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  1. No horse in this race yet Blackman [ I put any hd or better material on the projector -sd gets the 2k panel] but Ime not surprised . Your comparing upscaling to a 1080p device [hecto] to something that has to interpolate to multiples more [4k] Even the best algorithms would struggle . A pox on them also for just showing animation and the like If its a favourite show there are other ways to get a higher def version
  2. Sounds like you have issues with power amps bulkiness Scott ; another option are airmotive 8 or 6 powered speakers ; headroom + and the option of running [common mode noise rejection] balanced xlr's all the way from a Marantz 7702mk2 as mentioned And all the advantages of the amps matching the driver design with active xover's built in ; not just for sound studio work ; you do need a.c by each speaker though.. Ive got a 7000e Scott ; yes it is sharper and equates to about a 3k image but the biggest advantage in pq is the gain in colour gamut and HDR . Not so much HDR as projectors don't have the nits of an lcd or even an oled panel but the wider colour gamut shows in the dynamic range compared to the SDR we have with bluray . And the jvc's have the dynamic range to take advantage compared to other makes generally..
  3. Nice to hear Bernie ; theres a lot of different methods being used to author these uhd discs with their graded colour spaces and nit levels ;lets hope some consistency comes , Bad enough with firmware upgrades for 2k bluray
  4. Had a look at the sammys manual Bernie ; like all modern bd players it can decode the lossless tracks to lpcm - so you will know for sure what your getting ; lossy or lossless . In the settings under sound it says this ; ''Lets you select the digital audio output format that is suitable for your TV or AV Receiver. For more details, see the digital output selection table on page 54. " Set it to lpcm and the player will decode it rather than the avr and lpcm multi should come up on the osd rather than dolby truehd . But all this is only for diagnosing ; if your happy with what your getting that's all that matters. dolby digital at its full bitrate is better quality than the 448kbps we used to get with dvd There is a new Samsung player coming btw and it may have a version of digital copy that was promised when uhd was launched
  5. The only connection that can pass multichannel dolby truehd digitally Bernie is hdmi . optical alone is restricted to a lossy bitstream , That's what its DACs can handle ; if your sending a regular lossless truehd track over hdmi its probably 24/48 . If your using optical it operates for movies at 16/48 and it must be a lossy codec for multichannel . Try setting the Sammy to decode and see if you get lpcm multi on the osd like these vvv readouts; that will also need hdmi...
  6. Somethings wrong here Bernie ; optical cant pass multichannel dolby truehd ; only lossy dolby digital ;dts and 2ch lpcm up to 48khz. . You may be applying a dsp mode if your getting 7.1. The hdmi audio out from the Sammy doesn't have any hdcp ; it just has a null blanked out video signal to go with the audio ; hdcp 2.2 was introduced with hdmi 2.0 so an earlier say hdcp 2.0/2.1 avr needs this dual output workaround for the edids of the source and sink to comply.. Ide try to get a trial avr before forking out
  7. A new one for all of us mate ; trying to sell the 2020 models no doubt
  8. Stop picking on the poor marketing schill Blackman Its the old saying " a bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing '' He wouldn't have a clue about hdmi but someone probably told him Samsung has a one connect box that can be upgraded to future hdmi revisions if you want to fork out for a new one ad infinitum no doubt ..
  9. Yes Al ; even from the early iterations of atmos at home as demonstrated by dolby themselves in their own rooms .. Exactly how the atmos decoder works in a home system too In fact the at home solution gives more flexibility as good room eq is vital for a good frequency response and dolby atmos experience . The dolby cp850 processor for cinemas uses " Dolby Lake EQ and 1/12th octave EQ resolution optimizes playback for all content types" . In other words; Parametric equalisation and graphic equalisation which has been around for decades . I would prefer a solution that takes impulse response into a/c with FIR and IIR filters like Dirac or even ARC with IIR only.. Considerably better
  10. Not sure if your referring to the hdmi out ports on the Sammy or the hdmi inputs on your avr Bernie . In any case the best config is Sammy hdmi 1 out direct to the display and 2nd hdmi audio out to the avr . . If your avr is hdmi2.0a and hdcp2.2 capable just the one cable to the avr is the easier alternative [ and gives access to the avrs osd ] I imagine it still loses audio if you downrez the uhd to 1080p if possible ? That would at least rule out any cable bandwidth problem. good luck it seems like it is something obscure in the authoring of the discs [ if it didn't play ok in the stores setup that is -which it did ]
  11. Hi Bernie ; were they running with the 8500 direct to the display and using the hdmi audio out ? The less hdmi edid comms the better when audio isn't synching What happens when you try the alternative ?
  12. Good to hear DH ;your thoughts will be welcomed when its released The comments from those in the test booth were very encouraging Seems to be a small trend with kickstarter projects for the popcorn hour a500 pro as well ..
  13. New binaural headphone processor that simulates object audio using Smyths famous technology . realistic option for those who have room issues Just plug in your source - multi analog ; hdmi etc ; it has full decoding
  14. Have owned an 83 [modded jlti and underutilised] a 95 and a 103d and bought on reputation and service . If I didn't have a healthy scepticism about a new uhd format player with a new disc drive and bit depths and WCG ; I would no doubt have 1 now Don't need to pay for another universal when that's covered too. I like reviews that have some test results you can compare with other components that copped the same battery of tests . Sound and Vision and certain audioholics ones are good . If your paying for adds you want some expensive test equipment to back up the ''veil has been lifted'' crap
  15. That's a long distance to say for certain Stainless ; I would consider blue jeans bonded pair ; the fibre optic celerity has problems with certain configs as David Vaughn has tested but its glass fibre so distance is of no import.. As long as you aren't sending 4k/60 [which is part of the uhd spec so will come more later] but 4k/24 you will have more leeway with premium certified cables as blue jeans explains