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  1. Many thanks. Oppo responded promptly, just had to erase BD-Video data and it worked.
  2. Found a glitch in new firmware. Morning Glory blu-ray freezes when loading. Disc is ok as it plays ok in PS3 and Pana 310
  3. Quark and aHorseofCourse, Thanks very much for clarifying this. invercom
  4. Hi I missed the origin of this thread. Got my standard kit by mail from Denmark on Friday and installed it and appears to work ok. What was the issue so I can check properly? Thanks, Invercom
  5. Ian Thanks for the reply. I only notice this sometime and only on the RHS of the screen, on my LX608 and the C509. I have the orbiter in mode 2 which works even for the dot by dot. You are corrrect it is more pronounced when the orbiter is in action. I will watch this closely over the next few weeks by turning off the orbiter for dot by dot. 1440x1920 comment is logical as the TV shoud display the right aspect ratio by horizontally stretching the picture from 1440x1080 to pixel 1920x1080
  6. Thanks. I will d o the same and use Full for FTA. Did not realise that 7HD and 9HD had reduced the resolution. Cheers Shane
  7. Lately I have noticed in Dot by Dot screen size the picture on the right had side does not fill the screen completely, when watching FTA 7HD and 9HD. To correct this I now have to use Full screen size. This seems to be an issue with my C509A and LX608A. Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks. Shane
  8. Hi Hazzad Could you please reply to my PM. Thanks
  9. Hi Hazzad, your inbox is full. If you clear it I can send you a PM with account details.
  10. Hi Ghost Rider and Starship Troopers 3 (Pending) for trade. Both are unused and sealed. $ 18 each including postage. Please PM
  11. Surf's Up is, I just send you a PM. Thanks.
  12. Guys, have the following titles for trade at $ 18 each including postage. All are unused and sealed in plastic wrap, Click is Region B, others are ABC CLICK Pending GHOST RIDER WATER HORSE Sold INTO the BLUE Pending STARSHIP TROOPERS 3 Marauder SUPERBAD Sold SURF'S UP Pending PM me if interested. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. Good luck with the unit.
  14. How did you decide on this unit? I saw this unit today at JB in North Ryde but had mixed feelings compared to my existing TH 50PV 60A that is 18 months old.