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  1. That's more than a good bet Blackman ; I noted after the avs video that lg's nano cell tech isn't like other makes but uses a film over the backlight zones to filter out any moire crap etc . The aus 65'' lists "Contrast Enhancement Film -Yes '' as well as nano technology -yes ; the 86 doesn't for either .. Its not like a ce like Lg to leave out something on its site ; something that can help flog product A new technology like this is always going to go to the volume product which is in direct competition with other ce's similar sizes .. read as destroy Samsung Sony certainly would be the one Ide look at ; its unfortunate its specs page leave a lot to be desired ; they don't even give a clue what hdmi version '' HDCP (2.2 (for HDMI1/2/3/4));" which just lists the copy protection but not what hdmi version The lg's you can deduce is probably hdmi2.0b as it lists HLG HDR which requires .b not .a . No word on nano tech either that I could find.. If you do save up for a uhd player ; you will be glad you have 2.0b rather than 2.0a as that will be necessary for the next version of HDR10 - the variable scene by scene rather than the current state of the art static metadata you get with 2.0a .. Its just around the corner ; Samsung call their version '' HDR-10 Plus" - they do not like dolby vision
  2. Just came in late as usual Blackman ; but in case for future reference -
  3. Clicked on shipping down the bottom
  4. The nice thing about a comprehensive PEQ ; if you don't want to go in depth as you say JDH ; is getting it calibrated by an expert ie HAA certified or indeed by at least a few members of this forum
  5. Hmm ; is the hisense capable of mpeg4 or if older only mpeg2 ? that's 1 bottleneck . For other channels if your sat setup emulates the above link ? any 2k res is downconverted to 1080i50 [ as we use that pal frame rate ] . 4k transmissions would have no clue sorry Even uhd bluray is only 24p mostly and I don't have a htpc putting out [email protected] ; btw if you are concerned with motion blur Geoff Morrison enquired about which were 60 or 120hz
  6. All uhd TV's can handle all those lesser sd and hd resolutions Blackman so don't sweat it ; they are just listing pal and ntsc resolutions and pal/ntsc differing frame rates . Tvs are 3840x2160 res and only some projectors use the other uhd resolution [4096x2160] . As for the frame rate [24;25;30;50;60] at uhd resolutions this is tied in with the hdmi version the tv can accept .You need hdmi2.0 for 60hz . As for nano or not ; see if theres an equivalent range for aus as in the US ; as the lesser models in the states don't get dolby vision or nano ; cross reference that with the models pete said and they may well be the equivalent models without hdr10 or dv ..
  7. Good read as always Pete ; maybe they took a look at the Arcam pre/avrs and hobbled it the same way with no height switching for the internal amps ; unfortunate.
  8. Its always interesting to compare rotel with other makes that use some of the same oem parts pete ie the new emo mc700 also has precisely 3 of its hdmi 2.0a ports hdcp 2.2 capable with the rest non hdcp2.2 . It also has comprehensive PEQ like the rotel ; but adds auto eq for anyone that doesn't want to learn REW ..; also has apt-x for Bluetooth . Being the entry level though - no atmos etc but probably has dolby 3 stereo like my sherbourn pt7030 Would be nice to see rotel lose some of the legacy inputs like others though ; like the multi analog input ; mm phono input [ serious players have fancy pre pre's with switchable mm/mc and impedance loading] . Maybe they should take a look at the acurus act 4 if they want some nice gui bling
  9. Agree certainly ; chances are Techradar just ported news from CES - or whenever they were mooted - as the US equivalent has it seems a nano cell display if you can believe the blurb .. best to ask as peter said
  10. Blackman ; I know you don't like the warranty they give with such exxy panels and 1 year isn't too good ; but 3 years with TCL is better and I would certainly check out a model that lists under 10k if you really don't want a projector At the least you could substantiate its highly questionable hemispherical viewing angle Viewing Angle 178° H/178° V If you believe the LG'S stats are any more reliable.. Its also got active 3d for your kids ; which is more than endangered with panels these days ..As with cheaper models though I would check if its hdmi2.0 or 2.0a
  11. Comes back to the situation of a previous article by the author j possibly Note the price of an ios download of the hobbit ; compared to a free ultraviolet copy with your bd. Digitalcopy dvd for iTunes is no more so being cynical lack of media means pay or go without..
  12. The 4k US disk is the good one for lack of banding Muri ; and the one with the atmos track In fact [ if you don't trust the distributors ] one could be forgiven that they;re trying to wean us off 2k bluray by giving more thought to the mastering of the uhd disc and screwing with the 2k version - only if you think its a conspiracy of course Of course the 2k version loosing the atmos object audio track with other titles is just a coincidence .. depending on your outlook ..
  13. I like Gaia ; tick the 4k option up top to find the 4k reviews
  14. Could try converting them to mp4's chipy if possible ; it seems its rather limited in file codec playability Ile be happy with any H265 compatibility Anyone have an idea if this vvv "voice guidance support " is proprietary or something ?
  15. Yes ; they don't mind working on a modded player to service it ; but warranty issues are still there. The kit that early oppo players got from Merlin -standard and pro- was from bluraychip d/k . Never were quick to reply Blackman but try anyway