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  1. Hey Mate, I'm super keen, do you know what colour it was? If they may be able to wrap it up and post I can arrange it from my side. I can also get the clip repaired if necessary. Do you know how much he would be looking at for it?
  2. Just wondering if everything worked out in the end?
  3. I ended up getting a Harmony 1000i second hand and I love it. Only took me 5-10 minutes to get it going. I can recommend testing one out as you do require both hands to control it properly. I like having the control of my whole system in both hands as I like to adjust volume, settings as I go through the film but its not for everyone.
  4. You may even want to contact Marantz again to see what it would cost to replace just that portion of the board? It may end up costing a substantial more than its worth. It may be cheap ($100-$150) Maybe they could send you the replacement part even?
  5. Wow thats very cheap. $99 for a Harmony one. Thanks for the link The Harmony 1100i is at $299 which is pretty cheap too:
  6. Thanks I had an awesome time testing out the system. Just a heads up, this whole system is in a single bedroom so its a bit cramped and a bit of an overkill. Has anyone else ever heard of the speakers before? They were made originally by Goldsky Inc, a company that supposably manufacturers drivers for several loudspeaker designers in the world.
  7. Haha yeah they are a wierd looking speaker for sure. Supposably there is only 5 pairs in Australia and I luckily have 2 of them. They sound wonderful
  8. Hey all, Well here is my long awaited system, it comprises of some speakers that many would not have heard of, but they look and sound stunning. I actually bought a set of these about 10 years ago, and have always wanted to find the supplier, as I subsequently decided to remove the vinyl and sand down the other pair I had, which turned into a huge disaster (click here to see the repair attempt thread lol). Out of a HUGE amount of luck I ended up getting in contact with my mate who used to import and sell them. I remember he had a spare set (mind you this is going back around 7 years) and after contacting him he still had the set still in the garage, reluctant to sell them we did a deal and they were in my car. He is such a top bloke. It was a lot easier to just buy a new set haha. I managed to actually get these speakers up the stairs on my own and we have one of those building style (walk up then turn left then turn left and walk up again) stairways in our house so I can assure you there was a lot of cursing lol. They weigh about 65kg each. Here is the specs, with pics below: Front Speakers: Koda MP200 Floorstanders Centre Speaker: Koda Melody 1Centre Rears: Koda Melody 2 Series Bookshelf Speakers Side Rears: Koda Melody 2 Series Bookshelf Speakers Subwoofer: Paradigm PS1200 V3 12" Subwoofer Power Amp: Rotel RB1095 Series 1 Power Amplifier Preamp: Rotel RSP-1068 Pre Amp Samsung Bluray Player Projector: Epson W10 720p Resolution LCD Projector
  9. Hi All, I'm looking for a Jensen SPX-19 Dual 10" Subwoofer. We are looking for a Cherry colour one but other finishes will be considered Would prefer pickup in Melbourne if possible Thanks in advance
  10. Jurassic park trilogy bluray is available for $39.98 from JBhifi at the moment. pretty awesome deal
  11. Wow with a review like that its no suprise its A must own. I'll be sure to add it to the collection I remember that there was a demo available on xbox 360 live that allowed you to explore the railway scene of the film. Pretty amazing marketing
  12. Very neat setup. I do like the gates too. Everything seems really well positioned in that room. What was the wifes first impressions?
  13. Chipp55 was a top seller. Thanks once again The item was in perfect condition.