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  1. My problem with 7 is back too after only 2 days - signal strength is too bad ... don't know if changing antenna or setting it higher would help
  2. Hello Guys, The problem has been fixed since yesterday evening apparently affecting fringe areas. The problem is particularly CH7/9 normal signal strength is just good enough (~50%) for a good picture while ALL other channels have plenty signal, between 70-80%, no matter what weather condition. Alan, went through the first page suggesting me a PHD2 Antenna for my location (Mt Coo-Tha feed) light pink area (bay islands) Antenna we got here installed by Graeme Anderson:
  3. Anyone knows what going on with CH7 lately (since a week)? Reception signal is down to 20%, here at the southern bay islands, causing an seriously distorted digital picture frequently losing signal on 2 TVsl (analogue is better). Antenna guy in Brisbane area says 7 mast signal dropped 3 db! ACMA cares zilch.