittant problems all week with it, and the problems are related. Also told that at present it's only transmitting on 1/3 power and it's been that way since day 1. They are planning to turn it up full at the end of NEXT year.... (2007!). Gee we get looked after up here! Anyway, all that came from the WIN office, so believe what you will.
  8. Hi Eddy, Still hasn't been a long enough period without rain for me to risk getting up on the roof!! What is with this rain??!! I will try a new antenna array, but am more frustrated at the moment when WIN just decides to turn off the signal every so often, like right now!! (8pm Wed). Yep I am in Vistas North, and the antenna is new, and it is all RG6 cabling and I have a Johannson mast head amp, so short of a bigger array (and the stations deciding to contine broadcasting!) I'm out of ideas! Cheers, Dave
  9. Well, just been up on the roof and managed to get about a 2% increase in quality while I was there. Now that I'm back down again though, it's gone back to where it was before. My wife suggested I stay up there permanently to help it, but I think that her real reason probably beared no relation to TV reception! Hmmm... maybe try a bigger antenna array? or a higher mast? Any ideas anyone? Just seems strange that all the signals come from the same place, and I'm only having issues with one of them. Or is there a logical explaination for that? My tech knowledge of this stuff is rather limited I'm afraid. Cheers, Dave
  10. Hi all, I have always had a problem picking up a stable signal on Ch43. I thought it was just due to my crappy Toshiba J35, which also had varying degrees of difficulty with just about every other channel. I subsequently returned that unit and have just returned home with a new Toppy 4400PVR. Every other channel is golden, great signal strength and quality and no dropouts (fingers crossed!). But it can't get Ch43!! It shows signal strength of 99%, but quality of only about 62%, and won't lock the channel. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful... I'm just about to jump on the roof and try moving the antenna a couple of degrees either way to see if any difference, but I'm thinking that if it's getting all the other Yarrabah signals channels so well (in strength and quality), and 43's strength is good, but quality is poor, then maybe it's not my equipment, but theirs? If anyone else could comment on their relative signal qualities from Yarrabah, that would be great. Cheers, Dave
  11. Austen, thank you for your reply. You do however make a lot of assumptions, and as I'm sure you know or will learn, assumptions are the mother of all f--kups. I have been watching this forum and the views of many for about a year, from shortly before I bought my J35. I have read just about every thread on the J35 and other STBs in search of answers and opinions (including some of your astounding number of posts) to do with my problems on the J35. Yes, I joined recently in order to share my final opinion on my experience with this STB for the benefit of those that my be experiencing similar issues or are contemplating purchasing this unit. I'm sorry that you feel that perhaps I don't have the seniority required by you, or others who have posted more than 1000 times to do that, but you would be wrong. I do not believe in posting 1000 times, as 1/I have many other demands on my time; and 2/ I do not feel the need for everyone to know my constantly evolving opinion. (Check some of your posts). Perhaps a blog would be more benefit for you. I chose rather to express a final opinion. Deal with it. I have not used Windows MCE, but I have used Windows for many years, and do not expect it to behave any better or any worse than any other versions of Windows. People, like you, seem to love putting Windows down, but if it's so bad, why do you still use it? Nothing is without fault, but IMHO the Toshiba faults were way too numerous to be acceptable. The Enspire is more expensive than the J35, yes. When the J35 first came out, I believe it was $1599. THis unit is $100 more. Comparable, wouldn't you say? It claims to do so much more, thus my interest. But really, I just want to know if it works without the issues of the J35. I believe the problems with the J35 are more hardware related (cheap materials, poor connections, bad design, etc) and the software issues are relatively minor design issues more than anything else (appalling OSD, impossible rewind control, etc). Windows will always have isuses, but they will be minor, and rarely be purely design screwups, so I am wanting information on the hardware side of this unit and if it works without problems. I have now spent far too much time here responding to your unconstructive reply, and should you decide to waste number 1032, expect no response from me. regards, OS
  12. Bloody J35. After almost 12 months with this piece of overpriced, all promising, never delivering, cheaply made piece of junk and 2 replacement units complete with all the promises of all problems fixed, I took mine back to Myer for a full refund. I'm sick of being told bullshit by well meaning, but ill-informed people at Castel. Jonathon, I can't imagine how you haven't resigned from that place. They must pay well or something to make your nightmare of dealing with everyone's problems with the J35 bearable. I couldn't do it. Everytime I get a replacement, it works fine for about a week, then problems start to surface and gradually get worse. Perhaps the reception issues are not totally the fault of the unit, but when half the screen is playing stuff off the HDD, and the other half is pixilated with a TV channel, and NOTHING responds to any commands, then I think it's more the unit at fault don't you?? When the plastic case is so friggin thin that the red LED shines out from under it in a dark room (throught the TOP of the case, not the front!!), then I'm sorry, but I'm NOT getting $1300 worth. All the promises, but what a dissapointment. Toshiba no more. Ever. I wouldn't even buy a Toshiba paperclip if they made them. Instead of taking the bull by the horns and producing a nice bit of leading edge gear and cementing their brand into the market, they have shot themselves in both feet and both hands. And as far as I'm concerned, they've shot themselves in the head too. Anyone here looked at/tried the Enspire Digital AVR-200?? Seems to do all the stuff the J35 promised, and then some...
  13. Hi bearwood, It sounds like I'm in a similar location to you, but I have HUGE issues at the moment with channel 7 and 9. The others seem to all be okay. When I do a tune, I get 2 or 3 channel 2's and SBS's, from Yarrabah, BK and Mt. William!! But even so, can't get 7 or 9 consistently (seems to be one or the other... strange). Can you tell me who you got to set up your antenna or did you do it yourself? I had a new antenna set up on this (new) house about a month ago, but still have these issues. It could also be my STB - I have the dreaded HDD-J35... but not for much longer - about to make a trip to Myer to return it after 3 replacement units so far. What STB are you using and isit reliable on all channels? Thanks for your help, OS