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  1. Thanks Paul. I had ruled that out as the listed price was $199. Anyway, I went to Harvey Norman and they had the Strong SRT5430 on special for $54 and then at the checkout it scanned as $49 I plugged a HDD (will test USB stick soon) into it and it records fine, just has a kind of crappy menu that will take a while to teach my parents, but for $49 what can I really expect
  2. There's HD STB that record directly to USB? I was not aware of this. Do you have any recommendations or models? [edit] Had a quick look around and the Strong SRT5430 at $49 stands out... Reading forum threads about it now [edit 2] Apparently it's not very reliable recording to USB sticks. Looking into Toppro TP-1500 now. [edit 3] They're made by the same manufacturer... Far too many similarities in their operation manuals to be from different manufacturers. Mainly the introduction pages and aspect ratio pages. Guess I just pick the cheaper of the two.
  3. Thanks for the reply but that's far too expensive for the basic features I need.
  4. Hey guys, I'm just after a little bit of help. My parents have an old analogue tuner Pioneer DVD/HDD recorder and I'd like to replace it with a REALLY basic HD PVR, I don't even care about the EPG as they like manually programming the actual time of their recordings. I use WDTVs throughout my house for media playback and would like something as simple and basic as these that they can record digital TV with. Doesn't need media player features but could be a bonus as they current use a Pioneer DV220K to play DivX from USB and I'm starting to move to mkv rather than DivX. Can be internal hard drive or external USB storage. Doesn't need to be transferable to PC as they watch and delete. Is there anything like that? I recently saw a cheap Astone MP-300T advertised but apparently the PVR side of that is pretty poor to use. Thanks in advance.
  5. Getting old... The laser/optics/pickup are getting picky.
  6. Ordered Monday 28th June, dispatched Wednesday 30th June, arrived Tuesday 6th July via Royal mail.
  7. How can you tell? I bought from Amazon UK last week and was wondering if I got the fixed version. I'm yet to watch it.
  8. I managed to stretch her budget a little bit and ended up with a Hisense HL81V88 for $560. It looks pretty average to me but so did most of the 32" LCDs except for the ones up near $1k. I guess I've been spoilt by my Pioneer plasmas.
  9. Thanks again I'll let her know.
  10. Thanks for the reply. That's about double what she has to spend, so I guess she doesn't watch TV in bed any more.
  11. Hi, My friend's old bedroom 68cm CRT has finally died. It's only used for DVD/DivX so HD is not necessary. I plan to go shopping tomorrow so can you please recommend something? Also, feel free to recommend displays with HD tuners too as I might be willing to pay a little extra so she can watch 1HD, 99, etc in future (when she gets an antenna connection). Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I went to Cash Converters that afternoon and they had 4 in stock. Got one for $49. Found it has a 160GB hard drive and a mod chip already... AFTER trying to upgrade the drive and match the new drive to the mainboard, etc. Still stuffing around with it trying to get XBMC on it. Yeah, I realised what I said after I posted... Couldn't be bothered changing it
  13. Thanks for the replies. I just plan to put XBMC on it so it doesn't need to be modded already I'll drop in to my local Cash Converters on the way home. bo279... Thanks but I'd planned to get one today. I already have one on the way from eBay but it's taking too long. I need something to play with over the weekend
  14. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has seen original Xbox's in any retail stores or elsewhere recently. Please let me know. Thanks