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  1. I bought one of the Philips 76cm LCD Panels a few weeks ago. Has a native res of 1280x768 and looks great, to me at least. I am not really one of those people who can pick up on the fact that its 3% too dark or anything like that though. To me its just a nice panel. No dead or bright pixels that i could find, and its a 16ms refresh. I dont know about this 23" model that you are talking about, but my 76cm is actually a 15:9 aspect ratio rather than 16:9. It does take a 1080i signal, and the VGA input res can go up to 1920xwhatever it is, but the native res is still 720p. I like the panel, and would recommend it. We managed to get the store to say that if there were any dead/bright pixels at all, we could replace it, and i'd recommend you try do the same if you are buying any lcd. Anyway, thats my 2c, regarding my philips panel. Im not sure about the model you are talking about, but i imagine the quality would be somewhat similar. _Gumby
  2. The VisionPlus DVB-T card appears as a DVB-S card if the PCI bus is overclocked too much. Try checking your BIOS settings, altering your PCI bus speed, there are plenty of posts about this on the dvbowners forum that joeybloggs posted a link to _Gumby
  3. You'll have to play around with primary/secondary monitors to do this, and even then its not a sure thing. When you have two monitors plugged in you'll be able to see both of them in 'Display' properties. There are checkboxes down the bottom, you can change which monitor you want to be 'Primary' in my experience, MOST programs will open into the last monitor they were used in, defaulting to the primary monitor. So what you'll probably have to do to get a workable system is make monitor 2 your 'primary' monitor (you'll need to uncheck the 'Use this device as the primary monitor', then check it again on monitor 2), then open showshifter and move it to monitor 1. After that, showshifter SHOULD open to monitor 1 all the time, and all other programs/taskbar should be on monitor 2. Note that some programs will ALWAYS use monitor 1, or will ALWAYS use the primary monitor. Its just luck i suppose. You may find that showshifter will always load to the primary monitor, then you'll have to move it across. I hope i havent confused you too much :/ You might have to fiddle around to get it to work. Video should work on both monitors though, at least it does on my Radeon 9600Pro. Radeon cards support overlay on both primary and secondary iirc. Try updating drivers? I dunno... _Gumby
  4. More on the Aver DVB-T Card under linux, michal found this HOWTO http://linuxtv.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/~che...type=text/plain Which details how to get it working under linux. The relevant thread is here: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=658
  5. Yes, i also think this should be made sticky, if this BB supports it... Also, the Avermedia DVB-T is working in linux, or at least someone has got it working, and i believe the code is in the cvs for linux-dvb. http://www.linuxtv.org/mailinglists/linux-...3/msg00041.html There was a thread about it, but a quick search for it, i couldnt find it *shrug*