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  1. Hi, my digicrystal 9000 pvr record/play would not work properly after 7 years trouble free. Replaced all the caps on the power board and discovered the 80gb is faulty. I replacd it with another WD800BB 80gb hdd. But the firmware would not recognise it. I have a few questions and hope you experience guys can give me a few clues to go on . >Does the replacement hdd need to be unformatted and partition free before installation on the pvr ? >Or format to Fat32 first ? >Or create primary partition but not format to Fat32 ? >Original/replacement hdd are both WW800BB, but different year/batch. Will they be same ? Has anyone still have the modded GDRGuy69 Firmware for bigger hard drive ? I be very grateful if I can have a copy. Contact email : [email protected]
  2. Hi Skian, What do you know about extended warranty ? Is it available to purchase with the tv ? My in-law's XBR panel died after 14 months. Lucky they purchased extended warranty that saved them mega $s
  3. early this month , my colleague paid $3500 for this set with platinum warranty, delivery and setup. They further reduced the price by $200 to $2799 for Sat. only . ( Ad. on Friday's paper) Good time to grab one if your in for a new tv.
  4. Sony Centrl in Adelaide is selling 46"W5500 for $2999 including 4yrs ext. warranty, delivery and setup. Promotion finishes to-morrow. Is this a good price ? Any opinion about the picture quality between W and WE series ?
  5. Hi, For those who are interested, Dick Smith (Adelaide) has them on the current catalogue for $349.They have a 14days no question asked return policy. So if it is not up to your standard, return it and get a refund.Cheers.
  6. I got mine a month ago at Dick Smith for $345. So far, everything works, the noise level is almost unnoticiable. The slow startup and awkard mannuel( vague and in wrong order) is annoying. The odd times I had to ring their tech support for clarification of instructions, I got prompt helpful reply and most importantly,immediate connection to the help desk. Now I have a question for you knowledgeable guys. Is there a way to hook up my cd or cassette player to make a song complilation and burn it on the dvd disc (Similar to a cd recorder) ? I have a lot of cassettes I like to convert to dvd. Cheers.
  7. Hello Techo, Will format the hard drive help to overcome the problem? Is it just by erasing everything on the drive ? Does it need to be defragged like the hard drive in the PCs? If so how ? I am a newie, please excuse me if the questions sound silly as I also have afmartyn's problem when I record footie from Channel 7. Cheers, `
  8. Hi Guys, I too have a Conia MR1601HD recorder that hangs at every opportunity.Checked the power section, caps look ok. I suspect a corrupted firmware. Anyone have a copy of the firmware that willing to share? Or know of a source that I can get a firmware download?