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  1. I also have the flash issue (changing channels SD to HD) on my 50v - Build date July 2009 and Software 4200-10000. Also on channel 10 (Brisbane - SD) I notice at the very bottom of the screen for approx one third along the following appears _ _ _ _ .._ _..._ _ _... etc etc. If I turn overscan on it disappears. However in THX mode it is always there (cannot turn overscan on). Does anybody know what this is and its cause? I have only notice some other edge imperfections intermittently on other channels.
  2. As also listed under HDTV prices thread I purchased 50V from JB for $2800 including 5 year total warranty.
  3. PIP - if just using the TV without any other connections does PIP work? Can main picture be from Digital tuner while smaller PIP be analogue tuner? I have ordered the DVD recorder via the promotion but wondering if can use PIP while I wait for the recorder to arrive.
  4. I have just purchased the Panasonic 50v. As this is my first Plasma is there anything to be aware of in the initial use. Does it need to be run in? If so, how? Do you need to keep the brightness and contrast settings etc lower?
  5. I purchased Panasonic 50V from JB on the weekend. Purchase price including 5 year (total) warranty was $2800. I think people have purchased for approx $100 cheaper but salesperson good and had one in stock and delivered last Tuesday. Very happy so far. Thank you for everyones input on this forum.
  6. Extra 4000 added to Panasoic website.( HT system and DVD recorder)
  7. Thanks for the reply BadBeachBoy. Could you please explain further how having the HD PVR would make a difference to SD. (I would be looking at getting the HD PVR in the promotion - I know time is running out). Is the tuner in the Panasonic DVD recorder better than the TV??
  8. Could owners of either the Panasonic 50V or 58V please comment on the quality of the SD picture for FTA programs (a lot of our viewing will be still SD broadcast shows). I have been informed Panasonics do not perform as well for SD broadcasts. Could you please confirm if this is correct for the latest models.
  9. Last week I sent Pioneer an email stating "Will Pioneer Australia be releasing a High Definition Blu-ray Recorder? If so, when?" Reply from Pioneer was - "Pioneer Australia will not be releasing a HD Blu-ray Recorder into the Australian market. We were distributing SD model DVD Recorders for a period of time, but these models have now ceased selling in Australia". Does anybody have any other information different to Pioneer's reply?
  10. Thank you to you all for your responses - much appreciated and helpful. I will take my wife with me over the weekend to look at TV's and try to convince her 58" is the way to go. From your replies the basic consensus was "Bigger is Better". The wall I want to mount the TV on I had decided could take a 50" to 58" (windows prevent me from going any bigger). Hopefully we can find some 58" to view in store and that our eyes will agree this is the way to go. Thanks again.
  11. Hi All I am considering getting a new TV. I have narrowed down my choices to either Pioneer C509 50" or Panasonic 58v. I will wall mount the TV and sit approx 3.5m from the screen in a non bright room. What would you recommend not using price as a factor - is it better buying a great 50" screen (Pioneer according to other posts) or get a larger 58" screen (Panasonic 58V). Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi Diesel and Wheelz - thank you for your prompt replies. I will pass this information onto my sister.
  13. Can this machine record AusStar? My sister has just purchased this machine and rang me because the instructions state it cannot record Pay TV. Is this correct? If unable to record pay TV is then anyway around it??
  14. I have the 530h (just smaller hard drive). I regularly use the high speed copy function and it only takes approx 10min. I am happy with the quality but I am only viewing on a 68cm CRT. I also have found Pioneer to be very helpful. If you do not have any luck I may be able to list further specific details. (if you change your setting from the original recording eg Optimized or from Xp to SP then it will only copy in real time) I always set my copy mode to match what I am recording. (highest detail possible to fill disk)
  15. Hi I am experiencing the same problem as Bosman. I go through Strongs procedure and get the same result as Bosman - turn on the receiver and should see a progress bar (9) - nothing happens when I do this. Any other tips. I am having a problem in getting to speak to somebody at Strong. Thank you