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  1. Yes as well Nathan ; UHD bluray is 10bit ; 2k bluray is 8bit .
  2. Enjoyed this presentation @ fox labs MLXXX and your forward looking thoughts are appreciated Heres one example of choices made by the grader ; while not exactly what you mention [and Owen can supply] at least they are all linked to the one studio Interesting post from Kris Deering as to the nit levels that don't fit 1000nit level with titles/ studios and another that shows the nit level of specular HDR for certain discs'
  3. Ahead of its time my wiz p2 was also but not my LG
  4. As you go down the pana line that's exactly right doggie ; logos for 300 then 400 below ; the 900 has the multi analogs and 32bit dacs but if you don't need this the 400 also has a better low jitter clock to help mitigate hdmi's silly video clock timing ; just like the oppo 205 without the fancy analog stage 7.1 analog outputs are ok for music depending on your system but totally redundant for atmos 7.1.4 say .. Twin HDMI
  5. Hey bones ; as it was such a vintage machine and pvrs then didn't have mpeg4 tuners [which are essential now] I did some digging to check it out and found why I was so impressed at the time
  6. Instead of a rec709 bd signal your getting now the linker would feed a bt2020 wide colour gamut SDR signal with better colour gradations and also the ability to strip any HDR metadata to better match the epsons dynamic range . I had an oppo 103d in tandem with a tw9000 and sold the 103d as its algorithm didn't impress me ; more than 40% hd was too harsh to me and as Mark said it seems to boost contrast rather than detail . If by blockiness you mean motion issues try setting the cfi frame interpolation quite low .Read more at
  7. A 4k dvdo scaler is at least a bit redundant with 1080p luke and a darbee isn't designed for blocky images if that's the main worry ? . I would think outside the box and set yourself up for true UHD sources as well as 2k bluray at the optimum your 9200 can take for WCG etc One of these with a Samsung UHD player ; which are quite cheap atm ; in one hdmi in and your bd source on the other . This linker device is designed for your hdmi 1.4 projector as it has less bandwidth coverage than a hdfury integral ; so maybe have a look at what your Epson can take
  8. Ide be a bit disappointed with the latter j ; starting with using a JVC projector with no mention of an oled or led at all .To compound this no mention of the oppo's HDR strip metadata feature or turning the HDR off .. Speaks volumes he mentioned upscaling only between the two and not native reproduction ; like a lot of reviewers never touch .. I feel good justifying my pana if you cant tell
  9. Apropos of banding and how Pana will be addressing their LG panels ; consider as well this is with the step down model not the 1000 Apologies for the probable reposting ..
  10. Way to go Chops
  11. Keith @foxtail will sort you out as j has said Blackman Poor lg design putting hdmi ports too close together ; there are all sorts of adapters sold that require clearance as hdmi isn't the most friendly secure connection This help your config ? I would tend to favour low awg 24 or better cables for really long runs if sending UHF; though digital were dealing with analog copper which still has resistance and impedance .. Cables will just get thicker ; weve gone from standard category 1 1080i capable to hi speed category 2 for 1080p+ and 10.2gbps and now 18gbps for UHD
  12. Not so odd when you appreciate Panasonic has had a close association with Hollywood since they started PHL labs[ Panasonic Hollywood labs ] j ; a prime driver for 3d back in the day No off the shelf SOC;s for Pana .. The oppo 205 is a curious item these days ; fancy ess dacs and analog stage and fancy low jitter clocked hdmi output - that's usually added by after market operators like the ones on Pete's signature mod Of course only the 1 solution for dolby atmos; dts-x with these outputs ; but a lot of redundancy here .. This means the second hdmi out is audio only ; not video/audio as previous .. .
  13. Fair enough ; if you don't want dsd or dvd-a playback then you can buy a motza of uhd discs for the difference
  14. 3 things to consider Blackman ; do you want to pay over the odds for a universal sacd ;dvd audio player with the oppo or [ if you have any of these audio types] just buy a hard drive and plug it into a Panasonic [ that can play dsd etc files anyway ] The pana models also have 4k Netflix ; oppo left this out unlike in the past.. and the new ub400 loses the fancy analog stage to be a digital transport ..similarly like the oppo 203 only probably cheaper Other factor is dolby vision ; oppo will have it ; Panasonic has HDR10 instead ..
  15. The 103's hdmi inputs are only 1.4 iirc and not hdcp2.2 compliant Blish ; the 3040 is hdmi2.0a/2.2