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  1. Seven Has 3 channels 7, 7Two and 7Mate 70 is 7 is not an extra channel, same for 71 i agree i think it should have been on 7 and 7Mate in HD
  2. I can see you point but then my in laws are in Busselton are in a 4 bedroom house that cost less than my unit in Sydney yet they expect the same level of infrastructure I get. Commercial networks are always going to service the most populated areas first; the same goes for ISPS with ADSL. As these services reach more remote areas cost of living will also rise, they will probably complain about that as well.
  3. online white pages, the printed ones are in a soggy heap outside of the unit complex
  4. All in White pages, just had a quick look
  5. right about the 3d i reckon, only one license available and nine would have it for the Thugby GF
  6. i would agree
  7. You can't be skiing hard enough if you awake enough to watch TV, a few more runs down Highnoon dodging the boarders will fix that
  8. the ratings sucked for the last seasons of both programs, i dont even know who won
  9. What rules?, freeview is made up of the free to air broadcasters, its a marketing tool there are no Rules for what Prime have to broadcast.
  10. GlenP 6 and 11 changed to Artarmon as their main a few years ago, its only 8 that kept Willoughby as the main site. during the recent rebuild 11 stayed on Willoughby while 6 switched back to Artarmon after 5 on either the top or bottom stack of the transmitter
  11. Not going to happen, they have all the bandwidth they are going to get
  12. Many Lane Cove/Artarmon users get UHF from North head as its a single location rather than trying to pick up Willoughby,Artarmon and Gore hilll.
  13. i have lost count on how many free corp tickets to NRL i have turned down yet i have to beg for Union Games
  14. two very different views from the AustralianIT section,00.html,00.html
  15. rather have all the bandwidth for the picture, i have the internet for stats