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  1. On here in Bunbury all 3 them 2 are 3 hours ahead - Syd & Melb and the other - Bris is 2 hours diff.
  2. They were discussing this on the ABC this morning http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/local/southwes...613_7119996.mp3
  3. Digital Rollout: Bunbury & Kalgoorlie Next To Launch!
  4. I believe in Kalgoorlie & Karratha and the other low powered txers they just went straight on air launch day and then waited for any issues to arrive to deal with, i believe they are still dealing with issues in Karratha some 12 months later given the people complaining on Facebook every time it rains. Might be different here for a high power txer though, they might need a test period to bed down the txer ?
  5. Wow - just sifting through all the personal attacks trying to find anything relating to the topic. I can now see why people don't bother comming here anymore, too much crossfire, surely there's another website all the personal he said/she said school yard tactics can be aired and just keep this thread on the subject.
  6. That's what i reckon all along, especially after they were handed TenWest on a plate, that gave GWN &WIN the bargaining power to just do nothing for years and wait knowing the Goverment was now cornered and had to give them taxpayer funds to get anything to happen as there was no competitor.
  7. It's better if they don't say anything as they have been wrong everytime for the last 5 years.
  8. I hope that you don't have to buy any, but anything free is good although i do prefer Corona's though if it comes to it There seems to be more info available that DTV is going to be later than sooner, although Geraldton is due soon if this January article is correct ? http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/regional/...ver-big-switch/ I too have been scanning each day out of curiosity, but nothing yet of course.
  9. Apparently a couple of more years yet until 'Digital is Completely in Place' for Bunbury Residents. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/regional/...x-help-a-waste/ and from Wiki: 'New Digital television services from GWN and WIN are unlikely to launch until 2013, including a new channel branded Ten West, a stand alone Network Ten affiliated channel' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunbury,_Western_Australia
  10. Todays Bunbury Mail http://www.bunburymail.com.au/news/local/n...spx?storypage=0 Only WIN affected and digital by the end of the year - no date comfirmed.
  11. I hear the transmitter is from the US... I hope they remembered to tell the Yanks to put a Aussie 240V Plug on it...
  12. They'll have to do some media releases on Foxtel otherwise nobody will know about it
  13. There was/is a petition on Facebook but it did'nt appear to have any impact and was really just more people venting annoyance at GWN & WIN for being either non existant/so slow at embracing newer technology and the usual quoting of minister/media releases. The Government is to blame for all of the delays, there should of been a clause in the TenWest licence that stimpulated an exact on air date for all sites from after it was issued or it would be revoked and re-tendered. It would now be better and cheaper if they just opened up VAST for all of WA except Perth Metro for people wanting the new Digial Channels and GWN & WIN just gave up on all of the Digital Terrestial Transmitters and let them stay on analogue where they want to be, the Digital Transmitters are all going to have their own reception issues to solve for many months afterwards for people with the wrong antenna/facing the wrong way/ don't how to re-tune the tv etc... People have been complaining again recently up in Karratha, Roebourne and Wickam about GWN being off air regulary.
  14. Gwn/win Has Managed To Get Dbcde To Pay should be seen as Collusion between GWN & WIN that started as soon as they Jointly received the TenWest licence, they figured now there is no-one else we'll just sit back until time starts to run out and then the taxpayer dollars will start flowing. GWN & WIN are'nt under any pressure as they government does'nt have any choice, they are taking as long as they can because they can. In the mean time they put a couple of dodgy low-powered transmitters on air in remote places to make it look like there doing the right thing for some Regional Western Australian viewers. Posts here are light because there is nothing happening to write about - only speculation, the same as the last 6 years and the ongoing missed deadlines that the local paper runs with as well, nothing new. GWN7 has said recently in a posting on it's Facebook page there nothing going to happen until 2013 ? maybe the receptionist posted that or a media representive ?
  15. Don't hold your breath.... Downloading all your favourite shows is the new black. Edit - Spelling