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  1. Still no forum. Again! This company really knows how to treat its most loyal customers…..
  2. Does anyone know what has happened to the forum on the Topfield web site? It comes up as disabled, which seems a manual action rather than a software problem.
  3. Bear in mind also that DAB (like FM) has limited range compared to AM, and there are long distances between towns in Australia. Compare this to the countries you mention - small country, close-together towns, big population. Not much market here for a transmitter sitting beside a highway somewhere with only a few people living nearby so that we can listen to radio while driving. Personally, I see DAB as a gimmick, like 3d and 4K TVs were/are, designed to encourage sales of new devices. I would be surprised if DAB ever got out of big cities here.
  4. Yes, I could do that, but I have a 2400 now. Still think the 5000 was the peak of usability. 2400 is slow, unreliable and has a horrible remote.
  5. These are standard definition PVRs that really established hard disk recorders in Australia. One has a failed disk but otherwise works fine. The other one had the occasional glitch but otherwise worked well - probably reflashing would have fixed it but I didn't bother as I had the other one. Use for spare parts or make one working version. I am happy to give them away. Pick up in Newcastle, or pay for the postage. PM me where you are and I will work out the cost.
  6. It depends on what you want to record. I listen to the BBC, and most BBC programs are available for a month afterwards to listen to. If I want to record something, there are a number of Mac utilities that will record the computer's audio output, eg, Audio Hijack, Wiretap. Just set up the playback and record when you are going out.
  7. That's a good point. Although still has the problem of being difficult to use when you are half awake. Worse in some respects as it does not have push button station selection.
  8. Almost all Internet (and many DAB) radios have a similar look. One big speaker, a display, two knobs and 5 buttons. I wonder if they are all just variations from the same manufacturer? My Aldi radio is like that too. Sound is loud enough to hear throughout the house, but can also be soft enough to have beside the bed without being too loud.
  9. Several years ago, I bought an Aldi Internet radio to listen mainly to the BBC. It is still working fine, although the user interface is excruciating. (Think wake up in the middle of the night, want to turn it on like Snooze on a clock radio so it goes off after a while. To do this requires about 8 clicks and a number of rotations. Makes sure you are wide awake.) Aldi had trouble selling them at the time, and many were discounted to get rid of them. As far as I am aware, they have never been offered again. My first question is whether anyone actually listens to Internet radio stations using a dedicated "radio"? The second is what device do you use?
  10. Your router will often do DNS proxy for you. And is a common address for many routers.
  11. You could be right. While running various things associated with SmartEPG, the machine was very slow to respond to button presses, and even ignored some of them totally.
  12. Ah yes. The TAPtoDate description says it is recursive, but the PDF file says the default is not. Now fixed!! As for Firebird, he does seem to be up 24 hours. I have been helping him with making SmartEPG work with IceTV. He gets back to me amazingly fast with fixes. It takes me sometimes days to get back to him though :-( At this stage, it looks as though if you use SmartEPG, you cannot use IceTV to set timers. This is because SmartEPG adds its own padding, and therefore forces the Toppy's padding values to be set to zero. If they are not zero, it gets into a loop and keeps adding padding indefinitely. And curiously, my most recent recordings do not have corrupted .nav files. I wonder if the converter for IceTV that Firebird sent me could have done it.....
  13. And I guess the next question is why the .nav files are being corrupted. Maybe I will have to do the factory reset after all.