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  1. Yes I can sympathise with that... little hands/fingers are prone to accidental mishandling aren't they? interestingly as technology within the home moves towards integrated entertainment systems, copyright protection on movie titles prevent us from actually transferring to HDD for streaming
  2. Well with the image scaled down to view on a late model CRT I hardly noted that water mark you all speak of, however the prospect of image burn is a very real (and expensive) potential dilemma for FTA viewers using Plasma TVs IMHO Why do they need to stray from the tried and proven method of logo fade when back into programming (following advertisements)?
  3. Yes... the all the output formats can be selected from the STB and displayed on the CRT, some re-scalings look odd (as they're meant for widescreen obviously) so I just use 576i & the pillar box style display setting, HD to CRT isn't really a waste as having HD multi-channelling is great since Ten HD's Dec 16 commencement! FWIW it's the next model along LG LST-5100P that has HDMI
  4. AFAIK SBS has been fine here and I'm over 70kms from the transmission site, only Ch 7 has been dropping out periodically then coming back at regular strength...
  5. Ah... in the past I had heard mention of Space STB's experiencing audio lag, I trust that shall not be an issue for your later revision STB, BTW looking forward to you posting your experiences/thoughts relating to your new purchase Good luck!
  6. I agree... the LG High Definition STB I just picked up off eBay has 576i/576p/720p/1080i output formats & didn't cost more than $110.00 delivered, what's best is I can use it on my RCA 69cm CRT television!
  7. Ballarat has odd characteristics for TV reception just look at the 'golden mile' for example, have you talked to your neighbours about their reception? experimented with differing locations for the antenna, directions etc. Could you describe your antenna system a little please, is the booster an indoor variety? are you using an existing antenna system or one designed specifically for the DTV frequencies? clearance from roof?
  8. I'd also recommend using the lowest ESR spec' capacitors you can lay your hands on as they don't create as much waste heat, effectively running the whole STB a little cooler which can't be a bad thing eh? I personally use GA/GC/GD series SamXon capacitors (sourced out of Hong Kong) to repair my motherboards & power supplies, those available from Jaycar should also be suitable as would the EXR series from Hitano (I've also used with much success/reliability in the past) I haven't had the privilege to retrofit capacitors to a STB yet, but it sounds like fun!
  9. As that maybe... at least he'll have unhampered access to HD programming content! I'm in the same boat myself, wanting HD access but not desiring a Plasma/LCD/Widesceen upgrade of our television
  10. Then you'll still be better off than those who haven't ventured into the wonderful world of Digital FTA TV FWIW I wasn't trying to talk anyone out of HD TV receivers, just mentioning that retailers are providing incorrect information to consumers... either from a desire to sell their remaining SD receiver stock OR simple ignorance of the upcoming DTV offerings
  11. That's because of the disinformation out there... I was recently informed there was no purpose in purchasing a HD STB if I didn't upgrade to either a plasma or LCD TV, additionally HD transmissions wouldn't equate to extra viewing options merely better quality/features Personally, next STB I buy will be a HD offering... why pay for SD when HD is now only a fraction more?
  12. You can please most of the people most of the time, but not everyone ALL of time Personally I'd prefer ABC2 didn't play the VFL matches (or whatever they are), but I sooner watch those 'old English classics' than the 'infomercials' (and other crud) found on the commercial stations that time of night... if you want to blame somebody, curse the commercial stations for their poor programming selection! Additionally, be mindful of the fact that many parts of the world don't have 24/7 viewing, AFAIK New Zealand stations cease after midnight (or there abouts)... so perhaps you should build a DVD library? or build it into a HTPC? ABC's 1940's B/W classics FTW!
  13. A decent antenna installer (for your area) should already have either installed in other similar locations/sites or have a understanding of the physical limitations of your locality... Having said that (as an enthusiast installer) I'd give both a deep fringe (Yagi-uda) & phased array installations a test in your specific location, have you checked out alanh's guide to antennas (and their characteristics) found HERE yet? I'm in a similar pickle to yourself not being able to receive local UHF transmissions due to a massive treeline & mountains, as a solution I built a combined antenna array based around a Hills VHF Yagi-uda and a home brew UHF Yagi-uda constructed out of an old UHF CB antenna re-spec'd to the middle available UHF frequency... While the phased array would've had excellent horizontal properties, I was seeking a 'high gain' installation being over 90 km's from Mt. Dandenong, and having abysmal VHF analogue reception Hope this helps somewhat
  14. My first ever STB was one of Safeway's Kross units, it was was easy to set up & I didn't mind the signal strength meter or it's general GUI... sadly it died of thermal related failure within 12 months, these units ran HOT even when in standby mode Thankfully... I'd already passed it on by then as I'd upgraded to the Ikusi of which I'm totally rapt! on eventual 'post mortem' of the Kross, it became apparent the (passive) heatsink was no bigger than you'd see on any motherboards' chipset, and could've benefited from some additional active cooling If I ever bother with the lowend STBs again... it'll be getting a thermal efficiency makeover pronto!
  15. Welcome to the realworld of 'television programming dynamics' Just think back to how many 'other' series got moved, rescheduled, resloted & eventually canned Hmmm... box sets sounds like the smarter option