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  1. How can you tell? I bought from Amazon UK last week and was wondering if I got the fixed version. I'm yet to watch it.
  2. I don't know if this has already been mentioned or not, but BigW has the Spiderman Trilogy for $39.84. http://catalogues.bigw.com.au/portal/offer...p;source=search [edit] Nevermind, it was mentioned on the 24th. Sorry for repeating it.
  3. Do these German discs have English audio? I assume they do, but would just like to make sure
  4. Thanks. I went there today but they still had the normal prices on the discs and I wasn't armed with a copy of the catalogue (as I don't have one), so no luck yet
  5. Thanks... I'll check BigW tomorrow. If you remember, please let me know
  6. I'm after AVP2 region B. It's $40 at Kmart, would prefer something a bit cheaper as it's not that great a movie
  7. momaw.... I wasn't referring to you leaving. I was referring to the people that both, you and Kazz, referred to that no longer post and that used to contribute good information. It's just stupid to leave because people upset you. It's a public forum, not everyone is going to want to or be able to contribute as much as others, it's just how it is. I'm a long term member and moderator on another forum with over 10,000 members, and you will always have heaps of people who will just come to get the info for themselves and that's what forums are for. Kazz... You don't need to get involved in every argument that your friends have. If you weren't so quick to post, you'd see that no insult was thrown and you've just gone overboard, as usual. Sorry Chesty... Had to respond to clear up that I wasn't referring to Mo leaving... Last off topic post, I promise
  8. Are these region A or B?
  9. Yeah, that's the mature thing to do... Take your bat and ball and go home when you don't like how things are going. If threads stayed on topic and people didn't criticise other, none of these stupid arguments would happen. Who cares if someone posts that their items are PENDING and then SOLD... If you're not a moderator, don't try to moderate the forum Why is it always the same people in these stupid off topic arguments... Who's selling what... I need movies, please
  10. Just wondering where this disc is from as according to Momaw's lists both the region A & B versions are both locked to their region.
  11. $25 a title is a bargain compared to their normal $40 a title
  12. Seems to be a common red trait
  13. I'll take it... PM sent.