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  1. Hi, I have an unopened 3d blu-ray movie "Imax Deep Sea" anyone interested in a swap for other 3d B/ray. Apologies if this thread already exists! Newdig. Brisbane
  2. This is very painful to read. I paid $1400 for a 40inch V at R/Vision Sth Melb in November and it seems could have got a W for that price.
  3. Hi Ben, I have also been having a bad time with abc and also 10 lately, sometimes they are fine but they have become really bad at times (just as you describe) whilst all other channels are perfect. I have not yet upgraded my aerials but will pursue this taking advice from AlanH and the other expert opinions in the forum. I am at the base of Mt Cootha in Bardon so I guess picking the correct antenna is imperative. Any suggestions????. I have no requirement for analogue! I too have an amp in the ceiling and without that I get next to nothing. Regards
  4. Hi, Can you tell me? do I need the TV to be delivered before I can send away for the PS3. I am worried that this might take some time and they may run out before the Bravia gets delivered. The sale people were saying that Sony only guarantee delivery of TV before Xmas.. I was told that I would need the serial number before sending away for the PS, is this true.
  5. Same here Markus it is great for bom. Greg
  6. Hi Markus, I am a little confused, are you just using the wireless keyboard instead of the remote to communicate with the TEAC and access the net or is this something different. I often use my usb keyboard to get web access. And yes the res of the browser is crap. Regards Greg
  7. This sounds great I have tried filtering as i have had problems on occasion. What brand of ups did you find satisfactory? Greg
  8. Isn't the EPG problem not the box but the stations? By the way (touch wood) I am still using all functions of my unit. Greg
  9. Have you tried reloading the software through the usb port? If so what happens when you plug it in.
  10. Hi, Did you get a manual with the unit? If not, it is worth downloading one from the Teac web site and I recommend have a good read as the HDRM7250 has a lot to offer. With regard to the PIP, it is not available as such but if you are watching one channel and want to see what is on other channels, push the info button and then scroll between channels with the up down arrow buttons. A thumbnail picture will show the program picture on each channel. You got the unit for a good price and I'm sure you will be satisfied. Greg
  11. I have found a new problem, at least new to me. I tried to record a football game on Saturday, (couldn't watch because I had guests) and I was playing music from my pc to teac over the network connection. However, the recording was unwatchable completely pixilated so won't fall into that trap again. As for your problem (ie 4%), I have had occasional problems in the past with downloads only to a point but not lately. Greg
  12. Aztec you really do have a problem and by the sounds of it the unit should be replaced. I wonder if the problem might be in the remote with a dodgy button.
  13. I don't really understand why there is such a variation in these Teac units and certainly feel sorry for you and bwilson that you have not been able to get yours going satisfactorily. I too live in a poor reception area, not fringe but right below the towers and can not get a satisfactory analogue signal that is watchable. I also have a teac sd receiver but its reception doesn't compare with the hd 7250. With the latest firmware I have no problem with recording programs nor with network recording or playback (I use tversity) so I couldn't be happier with the unit. It works great for video, music and photo's. I would like the formats expanded but can make do. So the question is why don't all the boxes work the same way. I hope mine stays ok. Greg