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  1. Yeah it's been trusty and reliable family workhorse What is also surprising is that after 5 years there is still no affordable replacement
  2. Well I had the same symptoms on my 72" Tosh last Friday. So I ordered a lamp for $190 from this PureGlare company. It arrived today and installed it and I'm back up and running.... yeah! Lamp looks ok, but time will tell I guess. I'm impressed with the life on the old lamp. From the service menu I see I got 10,400 hours!
  3. The 3010 has been out for about a month now o/s which I think I;ll wait for. Anyway good deals should be had on the 3000 now or in the near future.
  4. Ordering from a place like Eastwood Hifi over the internet might be an option if you can't find a place in Adelaide. Also note the new models should be out soon - the RX-v2010 and RX-v3010 look pretty cool so you might want to consider them
  5. Your Yamaha receiver should also has a DSP feature called Dialouge Lift which requires Presence/Height speakers. You might want to give it a try.
  6. VMC with 4 tuners is relatively easy to setup. Then just use however many XBOX 360s you need as clients. Works like a treat! I've been using this for years and don't know of a better distrubuted PVR solution.
  7. How about the VAF DC Series?
  8. Good to see Yamaha has appeared to address the criticisms of the 1065 and 2065 including a good weight gain. Pricing is also good - not the rip off we get from the local Onkyo and Denon distributors.
  9. My 72" Tosh is still going strong - lamp must be over 8000 hours and still nice and bright. I also had the diagonal line fault but that was fixed with a new OB I recall.
  10. I use my PC primarily as a PVR and in this role I don't think it can be beaten: VMC interface is great, 4 tuners, freeepg. I also use it for music streaming, and occasional browsing. It also serves multiple media centre extenders throughout the house. I have no issues with it, it just runs. No one cares or needs to know it's a PC.
  11. Cheers Jslayz. wow convoluted! Do you have any links where I can find out more about using Beringer gear in HT applications ?
  12. Since you're a geek try a HTPC as a PVR - you won't look back
  13. Thanks for the report. What function does the ultralink pro perform ?
  14. Assume they're glass bead screens which will limit viewing angles ?
  15. My concern with the Dalis is the vokal centre looks to be a weak link if you get the Ikon 6/7 mains as it uses the Ikon 5 drivers? The Krix vortex uses the same drivers as the harmonix so should be a good match if you use these as the mains. Also if anyone knows the street prices of the vortex, harmonix and phoenix let me know