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  1. That is a good choice, I would go with the plasma as well, bigger, better PQ to LCDs around the same price range.
  2. Bati, make sure you state all the facts othervise your statement is not correct; from your link "Panasonic 50" PZ800 $2155 Extended warranty to 5 years $400 Delivery $45 Total: $2600 Purchased with $2500 of Myer gift cards, so $250 in my pocket from that, plus I joined Myer One where you get a $20 gift card for every $1000 spent, so another $40 there. Effectively it cost $2310, but if you include the value of the Wii then...well you can work that out! This is an AMAZING panel, and the picture looks infinitely better in the home than in the shop, and that's without any calibration!"
  3. You will be happy with this unit, did you see it in action or did you go with the feedback from the forums. Also what retailer did you get it from?
  4. He is one of the forum members, go back to page 391, he has an entry there, you can pm to contact him.
  5. Spero that is the 42 inch; http://www.thebargainhunter.net.au/p/55387...th46pz800a.html 46 is 2248
  6. Look again there are two of them, both under epping, vic.
  7. I am in Melbourne, but you can go to this site http://hdtvprices.pbwiki.com/, about halfway you will see the model. Three receipts all from NSW, parramatta , tuggeranong, and I think one other. Print those and go to the closest Myer or DS store, make your intentian clear you are here to buy at this price, you should be ok, someone in QLD just purchased it for similar price and in VIC it has been repeated at close to those prices. Good luck.
  8. currently the best value for money and PQ is the 50in panasonic, th50px80a, if you can get it around the 1550 mark, and it is getable. where are you located?
  9. According to your earlier feedback, you are going to watch from something like 4 meters away, and you had a budget of about $1500, dont buy a 42inch, you get used to it very quickly, go for the pana 50x80a and you will never look back, in nsw they have had this tv for $1550, you may even get it cheaper. Many people think 42is big, but hey 4 meters away!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 would be a much better option.
  10. To some extent your seating distance/position will determine if you can see the diff or not. Sit far enough and on a 42inch you wont be able to tell the diff between a hd or full hd. How far are you going to watch the tv from?
  11. Rich, this is a common mistake people make when comparing 42 to 50 and etc inches on screen sizes. Between 50 and 58inch you actually get over 30% more screen area.
  12. That sucks, but ideally we should be able to purchase the extended warranties within the expiration period of manufacturing warranty, but the retailers get us sucked in, which means in your case you would not have purchased it yet, and would not need to get it as you settled with the manufacturer. See if there is a cancellation clause of your extended warraty before it actually takes effect (as it should be active from date of expiration of manufacturers warranty, and not from day one othervise you are covered twofold), since you have not made use of it or has not come into affect you may be able to get some money back. You really need to be able to read the policy to be able to decide if you have any rights. It is a tough one. Thats why I believe PIO warranty is a good one as the price you paid (which inludes the delivery/installation/warranty) you can get refunded in full similar to your case, and no loss would have accured to you. The other option with warranties is try using a Gold Card (VISA) you get extra year ontop of normal manufacturer's warranty for no fee.
  13. Pio uses single thick glass, Pana uses two thin pair of glass (with gap), hence the extra (more) reflection on the Pana, double image/reflection.
  14. Can I request a copy of this receipt too, from anyone, ta; malev181 at yahoo.com.au