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  1. Well the op hasn't given any indication of price. Having a look through eBay the only recent sale was $999. Take out the close to 15% fees and they would have cleared $850. Prior year 60 inches have gone for this too. When someone else put out $500 it didn't seem ridiculous. Based on comments above I get the impression even this is going to be off the mark. Would be nice to know what spool.dust really does want. Whilst no doubt it's in perfect condition, it's out of warranty and still a risk of dying at any time. Mwd for $3k you could grab the brand new oled with warranty and from all accounts better picture and far mor energy efficient.
  2. I'm happy to offer $500 + shipping to NSW. I was planning on grabbing a new plasma moving house this week and realised they aren't around anymore. Now tossing up second hand plasma vs lg oled
  3. Hi all My Yamaha RX-2700 no longer powers on. I had it repaired by an authorised Yamaha repairer, it worked twice and then is dead again. Being lazy, and a good chance to upgrade I now own the 3071. Would the old receiver be of any use to anyone (parts, possibly someone could repair if they knew what they are doing)? If anyone wants it, I am located in the Newcastle area. I thought it would be a waste to chuck out.
  4. I agree, in its current form it is unlikely 3D will take off with the need for glasses. However i did read Intel was demoing a 3D display at CES2010 that gave substantially the same effect as 3D panels without the need for glasses. It didnt sound like it was near ready for production, but something like that would get it moving. I enjoy 3D at the movies, its better, but its not practical at home to be wearing glasses Found the article...
  5. Withdrawn - no response to PM and message and now i can get it for $69 brand new from GAME.
  6. Hey kimzor I'll take this if you still have it. PM me and ill arrange the transfer of funds direct into your account. Cheers Anthony
  7. My XE-1 aint going anywhere. Still watching the HD-DVDs but it makes DVDs look so much better. If nothing else its a fantastic DVD player!
  8. GTA IV Pal Edition for sale $60 posted (in Newcastle)
  9. Hi guys For any Wipeout fans this is highly recommended. My fave of the series was Wipeout 2097 and this feels somewhat similar. I am only a few hours in and loving it. For $28 its a bargain, i would have paid full price for it!
  10. Got a 42-px80a today, entered this arvo and won a camera. Can't complain. $1595 for the TV and bonuses of a GPS worth $350, surge protector worth $50 and a camera worth $150.
  11. I got the email within seconds of registering (gmail)
  12. Hi - can speak from experience here - the short story is the USB cable is purely a power source for recharging and not a connection to the computer to use the controller (took me a few hours to work out and alot of googling). You need to PC wireless receiver thingy - well worth it, especially if you dont mind playing the odd emulator (Super mario kart with 360 controllers is awesome)
  13. From memory the 8A is a matte black case, the 80A is a glossy black. I much preferred the 80A (couldnt tell any difference in picture though which is the important thing)
  14. Discs in under two weeks - that would be right on the cutoff. I dont think thats speeding things up at all for you!
  15. Wow - i read this and just assumed I wouldnt be eligible because I bought my box last year sometime! Thanks heaps